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Parrot Adventure
Ahoy Matey! I just got back from my Carribean sailin' trip! I picked up this here accent from my new friend Pirate Pete.
1. Pirate Pete and I lost 3 exotic Parrots when sailin’ ’cross the ocean blue! Pack yer bags farmer, I’m taking you on a trek around the world to find them!

Produce 40 Beef

Produce 40 Beef Salami
2. We’re lookin’ for 3 Parrots by the names of: Paco, Presley and Pippin. Tidy the farm and get ready for the adventure of a life time!

Place 2 Amazon Green Fences on the farm

Plant 40 Carnations

Harvest 40 Carnations
3. Rumor has it that Paco has just been spotted in a forest in Brazil. Pack some warmer clothes matey, it’s Winter time!

Feed Wheat to the Sheep and produce 50 Wool

Ask 12 Umbrellas from Neighbors

Earn Ribbon 2 for producing Wool
4. Let’s bear gifts to thank our Brazillian friends for taking such good care of Paco!

Craft 5 Silk Handkerchieves in the Workshop

Craft 5 bottles of Red Nail Polish in the Workshop

Produce 40 Good Luck Lei in the Lei Machine
5. Shiver me timbers! Paco’s way up in a tree. Let’s get him down here by preparing his favourite snack!

Harvest 10 Lychees

Produce 40 Dried Beef in the Dehydrator

Produce 40 Dried Tomatoes in the Dehydrator
1. Seems like Paco doesn’t recognize me in me new Pirate Costume. Some Pinecones and Walnuts may refresh his memory!

Harvest 12 Walnut

Harvest 12 Pine Cones

Earn Ribbon 1 for harvesting Walnut
2. Paco loves knock-knock jokes and walnuts! Since I can’t think of a joke right now, let’s see if he’ll eat some walnuts!

Feed Walnut to the Parrot to produce 12 Parrot Feather

Craft 2 Feather Costume in the Workshop
3. There’s been another Parrot sighting in South Africa! It must be Presley! Scarf down some grub matey we’re flying outta here pronto!

Harvest 10 Passion Fruits

Produce 10 Farmstyle Passion Fruit Yogurt in the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine
4. Prepare some familiar foods to help keep us cool in the hot dry climate of South Africa. Yo-ho-ho! Here we come Presley!

Produce 15 cups of Farmstyle Walnut Yogurt

Produce 50 Gallons of Oat Milk

Earn Ribbon 2 for producing Oat Milk
5. Make some delicious desserts to thank the locals for taking such good care of Presely!

Produce 12 Tiramisu Cakes with Chocolate

Craft 10 bottles of Pink Nail Polish in the Workshop
1. Presley looks a wee bit nervous. Play his favorite song to calm his nerves! Don’t mind if I do a little jig myself!

Craft 2 Djembe in the Workshop

Produce 60 Lavender Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Ask 12 Bongo Drums from Neighbors
2. We’ve been invited to an African beach party and have been asked to supply the music! Aye, aye Captain DJ at your service!

Ask 12 Wood Guitars from Neighbors

Produce 15 bottles of Apple Wine in the Fruit Wine Machine

Earn Ribbon 1 for producing Apple Wine
3. Blimey! We’re going to an even hotter place yet. Turns out Pippin flew to India! Suit up matey! We’re off to save little Pippin!

Produce 12 cups of Chocolate Milkshake

Ask 12 pairs of Sun Glasses from Neighbors
4. Bring some gifts to thank our friends in India for watching over Pippin!

Craft 3 Firefly Charm in the Workshop

Craft 10 Purple Handkerchieves in the Workshop

Produce 15 Happy Day Lei in the Lei Machine
5. Looks like our Parrots have a case of the birdy doldrums. Nothin’ some new Parrot Toys can’t cure.

Craft 20 Parrots Toys in the Toy Machine

Bake a Summer Berry Cake in the Dessert Shop

Produce 12 Passion Fruit Pudding in the Pudding Machine


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      2013-12-26 20:47:03 sug2h

*sorry, I meant beauty shop AND workshop. ;)

      2013-12-26 20:41:41 sug2h

It produces parrot feathers. Personally, I use them a lot, I create dream catchers, charms, costumes in the beauty shop. And parrot toys in the toy machine. But once again, it depends on how you play. I use the beauty shop a lot, that's how I play.

      2013-12-26 17:55:58 Salma Ahmed

Oh My God!!For all that RC what does this parrot habitat produce?!?

      2013-12-06 17:42:34 BB


      2013-11-24 20:19:26 pik

Is the final reward ( Parrot Habitat) the same with the parrot habitat that was the reward in previous mission . I mean does it count for zoologist trophy as an extra animal?

      2013-11-24 17:41:34 LaneR

thank you :)

      2013-11-24 17:05:53

See the classic missions

      2013-11-24 16:54:18 LaneR

This mission has changed. It calls for Matcha powder and Matcha Pudding in step 2 now. Can someone update it please?

      2013-09-19 22:08:49 Tarkin13

den.. after the mission, they always put the animal in the store after a while tho.. guess you have to wait :|

      2013-09-13 10:32:43 den

help.........i only have one parrot....i just buy the parrot using rc after missed the to increase the number of parrot after missed the mission...

      2013-09-11 17:45:46 little_pegaso

I was finishing the last part of mission and they closed it and left me in oat milk . I need RC for that :( Lucky for me I'll get 10 RC tomorrow :D

      2013-09-07 13:14:22

Thanks for that. with all the ranch cash needed to complete this mission ! think I'll opt out and just buy the parrots at the end when the mission expires. Cheaper!

      2013-09-06 13:48:39

You need the "new" cookie machine. Older style cookie machine doesn't have lavender option. Interesting though, that when they first introduced the apricot-chip cookies, you couldn't make them in the old machine. That's when I bought and built a new one. Now though, you can make the apricot cookies in the old machine. Maybe they will eventually update the old machine to give lavender option?? Good news is that you don't need RC to build the new cookie machine, just parts from friends:)

      2013-09-06 05:36:03 mum-1

Thanks maryqueen but no I can't! My cookie machine doesn't have the option for lavender. does anyone else have this problem? it's as if they haven't upgraded the machine.

      2013-09-05 17:10:10 maryqueen

@mum-1 Lavender Cookie is made up of Lavender, Wheat Flour and Milk. You can do it in your Cookie Machine!

      2013-09-05 15:46:38 mum-1

How do you make the lavender cookies, that option is not in my cookie machine

      2013-09-04 05:28:25 Ayre

@Betty Yes it does count :) . If there will be no mark try reloading the game or even clearing cache and cookies (I had the ribbons and no mark and that fixed it) :)

      2013-09-04 04:08:50 Betty

Guys plz if you already had ribbons in(Wool)or(Walnut)does it count or not... thanks

      2013-09-02 09:48:03 tarkin13

The parrots give parrot feathers...that you can use in the workshop(as evidenced by th feather dress in this mission)also use feather in toy machine and in beauty shop for dream catchers:)

      2013-08-26 11:45:25 wangel1

Ia anyone else having difficulties accessing Part II and III of the Parrot mission? If so, has it been resolved and how?

      2013-08-26 09:03:56 Mariukos

20 days.

      2013-08-26 07:40:18 tutanchamon

How much time do I have for this mission? Thx.

      2013-08-26 02:26:28 wangel1

When do parts II and III become available? How long do you have to wait for the next part to unlock?

      2013-08-25 17:13:34 little_pegaso

what does the parrot give ?

      2013-08-25 13:16:05 Mariukos

It's about 163 RC for this mission if you don't have any of this stuff! :P

      2013-08-23 13:38:43 mkkbm5

r they going to unlock the 3 part of this today i got all the stuff for it i play at

      2013-08-23 01:45:37 mooducky

there actually have been a bunch of missions that give a reward in the middle ... some give gas as middle reward .. some have given trees as middle reward... other before this have given a machine mid mission

      2013-08-22 17:51:50 Jade

I don't see the parrot icon on the right anymore! Is it over? Did I miss it? :(

      2013-08-22 04:04:38 reallydarkblue

Dear Mooducky, Thank you for your reply. I didn't know that the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine displayed after the "step 2.2" meant it was a reward. As you know, no previous mission has rewards given during the mission. Perhaps indicating the rewards during the mission with the word 'reward' next to the picture would help.

      2013-08-22 01:04:18 Ama

And now it's (dark) green, but still unreadable. Seriously, why do you put black text on a very dark background??!! What was wrong with the previous layout. That was perfect. Now you can only read the task when you select the text so it will show in inverse colors. Why????

      2013-08-22 00:43:24 becca

This is the way to use the least rc (I'm including things you might already have): Silkworm Bush-8 rc Nail Polish Bottle (workshop)-_ rc Hawaii Pottery (Hawaiian Lei Machine)-7 rc Blue Control Rod (Dehydrator)-8 rc Passion Fruit Tree-10 rc Chocolate Tree-5 rc Rope (workshop)-3 rc skip Apple Wine(if you don't have a Provence Beehive)-16 rc Ice Tree (for milkshake)-10 rc Firefly Bush (for Firefly Charm)-2 rc skip Summer Berry Cake (if you don't have a complete dessert shop)-5 rc

      manager 2013-08-21 22:18:33 mooducky

after you finish step 2.2 you get a COMPLETE BUILD yougurt farm style .. to then be used in the next step .... if you look in the file posted it even shows it as a reward for finishing that step

      2013-08-21 21:32:42 reallydarkblue

Hi Journey, Are you certain the reward for completing the Parrot Adventure is the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine? In the task list above, there are two tasks 3. Produce 10 Farmstyle Passion Fruit Yogurt in the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine and 4. Produce 15 cups of Farmstyle Walnut Yogurt To complete this mission, you need to build the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine first, use it to complete two tasks and then at end of the Parrot Adventure, the reward is another Farmstyle Yogurt Machine? . Is there a mistake? Please let me know. Thank you.

      2013-08-21 16:47:15 Ama

Black text on a dark red/black underground? Why? It's completely unreadable now, unless you select the text. Sorry, but this is NOT an improvement.

      2013-08-21 15:34:14 Shrek1998

Do i have to have all 3 parrots or i can have only one?

      2013-08-21 14:22:53 EZ

we have about 20days to complete it!

      2013-08-21 13:50:42 RockerHell

How much time we have to accept this and how much time we have to complete this after you accept? Thanks

      2013-08-21 13:22:46 Mariukos456

Million Thanks toriea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      2013-08-21 12:47:42 toriea

Got to click on the EXCLAMATION mark (!) to open the Parrot habitat. click and refresh your game site and then click see if this helps to open it

      2013-08-21 12:30:48 Mariukos

Why my parrot habitat doesn't open? I put it on my garden ranch and it doesn't open! Any ideas? HELP!!!

      2013-08-21 11:28:50 Millie

I dont like the new website decoration. :P

      2013-08-20 19:46:22 Ziad

You need silkworm bush tree to get silk it costs 8 rc

      2013-08-20 18:07:30 Luna14

hy, where can i find silk ?

      2013-08-18 19:04:00 mommy7774190

When is this mission coming to

      2013-08-17 15:23:10

On which sites is this mission available??

      2013-08-15 05:25:49 Kristy B.

Z3RO: I have been informed by Ziya (one of the developers of Family Farm) That you will still get to keep your parrot habitat partially completed. He said the habitat will not go away if it's partially completed. Mommy7777: You can find the passion fruit tree in the store. Look in the "new" section. It's on sale for another 30 minutes.

      2013-08-15 04:24:29 mommy7774190

Where do you get the passion fruits? I don't see a passion fruit tree.

      2013-08-15 03:08:47 Kristy B.

tori, the good luck lei uses clover and the Happy Day lei uses lemons (along with hibiscus and lavender)

      2013-08-13 13:54:30 asmakhan

oh now

      2013-08-13 13:24:09 Shreek


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