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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Nightmare and Boo Bunny
Howdy stranger, I’m Nightmare. The infamous Boo Bunny Bandits are in full force this Halloween night to chase us horses and I need your help and a safe place to hide!
1. I’ve trotted many miles so I’m parched, hungry and my hooves are raw. Can you give me something to eat?

Produce 30 Baffalo Milk Cheese in the Cheese Master

Produce 30 Beef Salami in the Salami Machine
2. As the sun’s setting on this eerie night, the Boo Bunny Bandits are preparing a fight. I can’t travel any further and have to get prepared for the night!

Place and complete a Pumpkin Totem Machine to scare the Boo Bunnies
3. The Boo Bunny Bandits hate all kinds of light. That’s why they haunt us on Halloween Night. Find the Fireflies and I’ll tell you the story, it’s kinda scary but not very gory .

Find the Fireflies
4. Thank goodness the Boo Bunnies have not found me yet but a boy named Darryl I just met. He asked me to enjoy some Halloween fun. I said for a moment cause I’m a horse on the run.

Harvest 40 White Pumpkins

Produce 40 Happy Pumpkin Totems in the Pumpkin Totem Machine
5. Let’s help Darryl with some party décor! I’ve never been to a Halloween party before. Oh please let me stay for a night pretty please, I’ll even beg you on my four horsey knees!

Make 50 Halloween Sugar Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Produce 20 glasses of Apple Juice in the Juice Machine
6. Okay here’s the story, one Halloween night, a headless horesmen and his wife had a fight. Not thinking he let his horse eat from a patch. A Patch of Carrots belonging to Thatch!

Harvest 60 Turnips

Produce 60 Frightful Pumpkin Totems with Turnips in the Pumpkin Totem Machine
7. Thatch is the leader of the Boo Bunny Clan. You don’t mess with his carrots unless you have a death plan!

Harvest 60 Enchanted Carrots
8. Since then the Boo Bunnies have been after us horses, haunting and cursing us with all kinds of forces!

Harvest 12 White Chocolate

Produce 20 Witch’s Fingers in the Halloween Candy Machine
9. If you let it get dark here’s what the Boo Bunnies will do. They’ll jump out out of nowhere and yell an blood curdling ’BOO!’ To keep them at bay make the Farm bright as day!

Produce 70 Sunburst PumpkinTotems in the Pumpkin Totem Machine

Craft 2 Torches in the Workshop
10. The night’s setting in and I fear the Boo Bunnies plan, better make candies while you still can! Soon they’ll be doing their Halloween dance, after that we don’t stand a chance!

Produce 80 Vanilla Popcorn in the Popcorn Machine

Produce 80 Popcorn Ball Monsters in the Halloween Candy Machine
11. A Boo Bunny’s hiding behind one of those trees! Find him and scare him, oh quick pretty please!

Find the Boo Bunny
12. Thankfully Darryl’s come up with a scheme! Wearing a scary costume, Darryl says he can spook the Boo Bunnies and stop the ’BOO’ screams.

Produce 80 Scary Pirate Outfit in the Halloween Costume Machine

Ask 15 Shields from Neighbors to protect Darryl from Carrot Swords
13. Darryl says that to heal any rift, just call a truce and give a good gift!

Craft a Trick or Treat Bag in the Workshop

Produce 80 Pink Princess Outfit in the Halloween Costume Machine
14. In addition to that let’s put on the Skull Mask, to give those Boo Bunnies one first and last scare!

Produce 90 Skull Masks in the Halloween Costume Machine

Produce 10 Mummy Outfit in the Halloween Costume Machine
15. Our costumes and gift worked like a charm. The Boo Bunnies have agreed to no longer do harm. From now on us Horses will enjoy Halloween Fun! Time to eat sweets, come on everyone!

Make 5 Jack-O-Lantern Ice Cream Cake in the Dessert Shop

Make 5 Cut Above Brownies in the Dessert Shop


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8. x 7 =   ?

      2014-04-11 14:03:52 tania

plz plz bring this mission back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

      master 2013-11-27 19:43:28 Amy

@Ben: On different places. Mine was behind the 3rd tree from the left.

      2013-11-27 19:14:36 Ben

where is the boo bunny? thanks

      2013-11-25 12:29:55 ammu

thanks this will really help me

      2013-11-15 09:28:09 azka

my this mission has been expired just bcz of last there any way to finish i really want to get that gift...plz help me :(

      2013-11-14 23:09:50 Farmmaiden

@Ccarro, &2Tarkin and all my great gifting neighbors, thanks for the pointers and encouragement. @Tarkin, ur right! YOLO! Have my Nightmare now and a dark, scary vomiting pumpkin who will live in the giftbox at least until next Halloween. Finished with a few days left, and it wasn't as hard as I expected.

      2013-11-13 17:21:47 Carro

@Farmmaiden - No it's a Gold Pegasus. You can easily fallow the Farm club and it's rewards in the menu to the left under INFO. Yes, it do seems the warehouse is always full, and I upgrade and upgrade all the time. Now I have "only" 171 items left of 240 to the next level - it makes me want to scream.

      2013-11-13 07:02:54 Farmmaiden

I did notice, but the items required to get my 37 more points are things I do not want at this time, so unless they add some more pages, it will be a long time before I earn enough for that second pegacorn. Do u know if it is the crystal peg? I like to collect, and if I'm with the game long enough, I suppose I may have lots of other items, but I don't need everything, and trophies are almost impossible, so I'm not in any hurry for those. I just like to have fun slowly accumulating what comes my way. My warehouse is always almost full and I've upgraded it several times. I can't imagine accommodating 'everything'. he he

      2013-11-13 06:53:13 Carro

@Farmmaiden - No, I can't switch to those pages, it doesn't work. Well, I have to admit I will one day get the Barbie-unicorn. Someday when I need it or when I have collected everything else and have some RCs left to spend. I'm a collector and I want to have Everything! All animals, seeds, gears and Trophies. The second Farm-club reward is also a pegacorn in case you havn't noticed.

      2013-11-13 02:17:37 Farmmaiden

I won the sapphire pegacorn from getting a certain number of points from Farm Club. It was mostly accidental...just happened to get the right combinations of articles to make points. I needed two more trees to bring the points up and when I bought those trees,mainly to see what I would get as a reward and BAM! I had a pegacorn!

      2013-11-13 02:12:32 Farmmaiden

Carro, perhaps you could switch over to gamesgames, Agames or girlsgogames, at least to watch videos for rc. My farm loads on all three of those and I can watch videos from any of them. I noticed the sapphires my pegacorn makes look like blue sex toys!! I was a bit blown away by the shape of them! They need to modify that. I find the other horses quite useful, tho. And I bought a jewel machine so I could make use of the sapphires. I really only want one other peg, and that's the one called 'crystal peg.', and maybe the pearl one, too. NEVER a Barbie one! That's ridiculous! bol

      2013-11-12 21:14:39 Carro

@Farmmaiden - No, no the Cereal machine was for the Irish mission. The "Watch video" tab is long gone for me, it only lasted a week, but I can also see videos under the "earn" tab and it's those videos I meant earlier. I have to admit I can't see the attraction of the horses at least not the pegacorns that are quite useless. Okay, there is the whole Unicorn-/"Little girl dreams of sparkly ponies"-thing but And I can't get over that the Barbie-pegacorn produce a jewel that looks like a pink sex toy.

      2013-11-12 20:46:04 Farmmaiden

And a glow horse, too, almost forgot that one.

      2013-11-12 20:43:56 Farmmaiden

Hi Carro, I have the machines, but not the cereal one. I don't see any need for that in the steps here. I have a dessert shop, too. If ur having probs with the 'watch video' thing, keep in mind for many of the ones that come up blank, if u wait them out, u still get ur reward. I don't need the Irish horse..I have the black irish hores, a milk horse, a Hawaiian one (got thur lucky slots..pd 47rc!), a hair horse, and a sapphire peg so far.

      2013-11-12 20:27:22 Carro

@Farmmaiden - Correction not a Popcorn machine but a Cereal machine.

      2013-11-12 20:13:22 Carro

@Farmmaiden - I suppose I have to understand that you can play the game with diffrent goals in mind and that other people may use their RCs more easily than me. Perhaps I am to much frugal, but I have lost the ability to earn RC several times and for weeks in i row (and bear in mind that I have only played the game from July), that I prefer to have a buffer that I can use in those times. And to actually pay more than I must (buy VS challenge reward) really bothers me. If you like horses you should try the Irish classical mission if you haven't already. I Think you need a Popcorn machine, a Ice Cream machine and a Dessert shop - all Machines you need in this mission as well. Good luck with your mission!

      2013-11-12 19:17:00 Farmmaiden

Done w/step 5 now. THanks for all your encouragement folks! I'm determined to get thru this. I love the horse characters the most. Pegs, unicorns, glow horse, hawaiian, etc.

      2013-11-12 18:41:23 Farmmaiden

Carro, I am relatively new to this game, (been on it for just close to 3 months) and the numbers of things to produce in these missions is a bit intimidating for me, so I was being 'lazy' actually, thinking the rc is worth the avoidance of the zillions of crops and machine work. lol

      2013-11-12 16:35:32 Farmmaiden

OH! I thought they offered all rewards at the ends of the missions! Better get started trying to finish then. I can skip a few with the rc I saved but not all of them! Thanks for the heads up, Moo!

      2013-11-12 13:53:21 Moo

I'm almost sure they will not offer it at the end... They might offer it in one of the slot machines but then it will be a slim chance.... Seems they only offer at the end for the three teir habitat missions

      2013-11-12 06:52:56 Carro

@Farmmaiden - Why stop after step 4 four when it's cheaper to do the mission than buy the horse (when it comes out)? You also miss the Halloween Costume Machine reward.

      2013-11-12 04:06:39 Farmmaiden

Then I want to save to try for the wicked unicorn...SO COOL! Hope they dont take that one away b4 I can get to it. 10 rc per shot....that's pretty rough! Love u Tarkin!

      2013-11-12 04:02:38 Farmmaiden

But w/only 9 daze left, I doubt I could do all those products. I have 93rc saved so far. By 9 days, I'll have more than 100. I'll regret it only if Nightmare is not offered at the end!

      2013-11-12 02:30:11 Tarkin13

@Farmmaiden- Its is worth it, DO the MISSION or you will regret it!!! :D BTW. YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO (YOLO= You Only Live Once) LOL

      2013-11-12 01:29:04 Farmmaiden

This mission gives 20 days to complete. Does anyone know how much rc Nightmare will be offered to buy at the end if we don't finish? I started this, but have been saving to buy her at the end rather than try to do all the (what seems like millions of) products. I stopped after completing step 4. That big balloon is super cool! Don't really care to have another vomiting pumpkin anyway. I still have 9 days to wait and it's killing me. lol

      2013-11-10 19:40:17 raj

you get 15 days after you start the is usual for all the missions in this game..N

      2013-11-10 18:49:57 N.

Hello, I have a question. How long do I have for this mission? I know, that on the snake is 13 days left, 12, 11, 10 etc. But when I click on the snake, how much time do I have then? Thanx.

      2013-11-09 08:54:24 Katie

@Deb G You can use it in the Jewel Machine, Workshop and Beauty Shop to craft various items(then you can also use some of them as a decoration on your farm)

      2013-11-08 04:04:51 Deb G

What can you do with the firestone?

      2013-11-05 04:42:35 DAIANA


      2013-10-31 20:50:05 MadalinaTeleman

at step 7 we have to collect 10 carrot swords while we harvest those enchanted carrots ;) take it one by one!

      2013-10-31 18:23:55 MadalinaTeleman

I found that firefly under the bridge. Well I know is randomly but....just in case :) Happy farming peeps!

      2013-10-30 23:09:21 MISSION

No you only get the Nightmare Horse

      2013-10-30 22:09:53 MISSION

Do you get the Boo Bunny as well??

      2013-10-30 16:12:09 Lady Without Name

I'm also playing on and this mission came today :)

      2013-10-30 14:19:07 aggacja

probably 20 days

      2013-10-30 12:47:38 tutanchamon

How much time do I have for this mission?

      2013-10-28 20:47:52 blushing

Do anyone know when this quest is coming out?? .. I play on

      2013-10-27 21:41:58 ^.^

Moontee, when they say find the fireflies, it's a minigame. They show how it looks above.

      2013-10-27 21:01:48 Moontee

Did anyone know where we find Fireflies

      2013-10-26 13:52:56 Doris

Step 12 Pirate outfit is made with wool from sheep, Step 13 Pink Princess outfit is made from angora from rabbits, Step 14, Skull masks made from ostrich feathers, Mummy outfit made from silk

      2013-10-25 04:38:19 mkkbm5

it is just silk dina

      2013-10-25 01:16:25 dina

what are the materials need for Mummy Outfit in the Halloween Costume Machine ?? in step 14 and the materials for the costumes in step 12 and 13 ?!!!

      2013-10-24 09:36:51 maryqueen

i think, this one is a nice mission. one machine reward that i don't have! sooo much like!

      2013-10-24 07:39:42 tarkin13

dina...Gold Pegasus is 2nd level prize in Farm Club. Click on Red Barn at top of your farm (left), next to the Cropinator.

      2013-10-24 01:38:25 dina

how can i get gold pegasus ??

      2013-10-24 00:26:21 Large Marge

Who can't spell, its buffalo, not baffalo cheese, lol, had to point that out.

      2013-10-23 23:18:50 cartman

the gold comes from a pegasus. In general all materials for the jewelry machine come from pegasi

      2013-10-23 23:13:39 dina

no no no i dont mean coins i mean the gold that is used for making jewelry ?

      2013-10-23 22:18:20 farah

it's so tough , require so much RC :( ..

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