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Sugar Rush!
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting crops and trees! It's Brown Sugar! The more you harvest the more Brown Sugar you get! You can use Brown Sugar to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Pearl Pegasus after collecting all 4 rewards!


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      2017-09-22 21:36:25

omg what a cute mission and sugarrush reminds me of venellope

      2014-01-27 10:44:32 Bablu

where is the mission i want to play ?

      2013-12-28 05:16:55 ahgdhas

por wque no la vuelven a pasar por favor no hay que ghdfgvdhgbvjfd

      2013-12-08 22:28:55 سما ربيع


      2013-11-19 08:44:52 cbiswas

How do i get the mission back. i collected lots of sugar but could not exchange it.

      2013-10-12 21:22:55 سدرة الحرسي

بدي كل الاحصنة رجائا

      2013-08-13 16:34:01 little_pegaso

I couldn't post a wish for brown sugar on my wish wall :( I lost the pegasus ;(

      2013-08-11 19:02:28 Ubette

Does anyone know whom I can contact about missing RC? In game support was no help; I only got automatically generated responses. Over 100 RC missing. :( Help!

      2013-08-11 11:01:35 bxfan

I have a lot of sugar left. But I can not exchange because the mission is completed. What can I do with it?

      2013-08-04 20:12:59 Bette

I just tried to unlock the first 2 and it took RC for everything and gave me the Pearl Pegasus. :( I've sent email. Not sure if they'll be able to help me.

      2013-08-04 17:49:30 wasabi

You feed the buffalo cucumber and it gives you buffalo milk, just like the one you can get for coins, but it's just faster

      2013-08-04 17:05:23 Hanna

Hey, anybody know what the buffalo give? thanks a lot..

      2013-07-29 17:27:39 stef

Depends on how often you can check your farm, no point having pasture/pineapple sit there fully grown for hours, better plant something slower while you're at work or overnight. Or just plant whatever you need, spending three weeks on the same not overly useful crop can suck the fun out of the game quickly. I really doubt there is one "super crop" that is much better than the rest, slower stuff gives more sugar but blocks the fields for longer time... plant what you want or need, try to keep your plots growing stuff all the time instead of sitting idle and have as many plots as you can. Don't sweat it, forget the pegasus as they're really useless, enjoy the sugar as a bonus.

      2013-07-29 16:10:27 nazmnv786

i got only 13 sugar what shall i harvest if im on level 26

      2013-07-28 12:21:33 LucTuyetKy

gourisarkar999::i recommend you should plan Pineapple. I just plant only pineapple and i have 500 brown sugar in 3 days!

      2013-07-28 11:37:54 gourisarkar999

for last two days i am getting only one or nothing in this sugar rush mission after harvesting a large area and many trees. i have planted long time taking crops,short time taking crops and medium time taking crops but all become hope less and it also taking a long time to open my game and save the activities.

      2013-07-27 17:37:19 LucTuyetKy

If i have one Pearl Pegasus by collect 4 items, may I have one more Pearl Pegasus by collect 4 items one again?. Many thank!

      2013-07-27 08:49:51 Thao

What is the buffalo for? Does it just produce buffalo milk like normal?

      user 2013-07-26 10:15:18 wee777

Thank you,@KissMeKate

      2013-07-26 09:32:02 KissMeKate

The Second Tree is a Beautyberry Tree:)

      user 2013-07-26 05:56:41 wee777

What is the second tree? Thanks

      2013-07-26 01:29:14 nina1511

I got many sugar jars the firs 5 days, and now I almost don't get anything..I sleep till after noon, and I ask myself do I need to harvest in the morning, please response. For the recors, I harvest pineapple and pasture, sometimes also the cucumbers :)

      2013-07-25 12:31:18 little_pegaso

We got this is yesterday and we cant post it on our wish wall :(

      2013-07-25 06:45:43 tutanchamon

how can i post it on the wall? where is it in the game? thx

      2013-07-24 17:34:49 stef

Grrr. Another tree is ok, but who needs two squirrels... thanks for the quick answer moo.

      manager 2013-07-24 17:27:17 mooducky

yes ... you need to trade brown sugar for ALL 4 to get the final prize

      2013-07-24 16:52:02 stef

Does one need to get the squirrel/date from this mission for it to count towards the pegasus if they're already present on the farm from earlier tasks?

      manager 2013-07-24 16:39:33 mooducky

you can not posted it to your wishes ..... you can post it to your wall once every 24 hours and then 3 friends can collected from it also giving you one .. so you can get 3 in 24 hours

      2013-07-24 15:17:04 tutanchamon

how can i post sugar to mz wishes? I dont have post button and there is no sugar in wish list. thx.

      2013-07-24 02:01:05 hbb

first ree is the date tree... which is the second one? thks in advance...

      manager 2013-07-23 21:34:28 mooducky

keep in mind this site doesn't know when sites get items released you'd need to contact who ever runs the site such as agame or girlsgames or gamesgames

      2013-07-23 21:08:49 ...

are we ever getting this mission on

      2013-07-23 17:49:07 Melody

When will it come on

      2013-07-23 10:22:39 abdo

pineapple all the way

      2013-07-23 09:14:50 astrocat2012

WHOA!!!!! This is epic! I LOVE these prizes! Will this come on ?????

      2013-07-22 14:04:42 little_pegaso

whoahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Cool :D :D :D

      2013-07-22 11:45:21 Sammis

What are the rewards?

      2013-07-22 10:37:29 Gema

Pineapple! it grows quickly and I got lot's of sugars from it on the first day. Can't wait to get this pearl horse :) Good luck everybody!

      2013-07-21 23:15:12 Kaaha

I never get anything! No hearts no snowflakes no lollipops... Now almost not sugar. I harvested around 2000 crops and I have 22 sugar jars. When i emailed the game creators they told me "oh you're just extremely unlucky. We're sorry to hear that".... Really? And the rewards are amazing!

      2013-07-21 12:46:13 aaliya

you can get more sugar by harvesting pasture :)

      2013-07-21 12:20:40 Happy Land

To Get This ♥ Beatiful Hors ♥ For Free Add Me On Facebook I'am Good neighbor ♥♥♥ D'ont Forget ADD ME ^_^

      2013-07-21 12:10:41 geek

@farhan _ Harvest a paster

      2013-07-21 07:04:33 farhan

what do i harvest to get a lot of brown sugar in a small ranch

      2013-07-20 19:19:44 fair tulip

Cobretti...thank you

      2013-07-20 18:47:36 Cobretti

The second tree is a Beautyberry Tree.....

      2013-07-20 13:46:04 fair tulip

what is the second tree,please?

      2013-07-20 11:53:32 family farmer

i got many sugar from black rose

      2013-07-20 05:58:30 geek

when is this coming on i hope its not like collect hearts where we couldnt exchange anything

      2013-07-20 03:59:57 kainatbhatti

wao whoo............hoo...........

      2013-07-19 22:02:30 lplop

What are the most crops that bring sugar in the new mission

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