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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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The Snake Without Feet
There once lived a Golden Boa Snake in a beautiful forest. He was very happy until a mean parrot moved in.
1. The parrot was very proud and laughed at everyone. One day the snake heard the parrot say: Oh look! That snake has no feet!. This made Snake feel very sad.

Harvest 30/40 Carrots

Produce 30/40 glasses of Carrot Juice to make Snake feel better
2. Snake slithered away and hid in the forest. A group of ants approached Snake and asked: Why so glum chum? If you harvest some rubber to build our house maybe we can help?

Harvest 4 Rubber from the Rubber Tree
3. Snake gave the ants some rubber and some cookies. To thank Snake, the ants told him about a good witch in the Kingdom of Noz that could help solve his problem.

Produce 40/50 Lavender Cookies
4. All Snake had to do was follow the Lavender brick road! He was to also take along some valuable gifts to give to the great and powerful Noz!

Produce 10/15 Black Forest Cakes with Gisela Cherries
5. Before sunset, Snake reached a fork in the road where an old scarecrow had been standing for 100 years.

Produce 50/60 loaves of Cantaloupe Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine for the hungry scarecrow
6. Snake felt lonely and began to confide in Scarecrow. Suddenly Scarecrow came alive and shouted. ’Hey, maybe the good witch can give me a brain. Can I come with you?’

Harvest 60/70 Pasture to make scarecrow stronger

Craft 2 Walking Sticks in the Workshop for Scarecrow
1. Snake was happy to have a friend for the journey. Moments later, it began to rain. Scarecrow freaked out and screamed, ’Quick! Keep me dry before I turn into a pile of mush!’

Craft a Raincoat in the Workshop
2. When the rain stopped the sun shone bright. Scarecrow began to freak out again! This time he thought the hot sun would set his dry, hay body on fire. Quick, help him to cool down!

Produce 10/12 Vanilla Milkshake in the Milkshake Cart
3. Suddenly, a dinosaur came out of nowhere and knocked Scarecrow down! Scarecrow was in a lot of pain! ’Nothing that some Chocolate can’t fix.’ thought Snake.

Harvest 8/10 Chocolate
4. ’Lucky you know the feeling of pain.’ said the dinosaur. I look normal but I can’t feel anything. I could sit on a Cactus, walk around with needles on my behind and never know it.

Feed Ginkgo Nuts to the dinosaur and produce 10/15 dinosaur Eggs
5. dinosaur clearly had his own problems to bring to the good witch, so Snake invited him on the journey. When Scarecrow felt afraid of the dark, dinosaur gave him a torch to light the way.

Craft 2 Torches in the Workshop
6. Snake, Scarecrow and dinosaur finally arrive at the Kingdom of Noz. The good witch agreed to meet with them but after they captured the bad witch of the East.

Make 10/15 Summer Berry Cakes in the Dessert Shop to lure the bad witch

Craft 1/2 Arrow in the Workshop

1. Since the bad witch was spying on the 3 friends this whole time through her Magic Mirror, they decided to craft some scarecrow decoy to lure the bad witch into the forest.

Make 10 Scarecrow Toys in the Toy Machine
2. Their trick worked! The 3 friends successfully captured the bad Witch and returned to the Kingdom of Noz. They couldn’t wait for the good witch to solve all their problems.

Produce 80/100 loaves of Dried Tomato Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine
3. When the good witch appeared she explained to Snake, ’Snake, you may not have feet but you can still travel thousands of miles. Don’t be sad by what others say!’

Produce 4/5 Fruit Tarts in the Dessert Shop for the Snake
4. The good witch explained to Scarecrow, ’Scarecrow, you don’t have a brain but you sure know how to make life fun and interesting for those around you!’

Produce 15/18 Cherry Milkshake for Scarecrow
5. The good witch explained to dinosaur, ’dinosaur, you may not have any physical feeling but your heart is pure and you are very caring. Just try not to be so clumsy okay?’

Produce 15/20 Carved dinosaur Eggs in the Carving Machine
6. The 3 friends suddenly felt encouraged. At once they did what the good witch told them to do. They clicked their heels 3 times and said: There’s no place like home.

Ask 20/25 Best Friends Cards from Neighbors



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      user 2014-02-17 11:37:38 tarkin13

@Moontee...the comment made here on 11/18/13 was not made by the real Tarkin13. I apologize to you for any distress this may have caused. thank you

      2013-12-04 11:45:02 kainatbhatti

so happy last step is now open for me love u all............................

      2013-12-04 11:44:06 kainatbhatti

thankx @amy

      2013-12-03 22:00:26 nova soares

manutem são por favor abra minha segunda parte da mição já faz mas de 5 dias

      2013-12-03 20:58:31 shireen62

i have also similar problem with this stupid habitat its not opening futhur steps i play on Agame , only 6 days left for me to finish it , please help me

      2013-12-03 20:56:10 FatimaJaveria

i have only 14 days left in my snake habitat and three days have gone and my second and third steps of this habitat aren't opening so please help and i play on Agame , also my friend have this similar problem hers also not opening

      master 2013-12-03 17:42:59 Amy

@kainatbhatti: Where are you playing this game. I'll ask the support. But pls patient until thursday, because tomorrow the support isn't working. If your support will be the same as like mine, maybe I can help.

      2013-12-03 16:42:06 kainatbhatti

no respond mean sadness plz open last step plz plz

      2013-12-02 10:02:13 tarkin13

Farmmaiden...(on another topic)Glad to hear you found the Pearl Horse:)I was rootin for you!!

      2013-12-02 09:03:05 kainatbhatti

same with me @HELP ME!plz help us

      2013-12-01 15:51:40 HELP ME!

My mission said zero hours left and I can't do anything!

      2013-11-27 06:11:38 Petty

I still cant continue with step two after 36 hours. What can I do???

      2013-11-25 18:47:17 Farmmaiden

@DIANA, there is a very long wait time between each of the three steps. If u hover over the sign 'coming soon!' it will say '1 day later', 22 hours later, etc. It will not load until it has been a full 24 hours after u finish the last egg of each level. @N., same thing happened to me with the jelly bean thing. I waited too long and wasted 150 jelly beans, was gonna buy two more trees and pay for the cat villa so I could get the white cat villa anyway, but missed out totally on the peacock, so I know how u feel! BUMMER!

      2013-11-25 18:40:59 Farmmaiden

Made it thru two missions at once! Rewards tea tree, stork and boa! (happy dance) Also tried for the Wicked Unicorn and got it, completing another level of Farm Club, which added a golden peg, and to top it off, I spun an elderberry tree in the mini slots! (happy dance) Good week for me and got it all done b4 TGVG! Now must concentrate on the holiday preparations. No more intense farming for the next week! @Carro and all u other blessed farmers, have a great Thanksgiving!

      2013-11-25 02:02:56 DIANA


      2013-11-24 14:30:42 cartman

Usually after the time is up, you have to pay around 10 RC for each unfinished step in order to complete the animal habitat.

      2013-11-24 13:36:24 navaso99

What happens if you just finish the first two steps..what do you get? Thanks :D

      2013-11-24 11:14:40 N.

Damn it!!! :/ I need to wait until today.. Because of RC ...

      2013-11-24 11:04:30 Julia

Generally, it's never a good idea to wait until the last day. It's not the first time that they are not very precise with the deadline.

      2013-11-24 09:37:47 N.

OMG, where is it? It was supposed to be on FB at least another 7 hours.. I dont understand. I wanted to click on it today in the morning, because it was supposed to end at 17.00. So, where the hell is it? I want this snake, please :( How is this possible? Anybody?

      2013-11-23 22:41:23 Farmmaiden

@Carro, I've noticed that sometimes it pays to look at the actual cost of the one item u really want, then decide. Some limit mission items are available in farm club and I look there to see if I can get them that way and what the rc is for jus that item. Many times it is much less than all 3 items and we have almost 24 hrs to decide, so I never make any 'snap decisions' when it comes to lg. amounts of rc! lol

      2013-11-22 07:25:06 Carro

@Farmmaiden - At least trees are useful as well as the animals. I got a wonderful offer but the problem was that I hade to buy 15.000 automatic operations as well. Even with a great disount the price was so high I could buy the two things I wanted cheaper at their original price, than to accept the offer.

      2013-11-21 01:18:47 Farmmaiden

@Carro, many times I've gotten trees as the extra thing and I don't mind that, but it IS wasteful to BUY a machine I don't need. If I ever get it from the gift box I will immediately sell it so as to not take up space in the warehouse. Looks like I may not make it to lvl 60 in time. I'm at 53 as of today and I figured how many more points I need and it's 133,000!! I just don't have time to visit farms all day long, and that seems to be the fastest way to accumulate points. But that's ok, I will not have to spend as much rc as I had planned either way. Once these new missions r over, I will again use 'leftover' rc to try for the wickd unicorn. I did another try the other day and got GASOLINE OF ALL THINGS! I have NEVER used even ONE gallon of that and I have 111 gallons accumulated in my gift box!! grrrrr! 10 rc for GASOLINE!!! That HURTS! BOL!

      2013-11-19 06:57:30 Carro

@Farmmaiden - It's to bad you can't choose to buy only one or two of the items in the Lycky slot. There always seems to be something you don't want and it's Always the most expensive thing.

      2013-11-18 05:53:59 Moontee

Afi : Thank you for like this suggestion.I agreed to you MOONTEE Yes cantaloupe and black rose seed should be purchased once. it should free for those who purchased already with RC.Hope they Turn ON FREE SEEDS for Cantaloupe and BLACK ROSE.Maybe millions of Players tell about this to GAME Creators.

      2013-11-18 05:40:21 Moontee

Tarkin13 : In case of Emergency i think we must Help our friends for completing the TASK.Hope you don't mind.if there is any way to send cantaloupe, i really send to Farmmaiden..

      2013-11-18 01:44:09 agb

Farmmaiden- Yes it does, that is why I encourage you to get as many cantaloupes as you can and make as many breads as you can. Depending on how many are left to be made, the amount of RC to skip the remaining of the step goes down. I've done this before so good luck!

      2013-11-18 01:27:04 Tarkin13

@Moontee: You should be smart enough to know that you can't send cantaloupe or anything that is not on the wish list to your friends. xP

      2013-11-18 01:26:24 Farmmaiden

@agb, does it really work that way?!! I'm glad to know that!! @Moontee, that's very generous of u, but I don't think there is any way to send crops aside from the ones that are included in the wish list. lol. Are u on gamesgames?

      2013-11-17 23:11:59 Moontee

Farmmaiden :I have 3000 Cantaloupe, how can i send you cantaloupe is there any way ... ?

      2013-11-17 22:49:42 agb

What you could do also is try to make as many as you possibly can, the less breads you have to make means less RC needed to skip it.

      2013-11-17 22:46:57 agb

Farmmaiden- No it doesn't, it only needs cantaloupe. Too bad we play on different platforms, otherwise I would plant some.

      2013-11-17 22:43:19 Farmmaiden

I have purchased both before, but I don't have enough cantaloupe to do this mission.

      2013-11-17 22:40:15 Farmmaiden

Does this snake mission require BLACK ROSE?

      2013-11-17 22:15:29 Afi

I agreed to you MOONTEE Yes cantaloupe and black rose seed should be purchased once. it should free for those who purchased already

      2013-11-17 21:54:34 Moontee

Please Turn ON FREE SEEDS Cantaloupe and BLACK ROSE for those Players who was already Purchase Cantaloupe and BLACK ROSE with RC BEFORE...THANKS.

      2013-11-17 21:51:01 Moontee

Why they don't unlock FREE SEEDS Cantaloupe and BLACK ROSE for those Players who was already Purchase Cantaloupe and BLACK ROSE BEFORE ... ??? this is VERY UNFAIR....

      2013-11-17 21:17:04 Farmmaiden

@Carro, I went ahead and got it since it's from a limit mission and the disc. WAS pretty good. I will likely pay off in the long run. Meanwhile I bought some pines and 'SquirrelKing' is residing in the gift box. he he

      2013-11-17 20:35:51 agb

It all depends on how many of the buildings/habitats/machines/trees/crops that are used here you have...

      2013-11-17 15:45:13 jess

How much RC total?

      2013-11-17 12:30:25 navaso1999

Carro - Thank you very much! :D

      2013-11-17 11:35:37 Sunny

@Moontee You only need to unlock them once for RC. They changed it now such that there is no time limit anymore once unlocked.

      2013-11-17 10:28:47 Carro

@navaso1999 - Ginkgo nuts from the Ginkgo tree (no RC), papaya from the elephant habitat (RC).

      2013-11-17 10:05:45 navaso1999

Where do I get ginkgo nuts to feed the dinosaur? Also, where do I get papaya? Thanks! (:

      2013-11-17 09:28:18 Carro

@Farmmaiden - Good luck with your decision ragarding the squirrelking. It seems you got a big discount, but on the other hand you get to pay for items you don't need or want. Tricky... Yes, 32 more cantaloupes is a lot. But you still have some time and if not, at least now the cantaloupe seeds are opened forever when you buy them.

      2013-11-17 04:40:45 Moontee

Please Turn ON FREE SEEDS for Cantaloupe and BLACK can Possible we Purchase again and again with 5 RC.....this is very UNFAIR...

      2013-11-17 01:16:24 Farmmaiden

@Carro, I do plan to get the fruitbread machine, and I've already collected the connector pipes. Was hoping to see some cantaloupe at neighbor's farms, but so far that's a no go. And it would take quite a few farms to get the 32 more I'll need. Now I have a chance to get a squirrel in lucky slots for 38rc along with a jack-o-lantern machine (which I already have) and 25 super ferts. I am torn about getting it, as there isn't a lot of use for hazlenuts, and I really hate the fact that the squirrel is bigger than the bear!! It's almost like the critters and bldgs. and such are a mish mash from a kid's toy box. I saw a dog house that would fit a horse on my friend's farm....thought it was a tool shed or something!

      2013-11-16 19:54:34 Carro

@Farmmaiden - Yes, it seems my giftbox is getting rather large as well. Too many decorations, animals I haven't needed yet, trees I got no space for and not to mention all the gifts I got from my friendly (thank you all!) neighbours. One day when I have space enough, I will place all my decorations and create diffrent parts on the farm - the halloween part, christmas part etc.

      2013-11-16 19:45:11 Carro

@Farmmaiden - True there are an added RC cost for the cantaloupe if you don't already have them, nor have the opportunity to collect them from your neighbours. But I rather pay a little more (18 RC - fruitmachine, cantaloupe, dehydrator) to invest for future missions, than to pay a few RCs less (15 RC - skipping) and not have the items at all. The snakeskin machine is not used in this mission.

      2013-11-16 18:26:51 Farmmaiden

Along with a redundant cat villa and a barfing black jack-o-lantern! lol

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