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Christmas Tree 2013
Finish and place the Christmas tree on your farm for a chance to earn a Christmas Koala!
Trade farm produce to earn decorations for your Christmas tree. Collect all twelve decorations to get a Christmas Koala. Click on trade in the mission panel when you have collected enough farm produce.

25/30 Christmas Star(Produce Christmas Star in the Holiday Ornament Maker)

60/100 Blue Teddy Bears(Produce Blue Teddy Bear in the Toy Machine)

5/8 pairs of Mittens(Ask neighbors)

120/150 Santa Bell Ornaments(Produce Santa Bell Ornament in the Holiday Ornament Maker)

25/35 Snowy Pinecone Ornament(Produce Snowy Pinecone Ornament in the Holiday Ornament Maker)

30/50 Christmas Chocolate Cookies(Produce Christmas Chocolate Cookie in the Cookie Machine)

50/80 Love Fruits(Harvest some Love Fruits)

20/25 Peace on Earth Ornaments(Produce Peace on Earth Ornament in the Holiday Ornament Maker)

20/35 Children Punch(Produce Children Punch in the Hot Drink Machine)

60/120 cups of Hot Vanilla Milk(Produce Hot Vanilla Milk in the Hot Drink Machine)

15/20 bottles of Panda Milk(Feed Bamboo to Panda to produce Panda Milk)

80/120 Bird Eggs(Feed Wheat to Purple Bird to produce Bird Egg)

40/80 cups of Eggnog(Produce Eggnog in the Hot Drink Machine)

20/35 Elf Stocking Ornaments(Produce Elf Stocking Ornament in the Holiday Ornament Maker)

10/12 Goodwills(Ask neighbors)

15/20 Silk(Harvest Silk in the Silk Worm Bush)

5/6 pieces of Paper(Craft Paper in the Workshop)

8/10 Christmas Cards(Ask neighbors)

15/20 Snowflakes(Harvest Snowflake in the Snowflake Tree)

12/15 Snowballs(Ask neighbors)


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      2014-01-11 23:28:05 lin888

It let me sell it. I didn't try to store it and I got no money for it. Just use the sell tool. Well, on miniclip it did. :)

      master 2014-01-11 14:30:18 Amy

@bears54fan: Not possible at the moment. Maybe with one of the next updates. - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-11 14:16:43 bears54fan

How do you delete the Christmas tree? I can't even store it

      user 2014-01-05 19:09:12 shan6702

Anyone wanting to delete the huge christmas tree that takes up so much will now let you delete it.

      2014-01-04 06:25:20 popcorn

@Ben: me worse, I waited until the last day to place the tree :( So sad after I've managed to collect all the habitats and machines :(

      2013-12-31 11:34:08 kh

please put the panda and Ornament Maker on sale

      2013-12-25 13:46:58 Ben

I made a mistake,i wait until today to place the tree so instead of 25 days I have only 10 to complete the tree :(

      master 2013-12-20 11:17:54 Amy

@r_gamer: Well, I think after Christmas the little house will be deleted. I think it's better to place the empty tree. Then you'll have 24 days time to complete the tree.

      2013-12-20 07:44:28 r_gamer

You are awesome Amy! Thank you! For anyone else who's curious, I just saw a bunch of items that'll require the Snowflake Tree in the new "Santa is M.I.A!" missions also listed on this help site (no idea when that'll be posted in the game though). I don't really understand about the updates though - I wish they just had a countdown like they usually do. Are you suggesting that we probably have until the 29th to place the tree, since you said "in 10 days"?

      master 2013-12-19 09:16:59 Amy

@r_gamer: 1.) If you place the tree, you have 24 days to complete the tree. If you don't place the tree, I don't know. Maybe in 10 days with one of the next updates, the little house will be deleted. 3.) The Silk Worm Bush is useful. You need it in the workshop and beauty shop, toy mashine etc. The Snowflake tree you need also in the workshop and beauty shop. 4.) Here it's the same. Eucalyptus Oil will be used in different machines. Hope this will help you.

      2013-12-19 07:46:49 r_gamer

Four Questions: 1) How long is this offer available before we have to accept it (i.e., place the Christmas Tree)? 2) How long do we have to earn all of the decorations? (I see someone earlier said 25 days, but does that countdown start as soon as you place the tree, or before then somehow?) 3) How useful is having a Silk Worm Bush and Snowflake Tree (needed to complete this mission) in the everyday game? 4) I saw someone earlier said that you feed the Koala (the final prize) Eucalyptus leaves from the Eucalyptus Tree to make Eucalyptus Oil - so how useful are Eucalyptus leaves or Oil in the rest of the game? P.S. Sorry if this posts twice - I'm not seeing it added to the Comments yet, so I'm trying again

      2013-12-18 23:54:54 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman The pleasure is all mine ;)

      2013-12-18 22:56:15 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman what a pitty ;(((( I play on can`t be neighbours but I am happy to meet you ;))

      2013-12-18 20:24:46 MadalinaTeleman

well I have done this one too ;))) Now I hope to get somehow that cowboy ostrich :))) and I need nothing more!

      2013-12-18 19:06:44 niveditasarkar314

how much time can i delay to start playing this mission or place the christmas tree in the firm and maximum how many days will i get to finish this mission.

      2013-12-18 17:29:08 mkkbm5

im so happy got this mission i dont have a koala yet

      2013-12-18 17:22:26 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman I play on miniclip.

      2013-12-18 17:19:51 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman I did it also - thanks to this site - but just today I received in shop the device to make ornaments. where do you play?

      2013-12-18 10:57:08 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman I already made them in advance, now I only need to wait for the gifts from neighbors :)

      2013-12-18 10:46:11 MadalinaTeleman

is Wednesday and the mission is here ;)) I am very happy with this one because let us make all items required in which order we want ;))) Happy farming peeps!

      user 2013-12-15 02:45:39 Nanidoko

leaslater - You feed the koalas Eucalyptus leaves from the Eucalyptus tree to make Eucalyptus oil. Info page:

      2013-12-15 01:23:10 leaslater

what do you feed the koala, anyone know? I'd like to plant some or get the tree if need be before I finish this task, ty.

      2013-12-12 18:44:30 mkkbm5

im thinking this one next week for and for well hoping lol

      2013-12-12 14:08:53 MadalinaTeleman

ughhh I really hope this mission will come next Wednesday on too...I lost the mission with the Australian friend when it was and I wish to have this Koala :)

      2013-12-12 11:09:21 silvia

I didn't place the tree when this new mission appared. I had to close the facebook page and when I open it again it was not possible to place it any more... I'm completing the mission in everycase, but I'd like to have the tree in my farm. Someone knows if it is possible?

      2013-12-11 19:38:18 mela

guys the starter pack offer doesnt appear in my game today morning i was able to see it nw it doesnt exist wht could i do plz help i have just 5 hours left till the offer isa done :(

      2013-12-11 18:59:27 smarta$$

hey Howla, what prize is this?? sorry i'm i'm just being a smarta$$

      2013-12-11 08:51:04 tiger4369

i also want this mission for

      2013-12-11 07:27:46 Bold

how many RC need? this mission

      2013-12-10 20:22:52 Gez

the mission takes 25 days to complete but how much days is available before accept this

      2013-12-10 15:58:20 mkkbm5

i want this mission for i dont have that animal

      user 2013-12-10 12:08:00 howla

How long before the first person asks "What prize is this"?

      master 2013-12-09 20:17:46 Amy

@sarah78: Look here is your answer :D

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