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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Grandma’s Childhood
Family Farm’s annual Festival of Thankfulness is here! This is a time when families gather together to express what they’re thankful for. This year, I have been asked to tell my story...
1. I grew up on a beautiful farm in Scandinavia with my nine brothers and sisters. Life was good until one winter’s day, a gale-force wind covered the entire region in frost.

Plant 30/50 Rye

Harvest 30/50 Rye
2. Since people all over the land were dying of cold and hunger, Ma and Pa decided to pack us kids up in search of some fertile land.

Produce 40/60 Wool to keep warm

Produce 40/60 Angora Hair
3. We walked for thousands of miles until we finally reached the edge of the island. Across the great sea was lush green land. We were desperate for a better life so we swam for it.

Ask 8/10 Swimming Suits from Neighbors
4. Just before we reached the other side of the great sea, I was washed away by a freak wave. Luckily, Pa saved me in time. Can you find me under one of the waves?

Find Grandma
5. By the time we got to the other side we were hypothermic and half dead. Luckily some local island people found us and began to revive us with their delicious home-made food!

Have a completed a Thankful Food Maker on the farm

Harvest 6/8 Thankful Fruits from the Thankful Tree
6. These caring island people continued to show us their kindness and hospitality. Every night they would cook for us a tasty gourmet meal followed by a decadent dessert!

Produce 10/10 Thankful Dinner Rolls in the Thankful Food Maker

Produce 50/70 Love Cakes
7. Our family was overjoyed to have found such a lovely place with such lovely people. We decided to settle down there and work so we could one day build our own farm again.

Harvest 8/10 Wood to build a Farm House

Ask 10/15 Stones from Neighbors
8. I realize now that if it wasn’t for the love and generosity of all those wonderful people I wouldn’t be alive and here with you all today. For this I am very thankful!

Produce 10/12 Thankful Cookies in the Thankful Food Maker

Perform 60/80 actions on Neighbors’ farms
9. Well now that we all have happy tears in our eyes, let’s dig in to our Thankful Dinner. May our hearts always be grateful for what we have! Cheers and blessings to you all!

Ask 20/20 Thankful Cards from Neighbors


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      2015-01-22 12:46:12 Antara

On he 3rd mission is that we have to ask for 6 swimming suits.

      2015-01-19 13:31:00 Antara

This mission if different on We have to build a campfire in the 2nd mission.

      2014-07-30 04:19:17 lin888

Zahir it is a classic mission - try

      2014-07-29 19:36:28 zahir238

They gave us this mission at agame but its not the same...

      2013-12-05 11:10:57 Pat

I play daily. last night, I got to the last step. This morning, the mission is gone. I really don't believe that I went over a time period.

      2013-12-03 23:39:00 Crarias

thanks for the comments, i don't need this ship,,even in the warehouse, i recomend stay in the gifts

      2013-12-03 06:39:51 abc

can you have it atleast on automation ?

      2013-12-02 17:11:09 Tori

No wonder the developers waited to let people know what this ship gives, I don't need 40 coins every 4 hours. Going in the warehouse!

      2013-12-02 05:37:50 L

If you need an Oak tree for the logs for part 7 and do not have an oak tree and no RC... get the 60 bells via harvesting and turn in the bells for the ash tree. It counts as the logs and is ready to harvest every hour. The oak tree harvest every 4 and cost 6 RC.

      2013-12-02 05:32:47 L

my ganny was under the cow so it is different for everyone.

      2013-12-01 22:03:18 Iulian Popa

Yes, just 40 coins

      2013-12-01 20:14:33 pik

No RC , no real reward.

      2013-12-01 19:48:11 tutanchamon

really just 40 coins ? :(

      2013-12-01 18:00:44 Iulian Popa

The chance of this ship to be deleted is pretty high :))

      user 2013-12-01 17:59:32 Nanidoko

The chance of this ship staying the warehouse is pretty high... >____

      2013-12-01 17:41:05 Iulian Popa

it gives 40 coins every 4 hours :))) wtf!!!

      2013-12-01 07:27:51 jen

mine was on the bottom left

      2013-12-01 01:19:38 Tori

My granny was in the cat wave, which was my fourth time picking, but I'm sure it's different for everyone.

      2013-11-30 09:11:05 ayka

what we can make with reword

      2013-11-30 05:18:43 aplepie

Don't worry Danny, I'm on my third try finding the granny! UGHHHH

      2013-11-29 18:46:04

@Danny: Sorry, nobody can't help, because she is for every player on a different place.

      2013-11-29 14:09:46 Danny

Did anyone know about Grandma in Grandma’s Childhood 4th STEP.

      master 2013-11-29 12:00:25 Amy

@Andreea: You're very welcome :)

      2013-11-29 11:38:33 Andreea

ok thank so much !!! Amy !!! :*

      2013-11-28 22:13:28 pik

Mayflower Ship its called

      2013-11-28 22:11:55 pik

It gives something in 4 hours. Dont know what yet

      2013-11-28 21:46:53 Eagle

I think just decoration because there are no RC is paid in this mission

      2013-11-28 20:28:12 :D

What does the ship do? Somebody tell me please!!

      2013-11-28 19:19:45 Mary Jo

Anyone knows exactly what the ship does ?

      2013-11-28 18:53:03

@MadalinaTeleman: :D You're very welcome. I'm glad I could help. Well, I hope we'll get both of them :) I'm a granny too :D You'll never to old to learn something news ;)

      2013-11-28 18:35:39 MadalinaTeleman

@Amy I want to take you home! :))thank you very much for all your help :) In your oppinion one of these two missions will be on next Wednesday?? I am talking about Agames site English version :)

      master 2013-11-28 16:12:14 Amy

@Andreea: I guess the same as like the Magic Tree :) But I'm not sure.

      2013-11-28 15:49:24 Andreea

what does the ship do??

      master 2013-11-28 14:36:45 Amy

@MadalinaTeleman: You can buy this Maker if the mission in your game. So I can say you, what stuff you need for the maker, but you still can't collect the necessary stuff.

      2013-11-28 14:28:57 MadalinaTeleman

what is Thankful Food Maker and what is required for this machine? Amy? :)

      master 2013-11-28 11:37:22 Amy

How wonderful and all 4 hours you'll get a reward. But not sure if the reward the same as like the Magic Tree. We'll see :D

      2013-11-28 11:05:07 Caroline Brews

What's the reward for this one?

      2013-11-28 10:35:21 CHERRY BERRY

No Prize.........???

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