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Limit Mission - Bonny Scotland


Howdy farmer! I just got back from Scotland! Met a kind young lass named Una there. Her and her grandparents showed me 'round the place!


1. To thank Una and her grandparents for their hospitality, I’ve invited them to stay on the farm with us! Let’s make them feel at home!

Make 5 Scottish Buttery in the Dessert Shop
Make 15 Scottish Porridge in the Kitchen
Produce 60 glasses of Pineapple Juice


2. Una and her Grandparents love Cereals and Con Panna in the early mornin’! Hey, looks like I got myself a wee Scottish accent now!

Produce 15 Banana Chips Cereals in the Cereal Machine
Produce 80 cups of Con Panna in the Coffee Machine


3. Scotland is full of rich culture, music and delicious food. Wait till you try these dishes for lunch!

Produce 120 Pork Sausage in the Salami Machine
Make 12 Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce in the Kitchen
Ask 10 bottles of Cold Beer from neighbors


4. Una’s Grandma taught me how to make these traditional Scottish desserts. Let’s see if I can remember the recipes!

Make 10 Scottish Oatcakes in the Dessert Shop
Produce 20 Chocolate Puddings in the Pudding Machine


5. I just got a letter from Una and her Grandparents! They leave tomorrow on the first flight out of Scotland to visit us!

Make 8 Black Bun in the Dessert Shop
Make 5 Clootie Dumplings in the Dessert Shop


6. Una’s Grandpa is bringing his bagpipes along to teach me how to play!

Fish 3 Tilapia in the Fish Pond
Make 2 Fish and Chips in the Kitchen
Produce 30 Smoked Salmon in the Smoke House


7. Una and her Granparents will be mighty hungry when they get off the plane! Let’s surprise them with a hot Scottish meal.

Harvest 100 Leek
Make 10 Cock-a-leekie soup in the Kitchen
Ask 20 bottles of Scottish Whiskey from Neighbors


8. Una and her Granparents will be tired after a long trip. Let’s prepare some Essential Oil for them to relax. If they want a massage, that should be no problem!

Produce 80 bottles of Red Rose Essential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine
Make 4 Sweet Retreat Body Scrub in the Beauty Shop
Make 4 Beauty Exfoliators in the Beauty Shop






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