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Romance in Greece
Howdy Farmers! How y’all doing? William’s trip to Greece has inspired me to take a trip there too. Glad y’all can come along. Opa!
1. A kind young greek family will be hosting our stay. I think it would be pretty nice if we could bring them some gifts from the farm!

Harvest 30 White Hibiscus

Produce 30 Ostrich Feathers
2. Since we’ll be gone for quite a while, let’s help Granny around the farm before we go. That Darryl’s been giving Granny quite the gears lately. Tisk, tisk Darryl.

Make 40 Cranberry Sauce in the Sauce Machine

Make 40 Garlic Sauce in the Sauce Machine
3. Granny wants to throw a farewell hoopla for us. She can’t wait to tell us all about her travels to Greece when she was just a spring chicken.

Produce 50 glasses of Grape Juice in the Juice Machine

Produce 50 Glasses of Carrot Juice in the Juice Machine
4. Since Granny can’t come to Greece with us, let’s help greek up the farm for her. Apparently Nuts are the heart of Greece Cuisine.

Place and complete a Nut Mix Machine
5. Did you know that Granny met her first true love in Greece? Yep, she had her first real kiss on a nut farm right under a walnut tree. Oh Granny.

Harvest 10 Walnuts

Feed Apples to the Kagooroo Habitat and produce 10 Macadamic Nuts
6. Our flight to Greece leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning! Finish up the nuts for Granny and then let’s get ’er done! We got a ton of packing to do.

Produce 15 Walnut Mixed Macadamia in the Nut Mix Machine

Produce 60 bottles of Honey
7. Just landed in Greece and oh my walnuts, what a beautiful place! Can you find Granny’s Necklace? She says she lost it by the Walnut Tree where she had her first kiss.

Find Granny’s Necklace
8. So sweet to see young couples whispering sweet nothings to each other over Love Cakes.

Have 70 Love Fruit

Produce 70 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine
9. Oh look a bakery! That William couldn’t stop hollerin’ about the delicious greek desserts he had. Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

Make 3 Baklava in the Dessert Shop

Produce 20 Nectar with the Butterfly House
10. Figs are the most popular fruit in Greece. While we’re here we might as well get figgy wit’ it!

Produce 8 bottles of Fig Wine in the Fruit Wine Machine
11. By golly, I’ve never seen so many Fig trees and Cranberry bushes in my life. We must bring some of these authentic treats back home to Granny!

Produce 10 Walnut mixed Fig in the Nut Mix Machine

Produce 70 loaves of Cranberry Bread
12. Oh my tzatziki! Romance certainly IS in the air! A nice young Greek boy named Taki has just invited me to dinner and karaoke tonight with his family.

Place and complete a Romantic Aegean Dinner Table
13. Dinner was farmsolutely greekalicious but the Karaoke is about to begin. Aha, but not before this farm girl get’s some more desserts in her!

Feed Cherries to the Giraffe Habitat and produce 15 Avocado

Produce 20 Farmstyle Avocado Yogurt in the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine
14. Oh soggy beans! Between you and me farmer, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! I think I’ll eat real slow to stall my turn at karaoke.

Produce 15 Farmstyle Walnut Yogurt in the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

Produce 120 Lavender Cookies in the Cookie Machine
15. Taki doesn’t speak much english but it sure sounds like he’s telling me it’s my turn to sing! Alright farmer here goes nothing! Do, re, mi, fa...

Ask 15 Gold Vintage Microphones from neighbors
16. Aw, Taki gave me a rose and said I had the voice of a greek godess. Aw shucks, thanks Taki and thank you too Farmer! This has been the most amazing experience of my life!

Produce 15 Tiramisu Cakes with Chocolate

Produce 35 Nectar Cakes in the Cake Machine


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      2014-02-03 02:23:38 priyakarthi

Gena-Its greek fig tree.

      2014-02-02 22:00:45 Gena

what is the tree??

      2014-01-25 11:55:41 FarmGirl

as a Classic Mission, there is a change in one of the tasks. Instead of producing 10 MACADAMIA nuts (using Kangaroo habitat), you are required to produce 60 BRAZIL nuts (using Bradypod). Just to let players know in case you do not have a bradypod.

      2013-11-28 21:17:38 kerma

can u bring it back agian plz ?? plzzzzzzzzzzz w neeed it

      2013-11-27 17:42:42 rema

can u put it agian in the classic missions???

      2013-11-09 21:47:51 popswala

this sucks. i failed this cause the game kept messing up due to plugin stopped working. i was on last step making the nectar cakes. stuff like this always happening to me makes me just quit the game all together. it messes up and would not reload but time is still going. How am i suppose to complete this in time when the game wont let me play?

      2013-11-09 15:51:07

it's too easy

      2013-11-09 14:47:09 kainatbhatti

it's gives mud (used in beauty shop)@little-pegaso

      2013-11-02 14:03:18 little_pegaso

What does the pig give ?

      2013-10-31 05:28:20 Ivka

task when u need maka a baklava need a dinosaur habitat? cause i dont have it and i dont have rc also lime needed and i dont have it but you can harvest when u go to visit what should i do i wanna that sweet pig heh

      2013-10-18 16:05:28 Rizitos

looking where it says earn free RC and then where it says watch video and give you an RC for each video

      2013-10-18 11:40:58 Lejla

I need 2 RC for girafe habitat :(

      2013-10-17 17:29:00

statue is such a lame reward :/

      2013-10-17 17:18:15

I found necklace on the right.. second row

      2013-10-16 21:09:19 tarkin13

Ben...The Searches are varied so as to be different every time...Thus, we cant give it away:)Have Fun:)

      2013-10-16 17:18:40 GrayGem334

Thank you very much, Lady Without Name :)

      2013-10-16 16:59:04 Lady Without Name

You will need 40 parts. 10 Salad Bowls, 10 Porcelain Plates, 10 Wine Glasses and 10 Placemats. You can ask all of these from friends.

      2013-10-16 16:31:27 GrayGem334

Does anyone know what parts you need to complete the Romantic Aegean dinner table ?

      2013-10-14 12:53:58 agb

Does anyone know if this mission will come to silvergames's family barn?

      2013-10-09 13:00:47 Ben

where is necklace? thanks

      manager 2013-10-08 13:47:16 mooducky

Facebook has it

      2013-10-08 12:12:26 J

Is this mission available on any site?

      2013-10-06 23:59:06 miss

its not have 70 love fruits, it haverst 70 love fruit big smile

      2013-10-03 19:22:46 Maria

apologies: tree is Greek Fig. Hadn't seen aloe vera before. My bad.

      2013-10-03 17:07:15 Maria

Kangaroo Habitat needs 20 turf for level 1 and 7 RC for each of 3 levels. The tree is Aloe Vera, used in essential oil machine, but nowhere else, in any of the machines I have access to (L50).

      2013-10-01 04:14:46 WK

Harvest 70 Love Fruit NOT Have 70 Love Fruit.

      2013-10-01 02:22:00 Kaaha

Nut Mix machine - 16 parts from friends and two parts 5RC each (now they are on sale for 4RC each) Romantic Table - 40 parts from friends, no RC needed. I already have kangaroo habitat but I think it needed some RC.

      2013-09-30 20:54:03 FarmMaiden

how do you build Nut Mix machine, kangaroo habitat (ps it is not spelled kagooroo) and also Romantic Aegean Dinner Table? please answer

      2013-09-30 18:21:22 sarah78

the mad you get from this pig is needed in the beauty shop on page 15

      2013-09-30 17:58:40 almas

what s the use of pig coop

      2013-09-30 08:16:49 Cherry Berry

Im gonna try this, using 10 RC we will have nut mix machine, tree & pig..Not bad! ;)

      2013-09-30 05:16:53 squeedy

too long and too many rc's

      2013-09-29 16:15:14 snowflake

Does the Ancient Greek Vase do anything?

      2013-09-29 11:27:15 Analia Rivera

:( hard

      manager 2013-09-29 02:32:22 mooducky

it might not come to family farm until monday .. sometimes when new missions come out on a friday for some versions they don't come to family farm until monday ... thinking the developers don't work weekends

      2013-09-29 01:11:28 Earth

I don't have this mission too.Why???

      2013-09-28 12:37:43 Moshi

Why I don't have this mission in FB ????

      2013-09-28 12:16:55 k-chan-

Cute!!! Love it :)

      user 2013-09-28 11:08:13 Ayre

@Mariukos No RC neede for Aegean table - just 40 pieces from friends

      2013-09-28 10:04:43 Mariukos

And do we need to build Aegean Dinner table for RC?

      user 2013-09-28 09:56:25 Ayre

Looks like a fig tree. The nut mix machine costs 10 RC (2 parts each 5 RC and 16 parts from free gifts)

      2013-09-28 09:32:21 Mariukos

What is the tree after step 7 and how many RC do we need for nut mix machine?

      manager 2013-09-28 05:01:00 mooducky

22 days once you start it ...... I think mud is used I beauty shop

      2013-09-28 03:43:38 scooby

how many days given to complete this mission.

      2013-09-28 03:39:50 NIBBLE

what do you do with mud?

      manager 2013-09-28 03:17:44 mooducky

It gives mud

      2013-09-28 00:09:27 nastia

really,what does this sweety piggy give?

      2013-09-27 23:39:14 rouse

new misión :D :D :D :D is a pig

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