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Little Blue Farming Hood
Howdy Farmer, well do I have a story for you! Once upon a time there lived a cute little farm girl by the name of Little Blue Farming Hood…
1. Little Blue Farming Hood and her family lived a happy life on the farm until their beloved Grandmother moved far, far away. This made Little Blue Farming Hood very sad.

Place a Blue Mail Box on the ranch to get grandma’s letters

Plant 20 Carnations
2. One day Little Blue Farming Hood received a letter from her Grandmother. She was very ill. Little Blue Farming Hood decided to bring some gifts to cheer her up!

Plant 30 Cantaloupes

Harvest 30 Cantaloupes
3. Little Blue Farming’s Hood’s brother Farryl helped her gather up some food to bring to Grandmother. It was strange for Farryl to be so kind but she took his help anyway!

Produce 10 glasses of Apple Juice

Produce 10 glasses of Cherry Juice
4. Farryl suggested she also take a along some extra food. The animals of the forest would surely give her directions in exchange for a delicious snack! This was good advice!

Produce 40 Cantaloupe Icecreams

Produce 40 Beef Salami
5. Little Blue Farming Hood went on her way until she became lost and met a Wolf. The Wolf offered to give her some directions in exchange for something to drink!

Produce 10 cups of Cantaloupe Milkshake

Produce 50 Oatmeal Cookies
6. The Wolf then told Little Blue Farming Hood to head through the flower fields and make a left. The flowers smelled so beautiful she picked a few more to give to Grandmother.

Harvest 45 White Hibiscus

Harvest 45 Lavender
7. Hmmm. It seems the Wolf has led Little Blue Farming Hood in the wrong direction. Can you help get her on the right path again?

Find the Right way for Little Blue Farming Hood
8. Little Blue Farming Hood met the Wolf again for a second time. He said there was great danger up ahead but promised to keep her safe as long as she gave him something to eat!

Produce 50 Pasta with Cheese

Produce 50 Pasta with Tomoto Sauce
9. Little Blue Farming Hood felt sad that the Wolf had eaten almost all of the food for Grandmother and was equally sad to see a baby Maple Tree synged from a forest fire.

Plant a Maple tree to replace the synged Maple Tree

Produce 50 Heart Cookies for Grandma
10. The Wolf appeared yet again to Little Blue Farming Hood. This time he was very mean and demanded she give him some Salmon or he would gobble her up. She was very afraid!

Produce 50 Pasta with Pesto Sauce

Feed Honey to the Bear and produce 60 Salmon
11. Little Blue Farming Hood got away and ran straight into Grandmother’s house! Her eyes bulged out when she saw the mean Wolf sitting at Grandmother’s table eating desserts!

Produce 60 Raisin Cookies

Produce 12 cups of Chocolate Milkshake
12. Grandma was quite surprised as well. ’Little Blue Farming Hood, what big eyes you have!…and what on earth happened to your cape?’

Ask 15 Candles from neighbors to see Little Blue Farming Hood clearer
13. Oh no dear, that’s just Farryl. He thought it would be fun to dress up as a wolf on his way over here.

Produce 15 Apple Icecreams for Farryl

Produce 40 cups of Mocha Coffee for Grandma


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      director 2014-06-10 20:15:19 mooducky

there are a few ways to get RC .. complete the free offers... each time you level up ... every time you log into the game every 7 days in a row

      2014-06-10 17:15:04 amal

i want rc how get it ????

      2014-04-28 16:40:16 melek1

littleeeeeeeee bana adonı şifreee ni söyle

      2014-04-28 16:39:00

şifreni söyleeeeeeee liteeeeeeeeeeeeelleeeeeeeeeee

      2013-12-31 17:04:04 mbkkm5

this one was on ggg some time back dont know if it will come back eshalfatima

      user 2013-12-31 16:45:29 eshalfatima

can we get it on ggg plzzzzzz???

      2013-12-31 07:11:11 Ran

Pasta machine 6 RC, cantoloupe 5RC, ~__~

      2013-12-27 00:14:58 Carol

thank God Santa brought me $100 worth of Facebook giftcards!!! lol :D

      2013-12-26 07:15:20 mohamed

New Classic Mission

      2013-08-26 19:09:10 Mariukos

Calm down! OK? It doesn't cost any RC. :)

      2013-08-26 18:46:12 zha

have to buy new maple tree????

      2013-08-21 00:33:21 Nutz4agua

well i bought the lime tree anyway cause i needed limes for other mission and i was able to finish that one on time after spending more RC to make the limes ready faster. Thanks for your reply so fast.

      manager 2013-08-20 23:47:37 mooducky

a lot of times it take them 3 -4 months to bring the mission to become classic ... but it seems they most of the time change the reward .... they MIGHT make a limited time mission to get it .. but not sure since the tree can also be bought in the store

      2013-08-20 23:31:00 Nutz4agua

Does anyone know f this is going to be moved over to the classic missions? I did not have enough time to finish the mission because our internet radio out in this area got hit by lightening and my internet was down more than it was up all of last week. I made it all the way thru step 11 completed. That is so irritating to spend RC and all that time to get nothing in the end.

      2013-08-11 16:08:43 JB

i pay for rc. can you get it 4 free?

      2013-08-09 18:20:06 kariz1

not worth spending so much for a tree

      2013-08-08 21:25:38 Ubette

I need help, please? Whom do I contact about missing RC. The ingame contact on goodgames was no help. I tried to unlock gift on Sugar Rush mission with brown sugar and it took over 200 RC instead.

      2013-08-08 12:08:48 yummyraindrop104

useful mission ,I agree for a bigger reward:-)

      2013-08-07 08:56:15

No new machines required - this is great!!

      2013-08-07 08:55:24

The cantaloupe is unlocked for 20 days - you can grow a LOT in that time :) I love this mission - not so hard really :)

      2013-08-07 08:02:00 me

good grief all this for a tree and should be longer that we pay to unlock crops for than just a couple days not sure if this one even worth it wonder how much they will sell the tree for later on lol

      2013-08-05 12:36:06 Nuser25

Does anybody know if this mission starts when planting cantaloup - or it just starts by itself?

      2013-08-04 23:48:45 to CoolRapper

Well, u can get 10 watering can, that terribly cute huskie which sadly is decoration and lime tree. Also these machines are needed in many missions so they're useful.

      2013-08-04 21:07:31 CoolRapper

All that for a TREE?! Ohmygosh, Plinga!! :O

      2013-08-04 19:13:49 yoyo

first they made u spend RC for machines, then for trees used in the mission, now for seeds also!!

      2013-08-03 04:47:39 kainatbhatti

need pudding machine only and 5 rc to unlock cantaloupe but i'm happy:-)

      2013-07-31 04:40:11 tru3

ugh these missions more and more cash!

      2013-07-30 16:30:15 ElBobbo

Cantalope milkshake does not require pudding machine, but chocolate milkshake (step 11) does require chocolate pudding.

      2013-07-30 08:26:03

cantaloupe milkshake made by cantaloupe ice cream&milk not pudding

      2013-07-30 03:59:13 kainatbhatti


      2013-07-29 15:30:46

how the cantaloupe will work? how many days can we plant it? thanks

      2013-07-28 21:27:09 Lilacskye

I Love all these simple missions where most already have all the machines! There great.

      2013-07-28 10:09:27

cream machine costs 22rc+free gifts.

      2013-07-27 18:38:04 cantaloupe

how many RC for the cantaloupe seeds?? and how many RC for the ice cream machine?

      2013-07-27 17:52:15 Moon

It's a lime tree xx

      2013-07-27 14:50:39 Gema

I like it! It's an easy mission and I look forward to the lime tree - I love trees.

      2013-07-27 04:17:31 aramis

but I agree this mission worth a bigger reward......

      2013-07-27 04:16:10 aramis

in addition to the lime tree , you get a huskie dog (decoration) after step #7

      2013-07-27 02:42:48 Marianne

That is a lot for a little tree like that. At least I have all the machines and trees for this mission!

      2013-07-26 23:28:09 sarah

what is the name for this tree?

      2013-07-26 20:34:47 arrgghh

cantaloupe :/

      2013-07-26 19:59:35 ani

so much just for a tree..!!! :(

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