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Elves On Holiday
It seems we have unexpected guests! Some holiday elves have escaped from the North Pole in search of much needed rest and relaxation!
1. Hi! I’m Iggy, president elf at Santa’s Headquarters. We need a break! Old Saint Nick works us to the bone. Do you hear that? That, my friend, is the sound of empty elf bellies!

Produce 30 Beef Salami in the Salami Machine for an elf-friendly snack

Produce 30 Buffalo Milk Cheese for the vegetarian elves
2. This may surprise you, but holiday cheer doesn’t just happen. It requires a lot of effort and an elf-tastic Ornament Maker. Here, I’ll show you!

Have a completed Ornament Maker on the farm
3. Now, we’re going to need something red and something blue! I’ll explain why very soon. Prepare to be amazed!

Harvest 5 Apples

Harvest 40 Blue Cornflowers
4. One of the fellas found a snowbank. And, well... we elves love hiding in snowbanks. It’s just what we do. Can you help me pull him out?

Find the Elf
5. Thanks for your help, kind human! Your farm is so lovely. I wonder, could my fellow elves and I station one of our Elf Headquarters here?

Place 2 Merry Christmas Fences on the Farm
6. As payment for your hospitality, I’ll share the secrets of a magical elf crop! These tiny little seeds will grow into the shiniest plants you’ve ever seen.

Plant 60 Tinel Crops

Harvest 60 Tinsel Crops
7. Do you remember those red and blue objects you gathered earlier? It’s time to put them to use. Watch this!

Produce 15 Holiday Apple Ornament with Apples in the Ornament Maker

Produce 70 Blue Without You Ornaments with Blue Cornflower in the Ornament Maker
8. I’ve heard you humans have workshops too! Time to put yours We’ve got Ornaments and holiday spirit, now all that’s missing is a Holiday Tree!

Craft a Humble Holiday Tree in the Workshop

Craft a Holiday Party Archway in the Workshop
9. At first I was skeptical of your Workshop, but it’s almost as nice as the one we have up North! I can definitely work my magic here. I’ll show you how to make Toy Soldiers!

Craft 2 Toy Soldiers in the Workshop
10. Uh-oh, looks like my elf team is slowing down. I know what will perk them up! A glass of nog! Eggnog, that is. You humans drink that stuff too, right?

Produce 80 cups of Eggnog in the Hot Drink Machine

Produce 15 cups of Hot Chocolate in the Hot Drink Machine
11. Elf-busters! Our new elf-in-training has lost Santa’s Nice List. Santa is so going to hear about this. Can you find it?

Find the List
12. Wait a minute! Didn’t we come here to have a vacation? I guess making toys just runs in our blood. Since we’re working anyway, why not collect some wish lists from your friends?

Collect 20 Toy Orders From Neighbors

Produce 20 Christmas Stars in the Ornament Maker


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      2013-12-28 02:19:21 r_gamer

Thanks you guys! Especially helpful to know that the Glow Sticks can be used to create other products! :) (I did know about the Charms, but those don't seem to be worth much either - especially when you have to use 5 Fireflies each!)

      2013-12-26 06:45:44 sug2h

@r_gamer: Personally, i find the firefly bush useful. In the workshop, i can craft charms. And the glow-sticks can be used to create candles in the beauty shop.

      2013-12-26 03:52:19 mbkkm5

yep u should get at least one fireflies tree but i think u should get at least one of every tree :)

      2013-12-25 22:03:55 r_gamer

I am seeing quite a few missions that seem to need Fireflies lately. I didn't want to get the Firefly Bush before, because it seemed like the only thing you could make with it were the Glow Sticks (and those aren't worth all that much…). Any opinions from any of you guys on whether I should give in and get the Firefly Bush now? (i.e., is it worth it?) P.S. to Neel (and anyone else) - if I do get a Bush, feel free to add me as a friend and try to collect from it.

      2013-12-25 05:36:07 Lin

If you can't get the firefly bush, either skip that part of the mission, or collect from friend's farms

      2013-12-25 04:41:14 Neel

I'm lv. 17 & don't have firefly bush. What to do?

      2013-12-24 15:55:23 Slimshady10

Hello I am looking for neighbors who play daily and gift. I also play daily and gift. Add me: Slimshady10

      2013-12-17 16:01:21 noooraaa

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow im soooooooooooooooo happy about it

      2013-12-16 21:50:27 Mariukos

That's what you get for being unpatient. :)

      2013-12-16 21:41:23 Scarry De Vill

I take that back. I had to reload the page for the machine to be recognized. My apology

      2013-12-16 21:37:36 Scarry De Vill

I already have a completed Holiday Ornament Maker. Why the game cannot recognize it???? It clearly says: "Have a completed Ornament Maker on the farm". I'm NOT going to spend another 10RC for nothing!!! If it can't recognize it till tomorrow, I'll stop it. Damn!!! Greedy game developers

      2013-12-15 20:15:51 usama

i clear all 7 snowbanks . but not found the elf and my timing is gone . i do not want to lose 10 rc

      2013-12-15 07:18:02 Ervin

I will finished my mission but why i didn't get the reward ?

      2013-12-14 08:41:09 -ammu1999-

thaks 4 the help

      2013-12-12 18:56:56 mkkbm5

thanks dmdodi i was thinking that after that post

      2013-12-12 14:34:41 selena

kinda hard mission

      2013-12-12 04:08:13 DAIANA

tengo ganas de hacer una mision pero es re feo este premio jaja XD XD XD

      2013-12-10 19:28:29 tom

Shannyshan001 this mission will most likely come out Dec 11 on gamesgames

      2013-12-10 17:02:44 dmdodi

u can ask friends for Giant Candy Cane

      2013-12-10 16:24:54 mkkbm5

does anyone know where u get the Giant Candy Cane for this Craft a Holiday Party Archway in the Workshop

      2013-12-10 08:18:46 Maria

@gabin, @honey: did you clear all 7 snowbanks? the elf has to be in one of them. @dfdf: if you've found the elf, close out of the mini-game and open the mission again. click on the next present, and it should take you to the next step.

      user 2013-12-09 19:01:55 eshalfatima

not on grlz go games

      2013-12-09 14:43:03 Shannyshan001

Does anyone know when this mission will come to games games. Oddly I have just been given another Thanksgiving limit mission

      2013-12-09 14:07:46 sweeeetuuuuu

all the snowbanks ware empty now waht i do for nest step i do not want to lose 10 rc

      2013-12-09 13:56:58 dfdf

some tell how to get next step in mission when you compelte

      2013-12-09 13:46:01 honey

4. One of the fellas found a snowbank. And, well... we elves love hiding in snowbanks. It’s just what we do. Can you help me pull him out? i clear all the snowbanks, but there no fellas and my timing is gone and i don,t want to lose this mission some tell me answer

      2013-12-09 13:43:08 gabin

find the elf I clear all the parts but i don.t find what i do:please some one tell me

      master 2013-12-08 20:24:06 Amy

@laffsmore: You're very welcome :)

      master 2013-12-08 20:23:23 Amy

@Katrats: From Santa's headquarters from this mission.

      2013-12-08 19:54:08 laffsmore

@Amy: Thank you! Seems like an easy but long mission...will start it tomorrow :)

      master 2013-12-08 19:35:22 Amy

@laffsmore: You get santa's headquarters from this mission.

      2013-12-08 11:20:57 bxfan

thanks for the answer @master :)

      master 2013-12-08 09:30:56 Amy

@bxfan: You can get Santas Headquarter from here.

      2013-12-06 15:12:43 mika

i agree with you pj realy nice i like this mission

      2013-12-06 07:56:54 pj

10 rc for an oak tree a bee hive and the final reward. i think its an amazing deal

      2013-12-06 03:39:32 Maria

Santa's Headquarters is listed under 'Animals'. Feed the elves Christmas chocolate, get gift boxes.

      2013-12-06 00:52:18 miss

well, 9 rc for the machine, 1 rc for the crop, and the elf when fed christmas chocolate produces present boxes, which can be used in the machine and workshop, so i think the reward is nice

      2013-12-05 20:50:57 Gezz

plus 1 Rc to unlock the corp :( 10 Rc, think reward not value this cost

      2013-12-05 20:49:29 Gezz

it needs 16 gift from friends (candies and bowls) + crystal ball 3Rc and stocking container 6Rc, so it costs 9 RC would the reward need this cost, think noooo

      2013-12-05 20:05:04 Gezz

ornament machine, what does it need and how much RC

      2013-12-05 18:55:09 Mary

What do you need to feed Santas Headquarters?

      2013-12-05 16:11:55 mido

it gives gift box

      2013-12-05 15:29:06 GhostLion

You get Santas Headquarters as the final reward.

      2013-12-05 13:37:46 Hannetjie

What tipe of tree is it, and what is the reward?

      user 2013-12-05 13:15:14 valena

what is the reward, I cam't see it clear...

      2013-12-05 10:37:32 kainatbhatti

wao so cute...............

      2013-12-05 06:31:33 Crystala Rose

is there any discount comming for the machean?

      2013-12-04 22:32:44 dina

wht does iy eat and give?

      2013-12-04 20:09:59 mary

new mission Elves On Holiday

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