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Jingle Bell!
Get Jingle Bell by harvesting crops and trees! You can also post to post a wish on your wall and ask your neighbors to send you some. Remember your Jingle Bell Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting crops and trees! It’s Jingle Bell! The more you harvest the more Jingle Bells you get! You can use Jingle Bell to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Sugar Plum Fairy after collecting all 4 rewards!
You can click post to post a wish on your wall to ask your neighbors to send you some Jingle Bells. Your neighbors will also recieve one when they click the feed to send you Jingle Bell. Remember your Jingle Bell Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.


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      2013-12-22 23:14:30 cartman

I don't know if it will help you guys too, but today I used the harvester to harvest 240 soils and I nearly got 100 jingle bells from it. I guess it was just a coincidence but you can try your luck :)

      2013-12-22 23:11:48 cartman

I meant jingle bells and not jelly beans of course :D

      2013-12-22 23:09:13 cartman

@Farmmaiden The items you have to collect change always in such missions. When this mission is over you can only trade the jelly beans for OPs. And regarding the pony, I guess you will only have the opportunity to win it in one of the mini games, but I doubt that it will be available in the store.

      2013-12-22 21:00:05 Farmmaiden

I'm thinking I should just go ahead and buy the other two items so I can be sure to get the pony. I waited too long during the jelly bean thing and wasted 150 of them. Do u think they will have jelly beans again? And if so, will I be able to use the ones I have saved? They're still in my gift box.

      2013-12-22 19:48:28 Farmmaiden

I have collected enough bells for 6 trees, I put them in a grove on ops and whoa! do I ever have enough oak (for once!), but now I'm collecting them and have 115, hoping to get to 175 and get the unnecessary elephant. But my ? is, if I get to the elephant, I have enough rc (and then some) to buy the redundant reindeer and decorative bicycle, which would be 66rc, but what if at the end the Fairy horse is less than that? Then I've wasted rc. How can I know how much she will be at the end?

      2013-12-19 20:33:03 tutanchamon

I am confused, I still don't see some of my friends and some gifts are from :no name". How can I have them back? A really can have just 100 friends? Thx.

      2013-12-17 04:46:11 mkkbm5

nope u have to get it again

      2013-12-17 01:51:05 tori

if i already have the reindeer from a previous time will it count towards getting the new pegacorn?

      2013-12-14 08:46:20 aree

how can we post?

      2013-12-12 04:13:35 DAIANA


      2013-12-11 16:32:02 nova soares

pq as pessoas do fecebook pode envia sinos e nos ñ somos jagadores fieis temos o mesmo direitos queremos envia e recebe os sinos

      2013-12-09 16:31:08 Catseyes

AGB - you are the best. I have managed to delete all those neighbours that were not useful

      2013-12-09 08:14:54

@claudem to upgrade to 400 you need 40 gift from friends (20 each) and 5 rc. But if I were you I wouldn't upgrade it because you only need up to 300 to get the highest gift which is the reindeer

      2013-12-09 00:30:35 claudem

does any1 upgrade to 400 jingle bells why need to upgrade is their any gift or its only to spend rc

      2013-12-08 17:37:22 agb

CATSEYES- Ok, if you look at the top of the page, you will see a little icon with a blue and red person (its under the arrows and to the right of the "Family Barn Picture"). Click on it, and it should open the friend management interface. There are three options, INVITE,ACCEPT,and MANAGE. Click on MANAGE to delete friends. Then a list of all your friends will show up, so choose whom to delete. If you need more help let me know.

      2013-12-08 12:19:34 Catseyes

My field is not that big and therefore I do not have many crops. I have never been able to get that amounts. I hope to be able to get more bells :)

      2013-12-08 06:23:07

@ajiya59 post is only for facebook members, when they mean post, it means to post on their wall or timeline to other friends

      user 2013-12-07 22:43:44 ajiya59

in our game...we have only two optios upgrade nd buy for 1 post is there//why..nd wht dont we have option watch free videos

      2013-12-07 20:12:41 warning

Big field, yes, but also many trees - they give lots of bells, and there's no need to plant pineapples and pasture, longer groving crops gives lot more bells. I plant only things i need, and always get all rewards in time, couple of tree rewards and some collectibles left to trade them for op.

      2013-12-07 16:53:57

Catseyes you need large fields. its all about percentage. i have 1000 plots and until now i earn 1050 bells...

      2013-12-07 15:00:36 Catseyes

It is very hard to get the jingle bells. Today I have only planted pineapples and pasture but I have only got a very small amount. Since the day it started I only got 43 bells. Can you suggest any thing to get more?

      2013-12-06 04:35:37 Maria

@froufrou04: stay on the page and harvest your crops as soon as they're done. It's not a matter of how long the crop grows, but how many crops and trees you harvest. This past summer someone recommended planting only one-hour crops unless it's just before you're going to bed. With 132 plots in my Garden Ranch and 256 plots in my home ranch plus trees, I've already gotten 218+ jingle bells. Almost entirely from planting zillions of pasture, or pineapple for variety. Also a great way to level up in a hurry, that. :)

      2013-12-04 17:43:07

@sanu786: If you aren't on FB, then you can't post.

      2013-12-04 14:34:28 sanu786

where we can post for jingle bell for our friends

      master 2013-12-04 10:25:16 Amy

@MadalinaTeleman: For to upgrade the bell store of this mission.

      2013-12-04 10:23:02 marco

it's very hard to collect the bells its chance very weak and it's also rar am growing alot of plants and trees in 33*33 farm yard at last it gives me 2 or 1 and sometimes no bells collected plz raise the chance of getting the bells

      2013-12-04 08:03:15 froufrou04

hi guys I agree with you but I still want to collect as many jingle bells as I can cause I want to have the trees and the pony...I think she(sugar plum fairy) eats vigorus herb as all the special pegasus or pegacorns do and gives amethyst gemstone.Good luck to all

      2013-12-04 06:36:01 k-chan-

Yes it is a little disappointing that we can't count the part-way rewards we already have. I have TWO Christmas reindeer already - one from the original mission a few years ago, and the second from last year's Christmas calendar (which is still in my gift box, unused!!) I also have TWO elephants already - one original habitat and one from the Thai mission - hmmm, already producing enough papaya to stockpile!! AND I don't need or want a bicycle - no room for even more decorations on my farm... but the Sugar Plum Fairy does look sweet, so I guess I'll be playing along again just to get her... You're right Farmmaiden, it's just a game.

      2013-12-04 06:31:07 k-chan-

I suspect the fairy eats vigorous herb like all the other winged horse creatures? Looks like she may give amethyst gems - that's the newest input listed in the jewel machine.

      2013-12-04 05:47:35 Farmmaiden

I already have a Xmas reindeer from lucky slots, I have an elephant habitat too, and I don't want that bike thing (decorative, no doubt), so I will try to save 60 to get the ash tree. Love the idea of getting oak by the hour! But what does the Sugar Plum Fairy eat and give? I see no info on her. The calendar reward is redundant for me, too, as I love my donkey mill and that Xmas one takes up too much valuable space. Kinda disappointing all around, but oh well! It's just a game, right? No biggie.

      2013-12-03 17:52:52 tutanchamon

agb - totaly great :) finally :)

      2013-12-03 17:36:48 agb

tutanchamon- Yes it's a complete mess, but I'm sure they will fix it. But on the bright side I finally got rid of 800+ inactive neighbors.

      2013-12-03 17:31:42 tutanchamon

agb - thanks for answer. I hope they fix it soon. Now my neighbors just disappered, I can not send any gifts :(

      2013-12-03 15:44:12 agb

tutanchamon- this is because plinga just added the neighbor delete feature in the game, I guess they are still working on the new issues this caused

      2013-12-03 14:04:23 khan9211

when is it coming on ggg and agame they dont give us things like fb

      2013-12-03 13:45:41 tutanchamon

Since yesterday I have problem in the game, I can see my neighbors just as no name. I can not see who sent me a present and I dont know who I am sending gifts as well :( Does anyone have this problem?

      2013-12-02 06:04:17 rethama

ash tree also gives oak wood. but it gives oak wood in 1 hour.

      2013-11-30 17:10:02 Other-Maria

I redeemed the ash tree, put it to my farm and it passed into an oak tree! How is it?

      2013-11-30 16:55:30 Maria

@prijain: apparently I wasn't clear enough. I assumed folk would understand that once you got to 245 you'd redeem the reindeer and the count would reset to 0, so you could start again. Thank you for making that *SO* much more clear than I did. You do not need to collect 300 bells. EVER. Extra is extra. So what. No need to put it up to 400 unless you feel like wasting your RC.

      user 2013-11-30 12:55:03 Nanidoko

@prijain: Can you elaborate on that a little bit more? Thanks =)

      2013-11-30 12:23:51 prijain

no no dear maria you collect 300- bells and redeem it so they not reach level of 300 so u not to invest 5 rc for more store .. :)

      2013-11-30 11:54:03 Maria

@pik: beats me. you only need to store up to 245, to get the reindeer. after that there shouldn't be a need for more.

      2013-11-30 11:52:44 Maria

fortunately to complete it you only need 4 RC. only need to be able to store 245 to get everything.

      2013-11-30 11:50:56 pik

why collect 400 bells? whats the point????

      2013-11-30 09:53:29 kainatbhatti

useless mission

      2013-11-30 09:52:38 kainatbhatti

it's not fair i hate it don't want to play any more they r making everything impossible for us hate it hate it..............not happy

      2013-11-29 19:14:47 Mariukos

This is barbaric! First machines then trees, buildings, animals, seeds, products (kitchen and workshop), decorations and now we will need to pay for jingle bell upgrades?! Every time they're find more and more ways to rip off players!!!

      master 2013-11-29 18:49:08 Amy

@Mariukos: 0 - 100, no stuff needed --- 100 - 200, stuff from neighbours needed, 200 - 300, stuff from NB + 4 RC needed, 300 - 400 stuff I'm not sure, but 5 RC needed. So if you wanna collect 400 bells, you need to invested 9 RC.

      2013-11-29 18:05:28 Mariukos

How to understand "upgrade"? Is it need to pat RC?!

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