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   10 Fish Cookie(L)
   10 Fish Cookie(M)
   10 Fish Cookie(S)
   10 Growing Potion(L)
   10 Growing Potion(M)
   10 Growing Potion(S)
   10 Super Fish Food (L)
   10 Super Fish Food (M)
   10 Super Fish Food (S)
   50 Fish Cookie(L)
   50 Fish Cookie(M)
   50 Fish Cookie(S)
   50 Growing Potion(L)
   50 Growing Potion(M)
   50 Growing Potion(S)
   50 Super Fish Food (L)
   50 Super Fish Food (M)
   50 Super Fish Food (S)
   Ancient Egg
   Aquatic Tree Token
   Ballpit Ball
   Blue Balloon
   Candy Cane
   Cucumber Lime Cool Water
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   Duck token 1
   Duck token 2
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   Duck token 4
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Jelly Festival
Get Jelly Bean by harvesting crops and trees! You can also post to post a wish on your wall and ask your neighbors to send you some. You can exchange the Jelly Bean for big rewards. Let’s go!
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting crops and trees! It’s Jelly Bean! The more you harvest the more Jelly Bean you get! You can use Jelly Bean to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Cat Villa after collecting all 4 rewards!
You can click post to post a wish on your wall to ask your neighbors to send you some Jelly Beans. Your neighbors will also recieve one when they click the feed to send you Jelly Bean.


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      user 2015-01-30 10:03:31 evie

Can this mission be repeated?

      2013-11-09 08:45:52 Dannial

I did not complete this but when I looked in my gift box I got a cat villa!

      2013-10-30 23:15:13 ohsandy

I need 25 jelly beans. When I harvest, they often don't appear.

      2013-10-29 01:27:04 LadyMyst

I don't think that myself, hubby and my second account will make the last item for 210 Jelly Beans and our daughter says that her jelly bean on the right hand side has disappeared so she doesn't have any idea how many she has (gone from the gift box as well) this happened about 5 days ago for her game...

      2013-10-27 16:58:45 minimimi98

@lpMan007. Plant tons of fast plants such as pasture or pineapples, you get on average 3-5 JB from field of 200. Rinse, repeat. If you have greenhouses with sprinklers that will cut your cycle in half . Good luck

      2013-10-26 14:29:11 IpMan007

how can i collect more jelly been?

      2013-10-20 15:19:29 bxfan

they wont have the trade button for a while, basically for a couple weeks or so, or till everyone on every other site is done then you can trade them for 1 op each.

      2013-10-20 10:04:36 bxfan

ok thanks for the answer but my jelly beans can't be treaded?! they are in my gift box but can't do anything with them

      2013-10-19 20:48:27 bxfan

The xtra jelly beans end up in your gift box after the event is over and can be traded in for op.

      2013-10-19 15:11:35 bxfan

what happend with the remaining jelly beans? does anybody know?

      2013-10-11 13:34:35 nikho

susah dapety

      2013-10-09 13:59:44 indino42 Here is a great group to join if you need more neighbors for Family Farm.

      2013-10-09 13:33:53 agb

Is there a list here of active players to add? I need help in building my machines, but after sending gifts to my 800+ "neighbors" a day, I only get less than 10 a day! Its really frustrating.

      2013-10-09 00:40:17 Maria

Anyone know what level you have to be to do this on Facebook? I play every version I've been invited to, and some of them don't have access to it yet because they're too low a level.

      2013-10-07 18:11:03 Charlotte

This bites you don't get hardly any jelly beans for harvesting and its hard to get them from friends.

      2013-10-06 19:53:27

The "whirling daisy" is because the september calender is gone now. And the admins are not back from holidays yet to take it off.

      2013-10-06 15:59:56 analia

Anyone know if this is coming to gamestug? I can see the a whirling daisy icon (like it is trying to load) below Daryl but no challenge yet...

      2013-10-05 11:24:58 Attiq malik

please giveme

      2013-10-05 10:29:25 azizmech

i like this kind of game .. i have advice .. start with the biggest value then go to the next .. because if the time is not enough you can get the last one by RC

      2013-10-02 08:07:36

Anyone know if this is coming to girlsgogames? I can see the a whirling daisy icon (like it is trying to load) below Daryl but no challenge yet...

      user 2013-09-30 13:56:36 poutnik

Another Mission Impossible

      2013-09-27 22:43:51 NIBBLE

what are the four different rewards?

      2013-09-27 18:57:21 dion

i love this

      2013-09-27 08:07:52

For how many days will this collection last???

      2013-09-26 17:17:35 Souma

The process is so slow, whatever I harvest, I got only one two or three maximum in each time, little bit frustratiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!

      user 2013-09-26 10:07:49 LadyBetis

they should say that the posibility of clicking post to post a wish asking for Jelly Beans it is only available when playing from facebook; than the rest of the thousands and thousands we play from different gamesites we are not that important as those from facebook, so they don´t really care about us...

      2013-09-26 00:25:50 Gezz

and bell pepper two

      2013-09-26 00:24:52 Gezz

like i say i only harvest pineapple and leek and in 2 days i have over 100 jelly beans

      2013-09-25 17:39:51 Mariukos

Thanks for advice Gezz. :) Anyone else have a great tips about this collection? I play on but I'm just preparing for this collection. :)

      2013-09-25 13:28:00 Gezz

high cost corps give me more drops

      2013-09-25 09:15:46 Maria

@NIBBLE: 210 jelly for white peacock; 150 jelly for super bee box; 55 jelly for honey locust tree (can be used for fruit wine); and 25 jelly for slide and pool (decoration). Final Prize: cat villa, which makes fish bones (used in workshop).

      2013-09-25 08:16:42 Millie

And of course we will NOT be able to send jelly beans to our friends -.-'

      2013-09-25 00:37:48 NIBBLE

This is like the Collecting Sugar, Hearts, Snowflake etc. missions. Wonder what the pries are? :)

      2013-09-24 22:07:34 Kaaha

@medo usually trees and pineapples give me more drops

      2013-09-24 21:34:39 Ind

you can harvest the crops that require less time and are fast for e.g. pasture or pineapple..

      2013-09-24 21:10:26 Boone

Harvest jelly beans

      2013-09-24 13:57:45 medo

what i can harvest and give me more jelly beans

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