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Santa Is M.I.A!
The elves are in a panic! They say Santa has been kidnapped, and that means no sleigh, no toys, no ho-ho-ho! We’ve gotta save him before the big night.
1. Granny says we should try to calm the elves down before they worry themselves into a tizzy and get nothing done. We’ve got to get them back to making toys!

Harvest 40 Christmas Chocolate for the elves

Collect 40 Angora Hair to make Toys
2. Felicia thinks we should find someone to impersonate Santa just in case our rescue fails. Old Macdonald has volunteered but to fill that suit, we’ll need to fatten him up!

Have a completed Christmas Donut Machine on the farm
3. Reindeer Donut’s are Old Macdonald’s favorite! I once saw him devour a fresh dozen of ’em in one sitting! If we put our Christmas Donut Machine to work this will be a breeze!

Produce 50 sacks of Rye Flour in the Dutch Mill

Produce 50 Reindeer Donuts with Carrot in the Christmas Donut Machine
4. Old Macdonald just seriously chowed down and is already looking more like santa...except that beard just isn’t going to cut it. Let’s stitch him a new one.

Take the Santa Suit Machine from Gift Box and place it on the farm

Produce 80 Santa Beard with Wool in the Santa Suit Machine
5. One of the visiting children wants a Princess Pony doll, but Old Macdonald can’t remember which gifts are inside which boxes!

Help him find the Princess Pony doll.
6. Grandma and Old Macdonald can handle things on the farm. William, Felicia and I are leaving on a mission to rescue Santa. He could be anywhere. Let’s load up on supplies.

Produce 5 Snowman Donuts with Snowflakes in the Christmas Donut Machine
7. Look up, look waaay up! I see Santa’s reindeers flying across the moon. Let’s harvest some holy to call them down here and see if they know where Santa is.

Harvest 10 Holly for the Reindeer
8. Brrr. It’s chilly out here. We’re so cold we’d even wear one of those Ugly Christmas Sweaters to warm up! The Reindeer said they will spill the beans on Santa after a hearty snack.

Make 5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the Beauty Shop

Produce 10 Snowflake Cookies in the Cookie Machine
9. Aha! Finch stole Santa! Finch is a discruntled Elf that was cut from the Elf Program last year. Now he no longer believes in Christmas or friendship. We must restore his faith!

Ask Friends for 20 Christmas Cheer
10. Finch was touched by our holiday cheer, but he still doesn’t believe in true friendship. Let’s show him the benefits friendship can bring and maybe he’ll set Santa free!

Make 6 Friendship Bouquet in the Beauty Shop
11. We did it! Finch has agree to set Santa free!, who’s gonna tell Old Macdonald he’s gained all that weight for nothing? Haha, not me, Finch and I are throwing a party!

Produce 100 cups of Hot Vanilla Milk in the Hot Drink Machine

Produce 15 Snowflake Cakes in the Cake Machine


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      user 2014-01-25 10:22:10 madalina

I always bet on Chrome! I love it! :))

      user 2014-01-25 03:43:37 AGB

@Amy: I found a way around this, I normally use Firefox, and when I see that it will not let me post I switch to Chrome only then am I able to post. Hope this helps you or anyone else having this problem.

      master 2014-01-24 20:43:35 Amy

@AGB: I have the same problems *grrrr* - Cheers Amy

      user 2014-01-24 16:54:54 AGB

@priyakarthi: Thank You for considering me a great friend! You and everyone else I have as neighbors are Great Friends to me! Has anyone else have problems posting here? These past two weeks it will not let me post sometimes. Is there a solution to this?

      2014-01-24 16:30:42 priyakarthi

mm- Hi I too had this problem but now I solved this by deleting cookies, caches,etc. My great friend AGB gave me this idea and it worked too. Just try. What is your user name let me send you an invite.

      2014-01-24 15:13:01 mm

i am playing game in plinga. can you please tel me how to delete friends. plz..........

      2014-01-24 14:38:30 lin888

mm, you can use ranch cash to skip parts of the mission. If you have time to do it, try deleting those team mates not sending gifts and finding new team mates. If you play on miniclip feel free to send me an invite (name as shown on here) and you can go back on the messages on this site to find names of some great miniclip team mates.

      2014-01-24 12:51:12 mm

i am sending gifts to all. but i am not getting should i complete this mission

      user 2014-01-17 16:53:12 mazurek07

Można jakoś przyśpiszyć robienie tych bukietów

      2014-01-06 07:08:11 Lhoria

Yeah, but you should already have the tinsel, cake machine and beauty shop at least from earlier missions. The only really new things are the donut machine and snowflake tree, 13RC.

      2014-01-04 11:38:50 Mariukos

10 RC Christmas donut machine, 3RC snowflake tree, 1RC to unlock tinsel crop (for ugly Christmas sweaters), 7RC cake machine, 10RC Beauty shop. Total 31RC.

      2014-01-04 09:56:07 Slimshady10

How much RC does this mission cost?

      user 2013-12-28 10:31:25 valena

No es de las mejores misiones, pero luego te hace falta el pingüino para hacer cosas en el taller, los Rc suministralos y poco a poco tendrás todas la máquinas o la mayoría de ellas.

      2013-12-28 05:11:56 daiana

la verdad es una mision fea tengo que completar la maquina y no tengo ningun gc pero por sobre todo lo que no me gusta es el premio re feo que despues seguro que no te sirve para nada.

      2013-12-26 18:56:17 Maria

Ugly Sweater=10 wool, 10 tinsel, 3 holly, 10 minutes. Friendship Bouquet=10 white hibiscus, 10 violet, 10 love fruit, 1 hour Christmas donut machine needs 10 RC for two parts, both costing 5 RC

      2013-12-26 03:36:20 mbkkm5

i got all the stuff for this one but cant find the pony my 3 time is next

      2013-12-25 22:22:04 MadalinaTeleman

@Amy I love you! :)

      2013-12-25 21:58:47 r_gamer

Does anyone know if the Christmas Donut Machine or Snowflake Tree are of any use after this mission?

      master 2013-12-25 20:03:02 Amy

@MadalinaTeleman: Don't say that. You are nice :D

      2013-12-25 17:08:48 MadalinaTeleman

btw: I just find the pony in the pink heart shaped box from Santa`s arms :)) yes yes I know is randomly but....who knows? :))

      2013-12-25 17:04:47 MadalinaTeleman

uffff cartman why aren`t you an player??? :(( all nice people are playing everywhere else....seems I am not a nice one :))))

      2013-12-25 12:43:35 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman I'm glad it came. I was already afraid that we will have to wait after Xmas cause these guys almost never work on holidays :)

      2013-12-25 10:53:18 Mariukos

Agree :)

      2013-12-25 10:48:54 MadalinaTeleman

well cartman is Wednesday today and both missions - this and Bah, Humbug! came toghether on :)) What a day! Merry Christmas friends!! May all your wishes to come true!

      2013-12-24 05:09:16 novalee

im ready

      2013-12-22 09:20:07 Anouska

White mocha you make in the coffee machine (white chocolate and coffee bean)

      2013-12-21 15:57:19 Anne

white mocha ? Where do you make white mocha?

      2013-12-19 18:28:35 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman I hope you are right ;))

      2013-12-19 17:03:05 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman If it comes, it will most probably come earlier. I know that updates usually arrive on wednesdays, but since next wednesday is christmas they might bring it already on monday or tuesday.

      2013-12-19 16:26:00 MadalinaTeleman

it will be this the next mission for I will see next Wednesday :)

      master 2013-12-19 09:19:52 Amy

@Annie: The penguin eat salmon and gives feathers.

      2013-12-18 22:36:01 Annie

What does the penguin eat and give?

      master 2013-12-18 08:47:31 Amy

@Gibo Cocdor: 10 wool + 10 Tinsel + 10 Holly

      master 2013-12-18 08:46:51 Amy

@bob: 10 RC for the machine

      2013-12-18 08:33:33 bob

how many RC need?

      2013-12-18 07:58:19 Mac Tieu

hello. anybody know how much it cost for Christmas Donut Machine, please?

      2013-12-18 07:57:29 Gibo Cocdor

What do you need to make: Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the Beauty Shop ???

      2013-12-18 07:49:32 sil

holly tree!!!

      2013-12-17 20:04:52 dina

soooooooooooooooooo easy

      2013-12-17 18:44:51 kainatbhatti


      2013-12-17 18:25:59 penguinlover1699

when is this mission coming to facebook ??

      2013-12-17 15:53:57


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