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Granny's Gone Wild
Howdy Farmers, Granny's been acting very strange this morning. She even bought new dentures! Maybe she's fallen in love?
1. I knocked on Granny’s door but she won’t let me in! She did ask me to bring her 50 Grapes though! What on earth does Granny need Grapes for?

Plant 50 Grapes

Harvest 50 Grapes
2. Granny told me to leave the Grapes on her door step and then asked me to build her an Essential Oil Machine! Something very strange is happening here!

Have a Complete Essential Oil Machine on the farm

Produce 10 bottles of Lemon Essential Oil
3. Granny left us a note saying she also needs a whole list of health and beauty products by sundown tonight. Jumping farmer beans! I hope Granny isn’t sick!

Collect 30 Beewax with the Bee Box

Ask10 Glass Pots from Neighbors
4. Alright, enough is enough! Time to get to the bottom of this! Meet Farmer Felicia Holmes, investigator extraordinaire! If you need the news, she’ll find the clues!

Make 5 bottles of Rose Water in the Beauty Shop

Make 5 Organic Lotion in the Beauty Shop
5. Aha! I found a suspicoius package in Granny’s trash can. It’s a letter from the TV Show ’Grannies Gone Wild’! The plot thickens!

Produce 50 bottles of Lavender Essential Oil

Make 2 bottles of Renew You Night Cream in the Beauty Shop
6. What could the ’Grannies Gone Wild’ show possibly want with our sweet little Granny? Honestly, you think you know someone and then they shock the bananas out of you!

Make 10 Silk Handkerchieves in the Workshop as Gift Wappers

Sell 3 bottles of Renew You Night Cream
7. I confronted Granny about the TV show but she’s still not talkin’! What is she doing with all those beauty products anyway?

Harvest 10 Almond

Make 2 Sweet Retreat Body Scrub in the Beauty Shop
8. Aha! Granny’s day planner says she has an interview with the host of ’Grannies Gone Wild’ tomorrow morning, here on the farm! Aye carumba this is getting weird!

Harvest 9 Peaches

Make 3 Peachy Keen Lip Balm
9. Granny finally confessed to keeping a wee little secret from us. She promised to spill the beans tomorrow if we let her get some beauty sleep!

Make 5 Ivory Candles in the Beauty Shop

Make a Purple Zen Candles in the Beauty Shop
10. The TV crew just arrived on the scene and they’re looking for someone by the name of Rock n’ Roll Granny. Yikes! Could they be looking for OUR little Granny?

Make a Dazzling Daisy Candle in the Beauty Shop

Make 2 Choco-Lovers Lip Balm in the Beauty Shop
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      2014-05-15 10:06:42 honey

bring it back plzzzzz

      2013-11-28 21:17:03 rony

can u bring it back agian plz ??

      2013-10-12 16:49:05 03154211602

just finished this mission but did not get reward

      2013-09-23 21:21:51 Tarkin13


      2013-09-21 04:18:36 1234556

how much more days do we have left? :3

      2013-09-17 11:09:28 Mac Tieu

Hi, pals. Anybody knows if we can get tea tree by another way or not. Thanks.

      2013-09-17 09:01:48 Danny

You can Play on FACEBOOK for Classic Mission as Wonderful Workshop.

      2013-09-17 07:57:15

@Mooducky: Buut there is no Classic Mission as Wonderful Workshop in the version where I play... :( What to do?

      2013-09-16 21:00:37 Boggi

Reward is passion fruit & tea tree if you want to know :'D

      manager 2013-09-16 14:47:43 mooducky

wonderful workshop classic mission gives the lavender beehive as a reward

      2013-09-16 09:35:16 chansmast

is there any other way to have lavender beehive beside purchasing for 25RC?

      2013-09-15 16:57:59 Millie

3 more missions left, but i dont have enough RC to complete it. My bonus is coming in wednesday, but i wouldnt like to give my RC for it. Will be satisfied with that purple tree. :)

      2013-09-15 04:49:23 rocky

too much, and too many gears. I can't do this task.

      2013-09-14 07:53:38 Mac Tieu

Hello, pals. Can we get the tea tree in another / easier task? This mission is quite difficult to me at the end, since I have not got lavender beehive yet. Thank you.

      2013-09-14 03:47:07 Paradise

Only done tasks 1 & 2 to get bee box part.

      2013-09-09 14:45:50 duda-veiga


      user 2013-09-06 19:18:45 howla

Some people don't even listen, hay? re: "right-click", "save picture as", "what is the purple/pink tree?" :S Of course, if the operators of these boards just PUT THE NAMES OF THE PRIZES IN THE TITLES OF THE PICTURES ON THE SCREEN WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM THEN WE WOULDN'T HAVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON AND THEIR BROTHERS ASKING "Doy, what tree is this?", "Duh, what prize is that?" IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!

      2013-09-06 10:37:50 Lerura

@tree: the tree from task #8 is a sugar plum tree, producing the same plums as the standard plum tree

      2013-09-06 10:36:10 Lerura

@gogo: the tea trees product is not a tea, and is not suited for beverage, as it is slighty toxic. Its is only used in medical and hygienic products.

      2013-09-06 08:29:26 tree

What is the purple/pink tree?

      2013-09-04 23:35:58 gogo

whats the difference between the tea tree and tea seed ?

      2013-09-04 22:36:28 howla

Y'know, if you just right-click on an image on this page and select 'Save As' from the list then the default "save as" title will usually tell you exactly *WHAT KIND* of item the picture don't need to ask on these forums "what prize is this?", "what tree is this?", etc EVERY SINGLE TIME A NEW PRIZE IS OFFERED!!! Sheesh... :#

      2013-09-04 19:59:39 Elza

I am on this mission and need the beauty shop to make the majority of the items, but it is saying I have already purchased it and I cant find it anywhere, Please help!

      2013-09-04 17:16:34 shunshine

you can harvest durian and (white) chocolate, lemon or black rose from your friends ;) but considering you dont have shops it is not going to be easy... I suppose that you have just started game... it will be easier when you get up to higher level ;) until then collect rc and play easier missions and everything will come on it's place in time ;)

      2013-09-02 12:38:47 sohana

when it will come in plinga play or miniclip...???

      2013-08-30 02:31:02 RC

and 10 RC for Beauty Shop it will be 106 RC

      2013-08-30 02:28:47 RC

It neet 96 RC 10 RC for Lemon Tree 4 RC for Bee Box 2 RC for Black Rose 15 RC for Workshop 8 RC for Silk Tree 25 RC for Provence Beehive 9 RC for Glow Stick Machine 5 RC for Durian Tree 10 RC for Chocolate Tree 8 RC for White Chocolate Tree too easy for me ^_&

      2013-08-23 03:17:04 wissam Obali

how much RC need for this mission?:Bee Box10RC,Beauty Shop10RC,DURIAN Tree 5RC is there anything else need RC?

      2013-08-21 15:43:59 sarah78

PattyK2897 you need to fill a ticket out, its on the bottom of the game in help and support if you play on facebook and tell they you didnt get the choice of the final reward and tell them witch tree you want them to give you as well hu x

      2013-08-21 09:19:19 ez

tee tree costs 12rc, passion fruit "only" 10rc.. chose the more expensive!

      2013-08-21 01:15:51 Nik

Wich one is better ?

      manager 2013-08-20 16:37:26 mooducky

love this new look for the mission run downs

      2013-08-20 16:11:04 Millie

Not bad, 3 trees as a reward!

      2013-08-20 13:39:23 Lilacskye

The base for the Bees Wax Box.

      2013-08-20 12:53:24 PattyK2897

I worked very hard on this mission only to complete it and NOT get the choice of the final reward. I have been done 3 days and still no reward. I cleared my cookies, cache and temp files but no go. Hate it when this happens.

      2013-08-20 07:40:19 mira

but orange stick must durian tree

      2013-08-19 16:53:00 kainatbhatti

after completing 2nd task of this mission (what's the reward )& want to buy bee box but it's not in store:-(ans plz

      user 2013-08-17 11:24:34 xhx


      manager 2013-08-16 20:02:39 mooducky

durian fruit makes the orange stick

      2013-08-16 19:36:37 natasa 39

it is necessary for the task but orange stick on a machine that does not have a real stick option for orange!!what to do

      2013-08-16 01:59:36

when its gonnu be on facebook??

      manager 2013-08-16 00:35:56 mooducky

yup the trees are passion fruit tree and tea tree

      2013-08-16 00:04:28 Valia

I thing it must be a tea tree

      2013-08-15 23:50:37 miss

what is the second tree??

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