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In a Pickle
Howdy Farmer! You're looking mighty fine today. I hope you'll forgive my adsence. My back's been givin' me a bit of trouble lately. Could you help an old guy out?
1. I hobbled my way to the Family Farm Rec Centre this morning to do some research! Apparently Pickled Turnips help to ease back pain.

Plant 20 Turnips

Harvest 20 Turnips
2. I remember a time when I could touch my toes, I’m lucky if I can see them now. I sure hope these Pickled Turnips work! This back pain is givin’ me the blues!

Place and complete a Vinegar Stand

Collect 10 Vinegar from the Vinegar Stand
3. I think it’s about time this Farm had a Pickle Machine anyway. Back in the day, us farm folk preserved everything we grew by pickling it.

Place and complete a Pickle Machine

Produce 20 Turnip Pickles in the Pickle Machine
4. Farmtastic! Do you want something to drink while we are waiting for the Pickles?

Produce 10 glasses of Apple Juice

Produce 40 glasses of Grape Juice
5. It’s a miracle Farmer! I feel like I’m 20 years old again! This calls for a celebration, Family Farm Style! Yahoo! Yippy! Yee haw!

Produce 20 Cucumber Pickles in the Pickle Machine

Produce 30 Vanilla Popcorn
6. Invite your friends, spread the news, Pickled Turnips cured my back achin’ blues!

Produce 30 Carrot Pickles in the Pickle Machine

Produce 40 bottles of Wine


 Your name (nick)
1. x 8 =   ?

      2014-08-11 04:41:28 Blossom

please bring back this mission as a classic mission.

      2013-11-28 21:20:01 meraa

can u bring it back agian plz ?? activate it it again plz

      2013-11-16 00:21:38 Buddy

Come on I need this one to come up in Classics, got to the penultimate step, but went on holiday and the hotel lied about its wifi availability.....

      2013-09-15 15:02:41 little_pegaso

I forgot to activate it :( :(

      2013-09-10 16:56:14 Ace

I can't read any characters, because their color is black,while the background is also black. Please change a color!!!

      2013-09-03 22:50:32 مصطفى محمود على

طب الحمار ده بيجرى ولا هيعمل ايه بس صراحة شكله جامد

      2013-09-01 00:12:39 samorai

@ loved it! but if we complete the popcorn machine is better because we can use it in an other missions

      2013-08-31 23:55:43 Loved It!

if u dont have a popcorn machine skip the popcorn mission 4 10rc rather than using 12 on the machine

      2013-08-31 22:02:34 NADEEM

SARA : Hope they gift this Donkey in another new mission.

      2013-08-31 21:59:50 NADEEM

I activate this mission Last Night before 30 minutes to activation time End.

      2013-08-31 21:00:44 Sara

I forgot to activate this mission :(

      2013-08-25 12:38:58 Silence

if only there wasn't a popcorn order :/

      2013-08-25 11:07:31

Is the donkey a 'HE' or a 'SHE'?

      2013-08-23 16:43:55 info

it costs 19 rc altogether

      2013-08-17 12:34:01 nvlmg(dk03)

The donkey gives Donkey milk. :-)

      2013-08-16 14:13:22 little_pegaso

What does this cute donkey gives ??? He's so cute ^^

      2013-08-15 18:43:05 Pipoca

Re: ano - No

      2013-08-15 01:31:51 ano

what if you already have a vinegar machine complete on your farm? do you have to build one again?

      2013-08-14 23:35:51 Nanidoko

Thanks for the info Millie.

      2013-08-14 17:47:19 Millie

I have just discovered that you can pay just 1RC to get 10 vinegars immediately!

      2013-08-14 11:11:58 Millie

Do i need RC for making vinegar?

      2013-08-05 19:01:07 nanabuck

yes need vinegar to make any pickles

      2013-08-05 10:10:46 miss

@ Gemma thank you for the info hugs

      2013-08-03 22:57:27 Gema

I loooove my little donkey! x x x

      2013-08-03 19:12:19 Danniel

Where is the vinegar stand? Is it in gear or decorations.

      2013-08-03 15:56:11

do we need to unblock the Turnips?

      2013-08-03 02:28:36 k-chan-

So... if we already have a popcorn machine from previous missions, this one is only a total 7 RC?? Sounds like great value to me!! Looking forward to seeing this on girlsgogames or gamesgames. Thanks for the info.

      2013-08-03 02:26:47 Gema

@ miss: the vinegar machine gives 10 vinegar every 4 hours, so you need less than you think. The vinegar machine required 7RC, but for the pickle machine no RCs are required, only items requested from neiboroughs.

      2013-08-03 02:25:33

This looks like fun :)

      2013-08-02 21:27:56 Journey

Vinegar Machine produces 10 White Vinegar every 4 hours.

      2013-08-02 21:12:24 miss

the donkey gives donkey milk.. yet i havent begun on this yet,, i do wonder since the vingar gives one every 4hr, mission need 70,, any way to speed it up? like watering it.. lol oh well at least i get 10 rc on tuesday night :)

      2013-08-02 20:02:55 zoo

Cost for machines: Vinegar Stand: 10 cork, 1 vinegar bottle (7 rc) Pickle Machine: 10 pickle bowls, 10 pickle cover (woot! no RC) Popcorn machine: 20 screws, 10 gears, 1 corn container (8 rc), 1 switch (4 rc) Total RC for this mission: 19 RC

      2013-08-02 19:59:06 zoo

So anyone know what's needed for vinegar stand, pickle machine? I know popcorn machine needs 10 screw, 10 gear, 1 corn container (8 rc), 1 switch (4 rc). So far this mission needs 12 rc just for the popcorn machine.......

      2013-08-02 19:56:59 stalingrad

this donkey gives donkey money

      2013-08-02 19:48:33 Heather

Burro is adorable!

      2013-08-02 16:24:38 fairy_brust2012

a donkey

      2013-08-02 15:58:59 iusshi

burrito :b

      2013-08-02 14:16:16 Dorkhan

What is the reward ?

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