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Save Sea Turtles
Howdy Farmer! Pack your bags, I'm taking you on a trip to the Archipelagos! We'll sail across the deep blue sea to see what we can see!
1. We’ll sail across the deep blue sea to see what we can see! Perhaps some happy turtles or perhaps some dolphins!

Produce 20 loaves of Black Bread

Produce 20 glasses of Grape Juice
2. Every good sailor knows that the key to a long happy voyage is plenty of delicious food!

Collect 20 White Vinegar from the Vinegar Stand

Harvest 30 Cucumbers

Produce 30 Cucumber Pickles in the Pickle Machine
3. Let’s ask Felicia to make some gourmet desserts for us. Batton down the hatches farmer, we’re setting sail!

Bake 3 Butter Milk Cakes in the Dessert Shop

Produce 40 Raisin Cookies with Grapes in the Cookie Machine
4. The Archipelago waters are quite rough this morning! Oh no, we’ve hit a rock! Quick, repair the boat before we sink!

Craft 2 Lumber in the Workshop

Craft 7 bottles of White Dye in the Workshop

Produce 10 glasses of Orange Juice
5. Wait a minute! That wasn’t a rock, that was a Baby Sea Turtle and she’s very hurt. We must save her farmer!

Ask 10 Bandages from neighbors

Produce 10 bottles of Almond Essential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine
6. We did it farmer, she’s coming back to life! She looks pretty hungry though. What do you think she’ll eat?

Produce 12 Orange Yogurt in the Yogurt Machine

Feed honey to the Bear and produce 60 Salmon
1. Hmmm. If she’s not a meat eater, perhaps she’ll fancy some sea herbs instead?

Harvest 70 Rotala

Feed Rotala to the Baby Sea Turtle and produce 70 Turtle Print
2. The Baby Sea Turtle has given us some gorgeous Turtle Print to thank us for saving her! We can use the Turtle Print to decorate the boat!

Craft 4 Paper in the Workshop

Craft 2 Turtle Print Wall Decor in the Workshop

Produce 70 Blueberry Yogurt in the Yogurt Machine
3. Hmmm. The baby Sea Turtle still looks sad! Oh no! Perhaps her Mama’s also injured and needs our help!

Craft 2 Turtle Print Rattle to attract the Mother Turtle

Produce 12 cups of Hot Chocolate in the Hot Drink Machine for William
4. Time to take this adventure under water! Suit up farmer! No baby should be without their Mama!

Ask 10 Diving Suits from neighbors

Craft a Turtle Print Mask to attract the Turtle
5. I’ve spotted the Mama Sea Turtle but she’s caught in a fishing net! She’ll be doomed if we don’t get her out of there!

Ask 10 pairs of Steel Scissors from neighbors

Produce 15 Yellow-green Glow Sticks in the Glow Stick Machine
6. Phew! Mama and Baby together at last! Now that’s the stuff that dreams are made of! Perhaps they’d like to come back to the farm with us?

Produce 100 bottles of Rosemary Esential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine

Craft 4 Fruit Tarts in the Dessert Shop


 Your name (nick)
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      2014-01-25 06:17:06 Chloe

Please tell me... WHY 2 TURTLE HABITATS?! Nuff said

      2014-01-23 03:15:10 OnYuuri

Pls bring back this mission. I love this habitat

      2013-10-11 12:31:02 ramsha

i didnt open this mission in time, will it come again?

      manager 2013-10-04 14:01:36 mooducky

You can't send rc to another account

      2013-10-04 13:57:07 biswajit

i want to send 8 ranch cash to my friend gourisarkar999 from my won ranch cash . is it possible? if yes, how can i send or transfer ranch cash to my friends account by on line in few minuets. please give the reply very soon. it is urgent.

      2013-09-30 15:31:24

please put Yogurt Machine materials-Glass Jar and Stirrer on sale please...its 10 rcs

      2013-09-30 08:01:53 Boone

depressed turtle : sure this will be come after some Months.

      2013-09-30 06:27:59 Nick

PLSSSS Put Elephant baskt on sale plsssssss.... its 9 rcs...

      2013-09-30 02:08:13 even more depressed

plzzz answer anyone?!?!?!

      2013-09-30 02:07:39 depressed turtle

will this ever come bac?! i want it and i missed it?!?!?!?!?

      2013-09-26 19:53:49 -vicki3-

l have the little turtle. It is so cute l love it!

      2013-09-24 12:40:19 Mac Tieu

Alas! I miss the mission.

      2013-09-24 08:20:18 mum-1

start the mission, do what you can with what you have without using your RC. when the mission times out they offer you the chance to get the animal for a minimal charge of RC. Did this for the Parrot, Ibex and Koala. Less RC overall.

      2013-09-23 02:51:31 zoogarah

so I missed this. Anyone know if there's anyway to get it after the little bubble is gone?

      2013-09-20 16:23:45 Gazzar

Thx Katie

      2013-09-19 21:55:51 Katie

@sunshine You will have 18 days to finish all the missions @Fillipa The reward is only 1 habitat: if you finish the first part you'll get the baby turtle and if you finish the second you will get the mother turtle. @Gazzar I think it will work the same as the parrot habitat: You will be able to keep and use it even if you only have the baby turtle :)

      2013-09-18 22:45:08 sunshine

how long after turtle has shown can we wait to place the habitat? and how much time do we have to finish all tasks??

      2013-09-17 11:25:07 Analia Rivera

:( :'(

      2013-09-17 00:13:40 Fillipa

I didn't get SECOND TURTLE or second turtle HABITAT, just finished the mission, restarted the game and still..... NOTHING :( Goshhhh, not fair!!!!!!! Too much work for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2013-09-16 21:02:50 Cereals

Too much hard... too much RC, as usual.

      2013-09-16 02:06:15 Gazzar

if time ends and i didn't finish all the tasks can i still have the baby turtle or it will be deleted

      2013-09-15 21:55:11 Tarkin13

mooducky...Thank you for the information for this mission...I appreciate the time you take to help others here...I trust in your invaluable advice. THANK YOU

      2013-09-12 16:52:49 Mariukos

Well this is extremely good news!

      manager 2013-09-12 15:54:07 mooducky

it unlocks FOREVER

      2013-09-12 11:53:58 Mariukos

Woohoo me to!!! I just only need to unlock Rosemary! One question do i unlock Rosemary for some period of time or forever?

      2013-09-12 11:34:50 mranosa

@mranosa Iwant to do this mission on family barn it is a very easy mission and i have all the machines which the mission needs :D :P

      2013-09-12 03:48:35 pam

luckily I have these machines, but have to unlock rosemary

      2013-09-11 19:31:40 Lilac Skies

If you are under level 50 it would serve you better to work on the basic missions and building the basic machines. Daily visits will get you 10 RC a week (after the first 10 weeks) Work on your trophies for the trees, crops, animals and machines as they are unlocked to you or you win them in the daily slots. Play all the free carnival games (that do not require RC) The slots are free daily and you'll win on average about once a week and the scratch card is weekly. As far as limited time missions go only do them if you already have the machines.

      2013-09-11 17:33:48 little_pegaso

Nice mission !! When it will appear in ggg ?

      2013-09-11 17:09:16 Betty

@Shre1998 : yes .. you earn the firefly tree during the mission + lemon tree 10RC

      2013-09-11 15:19:19 Shre1998

Can i have only one turtle?

      2013-09-11 14:02:59 AyumiY

@Betty: For the yellow glowstick you also need firefly bush (2RC) and a Mango Tree (12 RC - but you can also get this from the Dutch Mission). But you don't really need to buy the trees if you have lots of neighbours, because now you can harvest their trees :)

      2013-09-11 13:11:30 dodo

if we completed only one turtle , will we be able to keep the habitat?

      2013-09-11 09:58:07 Anouska

WHAT??????????????? That many machines are necessary? I dont have so much RC yet. Now again i need to let this mission go.... :(

      2013-09-11 09:49:23 Alys

How many days is available this job?

      2013-09-11 09:41:37 Betty

Machines & Building: Vinegar stand 7RC _ Dessert shop 6RC _Yogurt machine 10RC Donkey mill 10RC _ Glow stick machine 9RC Trees: Oak tree 6RC _ Bamboo 4RC _ chocolate tree 10RC _ Items unlock: White dye 3RC _ rope 3RC _ Rosemary 4RC habitats : Elephant habitat 9RC Total : 81 RC........... ENjoy

      2013-09-11 08:56:33 N

Does anybody know how much RC is needed ??

      manager 2013-09-11 00:20:27 mooducky

the first habitat has the baby turtle, the second one add the mama turtle

      2013-09-10 23:06:11 claudem

2 turtle habitat that not make sence

      manager 2013-09-10 20:19:22 mooducky

I think only thing you need to unlock is the Rosemary and I hear that is a ONE TIME fee of 4 RC

      2013-09-10 18:46:37 Mariukos

Really easy mission! But do we need to unlock all new items from workshop and do we need to unlock Rosemary?

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