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Magic Fruit Cup
Howdy farmer, we're trying to get Darryl ready to go back to school but he's not very happy about the sugar-free school snacks!
1. Monday morning! It’s the start of a new week for all of us, and a new week in school for Little Darryl. Do you want to help me make breakfast for him?

Produce 20/40 Raisin Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Produce 20/40 Oatmeal Cookies in the Cookie Machine
2. Darryl is not happy about the healthy food we’ve been giving him. Perhaps these sweet n’ healthy Fruit Cups are the perfect solution!

Place and complete a Fruit Cup Machine

Produce 10/15 glasses of Apple Juice
3. Oops! Darryl lost his lunch box AGAIN! Help him find it to make sure he goes back to school on time.

Find the Lunch Box for Darryl
4. Our plan worked, Darryl loves the fruit cups! He’s even asked for different flavors! I’m so happy about this!

Produce 5/12 Giesla Cherry Fruit Cups

Ask 10/12 Fruit Cup Packages from Neighbors
5. Let’s try making some Lychee Fruit Cups! Oh, and the Lavender Cookies will help keep Darryl calm and cool while we wait for the first day of school!

Produce 12/20 Lychee Fruit Cups

Produce 60/120 Lavender Cookies
6. Growing boys like Darryl also need to eat meat! Let’s prepare some Beef Salami for Darryl!

Produce 80/150 Beef Salami in the Salami Machine

Produce 80/200 glasses of Carrot Juice in the Juice Machine


 Your name (nick)
10. x 8 =   ?

      2014-04-28 05:47:37

In the mission overview pay attention to the start and end dates. This one is almost a year old; nobody can find it now, its over.

      2014-04-27 21:10:42 Starmize

I am level 43 and I can not find this mission, can you tell me when I can do it? Please and thank you

      2014-03-08 15:20:29 علي

السلام عليكم اشو مانطاني الهديه ليش

      2013-11-28 21:18:49 mrco

can u bring it back agian plz ?? ?

      2013-09-29 19:00:05 happyfashionista276

for the lunch box i tried the the socks and got it

      2013-09-29 18:14:21 happyfashionista276

i really like this site

      2013-09-28 22:13:47 Luna14

lunch box not found i try in beehive and candles.. :( btw can someone help me i am playing task granny gone wild only 2task left me but i cant finish beacuse i need province honey, i know that it cost 25 RC but i dont have any and 10 day left me. thanx for help

      2013-09-21 11:14:37 Ane

Tarkin13 I made an orthographic error, I admit. Anyway thanks for your correction, it means a lot. Lol

      2013-09-21 03:22:47 Tarkin13

-Ane its called a BISON! that's ok :)

      2013-09-13 18:15:02 Analia Rivera

very easy :P

      2013-09-11 18:16:50 Ane

it'a a bizon

      2013-09-11 17:42:56 little_pegaso

Why doesnt them write what is the reward ?? What is the reward guys ? :) ♥

      2013-09-09 15:16:28 Gazzar

done it within 3 days - too easy mission

      2013-09-09 01:33:48 Manfred man

This game is getting to expensive....

      2013-09-09 00:27:48 NADEEM

Last step is Produce 150 Beef Salami and Produce 200 glasses of Carrot Juice.

      2013-09-07 19:01:58 samorai

my remark is "the Level Divide is Level 25" . The First number is how many you need to make if UNDER level 25. The Second number is amount you will have to make if your farm is OVER level 25 like me because I'm in the 27 level ....Good luck

      2013-09-07 09:23:55 maryqueen

@Tarkin13, Tiger Slot or Lucky Slot is payable by RC but it is discounted.

      2013-09-07 07:55:34 Tarkin13

At what site has this Challenge been released to you? We do not have this Challenge on Girlsgogames or Gamesgames....

      2013-09-07 07:51:00 Tarkin13

if you did not choose Hall Of Fame Salami Machine in Classics, you can find it in Tiger Slot:)

      2013-09-07 07:49:23 Tarkin13

The Level Divide is Level 30. The First number is how many you need to make if UNDER level 30. The Second number is amount you will have to make if your farm is OVER level 30:)Have fun Friends.

      2013-09-07 00:52:09 alrany1

the two number is : fist number about the level and the second one is about what yo have to make

      2013-09-06 17:00:11 Waffles

Kym when they give you the two numbers like that its just depending on if you're high leveled or not, if you're leveled past a certain number they make you do the mission with the higher amounts and lower amounts for the lower levels to make it fair

      2013-09-06 14:26:11 Kym

What does it mean 80/200 Carrot Juice? Do I make 80 or do I make 200?? Very confusing.

      2013-09-06 14:24:02 Kym

I clicked on the Beehive and lunchbox not there

      2013-09-06 12:27:46 Gazzar

Easy mission and now there's offer on fruit cup machine in Facebook (fruit container cost now 6 RC instead of 8RC)

      2013-09-06 01:31:27 patricia

@susie-lina thank you! i found lil darryl in bee hive!

      2013-09-05 17:03:30 maryqueen

Magic Fruit Cup = D-O-N-E! Very easy mission that i did so far!

      2013-09-05 08:38:42 N

Thank you very much guys :)

      2013-09-05 05:58:24 Betty

@miki...You can earn (Hall of Fame Salami Machine) as a reward in (Movie time) classic mission ..

      2013-09-05 04:02:15 miki

@Susie-Lina > where tha Hall of Fame Salami Machine comes from? Thank you

      2013-09-04 21:00:36 bgic

the border is level 30

      2013-09-04 16:44:30 N

And what is low level and high level? :D Where is the border? I am level 45 :)

      manager 2013-09-04 14:06:52 mooducky

The two numbers I think are for different versions of the game

      2013-09-04 11:51:26 aiks

@N low level 80, high level 150

      2013-09-04 11:14:50 N

What does it mean for example Produce 80/150 beef salami.. So, do I need to produce 80 or 150 ????

      2013-09-03 16:46:05 maryqueen

@susie-lina Bison Meat Sausage can be done also in Hall of Fame Salami Machine.. if you have this, no need to spend 15 RC for the Fast Salami Machine.

      user 2013-09-03 16:25:42 Ayre

@Nik Yes it does say lvl 15 - just look under the name in missions listed. Do some work on your farm and gain does 950xp points to get there :)

      2013-09-03 15:27:18 Nik

@Ayre But it isn't in "New Missions" Maybe you need to bee higher level even if you only need

      2013-09-03 12:58:15 eee

what do you need to biuld the machine? thnks

      2013-09-02 23:27:36 susie-lina

the reward for the MAGIC FRUIT CUP MISSION is a BISON HABITAT.....for making bison meat, you have to feed the bison with pasture and then you need the FAST SALAMI MACHINE for making bison sausage!!!.....NOT the normal salami machine!!!

      2013-09-02 22:59:51 susie-lina


      user 2013-09-02 22:53:46 Ayre

@Nik You're good with lvl 14 :) All you need is pasture, grape, oat, lavender, carrot seeds; apple, gisela cherry and lychee tree; cattle, cookie, juice and salami machine. Oh and 8RC :)

      user 2013-09-02 22:44:28 Ayre

@RockerHell Fruit cup machine: 8RC and 16 parts from neighbours :)

      2013-09-02 22:07:06 RockerHell

easy very easy, just how much for fruit cup machine ?

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