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Pancake Pajama Day
Howdy Farmers! It's Pajama Day at Darryl's school and I've been asked to cook a hearty breakfast for all the students!
1. I may not know much about today’s fashion or how to play video games but I sure know how to make delicious Pancakes! Let me show you dear.

Produce 20/50 Sacks of Oat Flour

Feed Wheat to the Purple Bird and produce 20/50 Bird Eggs
2. Back in my day we used to use a heavy hot griddle. Nowadays we can get ourselves a fancy pants Pancake Machine. Much easier on the back deary.

Place and complete a Pancake Machine
3. Well now, Pancakes ain’t Pancakes without some sticky, sweet Maple Syrup!

Harvest 5/15 Maple Syrup

Produce 10/20 Maple Syrup Pancakes
4. Fry up some Salami to go on the side of them Pancakes and we got ourselves a hearty breakfast for all the kiddies on Pajama Day!

Produce 30/60 Beef Salami

Find 10 Plates by producing Beef Salami
5. Darryl says some kids in his class don’t have any cool pajamas to wear to school! We can help them out with that, can’t we farmer?

Ask 10/15 Pajamas from Neighbors

Craft 10/15 Sleeping Caps in Workshop
1 OR 1


 Your name (nick)
2. x 7 =   ?

      2014-02-07 13:15:43 ilikeiloveit

this is a old Pancake Mission , Check out the Pancake Mission under the Classic Mission section

      2014-02-07 07:37:40 dennise

my step 3 is different that posted.....I have to make 80 raspberry pancakes and 10 chestnut pancakes

      2014-01-25 06:15:06 Chloe

William is just a decoration guys!!! He is just standing around your farm! Better ones if you have the goat, it is very useful.

      2013-10-04 15:35:43 Mariukos

Place it from the warehouse. If you don't have it then try refresh the game and check if it counts that you finished.

      2013-10-04 14:09:16 Traceyf27

I Have already completed the pancake machine, do I have to do this again?? Really do not want to have to spend another 9RC.

      2013-10-04 10:17:18 omar mohammed

I wish goat and william

      2013-09-30 23:48:40 tarkin

I m stupid

      2013-09-30 17:18:08 emmi

iam get william =D

      2013-09-29 18:48:05 happyfashionista276

who will take william he is just a decoration better take the super goat it is useful

      2013-09-28 21:30:37 Millie

Easy peasy :3

      2013-09-27 08:30:50 appuhhh

nice mission but i want 2 things

      2013-09-26 21:58:19 Boone

william nothing to do only dancing.

      2013-09-26 21:27:11 Jade

@LOL: هههههههههه وشنكليش بالمرة :D

      2013-09-26 19:51:27 -vicki3-

l have the white goat? What l take ? the super goat or william? What do you suggest me?

      2013-09-26 17:32:59 mido

i did not get a reword ?

      2013-09-26 17:25:30 LOL

مرحبا أنا بحب المكدوس و بتمنى لو بتعملو الة مكدوس :)

      2013-09-26 17:23:18 lol


      2013-09-26 11:49:46 analia

william what do

      2013-09-26 10:30:15 samitha

three days before i have finished the game till now i did not get a reword ???

      2013-09-25 11:50:16 chansmast

William is just a decoration costs 50RC and it will give 400exp(only one time) when u place it in farm.

      2013-09-25 11:44:05 chansmast

This is a super goat costs 50RC

      2013-09-24 12:32:29 Mercury095

If you're clever you'll choose goat, ofc!! Willie is a deco, better take goat than buying it for RC! :)

      2013-09-24 10:53:18 Kaaha

Does anyone know now what Willie does? I don't know what to choose :(

      2013-09-23 04:37:13 mkkbm5

does that willam decoration give u coin like the table of romance

      2013-09-22 13:52:08 lakmal

at the end of the mission can we select the gift? cause i really need that goat

      2013-09-22 12:16:51 pitch76

Tarkin13 if it will be in Farm club , it will be purchasable

      2013-09-22 11:35:43 Tarkin13

I have supergoat... need William to complete my family...I have big feeling William will be a requirement in Farm Club. Super goat can be bought. Will can not, for now.

      2013-09-22 11:33:42 Tarkin13

aamna...if you read back in comments, you will need wool(sheep), angora hair(rabbit), and puff balls(From Friends) all in the amounts that Workshop will specify, to fulfill the final count total of hats required. If you are of the level required to make 10 then you will need 50wool, 50angora hair, & 10 plush balls. If you are making 15, then 75wool, 75 angora hair, and 15 plush balls from friends

      2013-09-22 08:05:33 aamna

how to Craft 10/15 Sleeping Caps in Workshop whatshall we use as the input

      2013-09-21 20:24:47

@batu and @almas. You simply have to produce beef salami

      2013-09-21 20:03:50 batu

Find 10 Plates by producing Beef Salami. how shall we complete this

      2013-09-21 19:57:32 almas

Find 10 Plates by producing Beef Salami. how shall we complete this

      2013-09-21 07:40:44 Dan

Is william just a deco???????????

      2013-09-20 23:53:20 well7888

hi take the goat William does not work any thing

      2013-09-20 19:14:17 lolly15

Long time ago i was inventing some new machines with my lil brother. And pancake machine was the one!! Dream came true. XD :D

      2013-09-20 17:38:48 deathneko

Because u have a higher level, for lower level its 20 Sacks of Oat Flour and produce 20 Bird Eggs...

      2013-09-20 15:46:42 Danny

1st Step is Produce 50 Sacks of Oat Flour and produce 50 Bird Eggs.

      2013-09-20 04:17:34 annie

@Rizitos what exactly is a functional collector?

      2013-09-20 03:24:09 Rizitos

William is a functional collector

      2013-09-19 09:19:49 joy

William just decor?? or??

      2013-09-18 16:14:26 wolf

sooo easy only 9RC

      2013-09-18 14:45:35 Madalina

was this mission on agames yet? Does anybody know and can give me an answer? thanks in advance :)

      2013-09-18 14:31:26 Ealge

@Sarah- the sleeping caps need to 5 wool , 5 angora hair & ask for 1 plush ball from friends

      user 2013-09-18 12:55:11 LadyBetis

..well, i have checked how much each reward would cost in the shop, both of them would cost 50RC, the goat is the supergoat we can see in animals, its really much faster producing milk than all the others but still its just another goat more; and William its just a decoration more taking Space in the farm... :-S

      user 2013-09-18 12:44:03 LadyBetis

finally a short mission, the latest ones needed a lot of time!! the goat looks nice but i already have a few of then, although WHO knows if we will need to have it for the FarmersClub thing, so when i get to that moment i will have a difficult time deciding which reward i prefer to have.... perhaps the most expensive...

      2013-09-18 03:42:42

OOOHHHH I hope this comes to GGG or GamesGames!!!

      2013-09-18 01:52:59 Sarah

Does anyone know what it takes to make the sleeping caps in the workshop I looked through my workshop and it's not in their yet?

      2013-09-18 01:28:18 Andy

where i can get this mission

      2013-09-17 23:22:46 sarah78

ok i just had a look to see if he was on the animal list and he is, hes 40s to make goat milk im getting him !wow

      2013-09-17 23:19:33 sarah78

super goat or William is it ? is there a point of having him on the farm if he is just a Deco ? but the super goat, do any one know how fast he makes goat milk please ?

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