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Classic Mission - Irish Leprechauns
After a big storm, all seem quiet and peaceful on the farm. The sun is shining, the cows are happy, and a beautiful rainbow decorates the blue sky. But at the end of the rainbow, something is hiding...
1. Do you believe in leprechauns? Well, you’d better! For I am one! I am the Irish leprechaun O’Shamrock and I like your farm, now it’s mine! You will never find me, but if you can prepare my favorite food, I will give you a secret recipe in return!

Plant 60 Beans

Harvest 60 Beans
2. Thank you! What do you want? The legendary Leprechaun’s Cereal Recipe? Fine, I’ll give it to you! The only problem is...I lost it. I just remember it has to do with corn and some kind of liquid from a Buffalo.

Harvest 60 Corn

Find Leprechaun’s Cereal Recipe when producing Buffalo Milk
3. You found the recipe, it’s yours now! It says that you can do many amazing things with a Cereal Machine... if you can build one first that is!

Have a complete Cereal Machine on the farm
4. Ah, my beloved Ireland... sometimes I truly miss it! Especially the Cereals... Come on, I’ll teach you how to make some.

Produce 15 Cashew Cereals

Produce 12 Chocolate Cereals with Chocolate
5. Ha ha, I ate all the Brussels Sprouts and I’m hungry again! I will eat all your green veggies while you sleep, hahaha! Catch me if you can!

Find the Leprechaun
6. Ok, you found me. Let’s have some fun! Get a concertina and some desserts and I will play you some happy Irish songs!

Get 15 Concertinas from friends

Make 3 Apple Alamode in the Dessert Shop


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      2019-07-02 03:56:41 Hickory

Info: I am doing this mission and I had to collect the Buffalo Milk by hand to get the 1 Cereal Recipe required. I had produced 360 Buff Milk using OP. I was using 3 Buffalo with costume add-ons. I was about to try buying a fresh Buffalo without costume to try, but as soon as I turned the OP off and collected one milk from the Costume Buffs, I got the recipe. I post this here in case anyone else has trouble.

      user 2015-07-18 14:34:25 froufrou04

@suryouera you can use any cereal machine you like

      2015-07-18 13:03:19 suyouera

Is the fast cereal machine okay for stage 3?

      2014-05-13 01:39:32 fii

@catty @catty just restart the game if it doesnt work then clear the browsing data of your browser and restart the game.

      2014-05-12 16:24:04 catty catty

sorry 0/1

      2014-05-12 16:23:29 catty catty

needed coz i collect 5 and still reading 0/5

      2014-05-12 16:20:43 catty catty

how many Leprechaun’s Cereal Recipe

      2013-10-22 22:31:42

@El Bobbo No the post i was asking , was deleted. It was some url links that make no sense (to me obviously). Maeby cheat links? who knows...

      2013-10-22 20:36:23 El Bobbo

"Please explain what posts like the one below mean. thank you" I assume you mean the post by Mariukos. What Mariukos was saying was (1) if you have none of the items that cost RC (Ranch Coins), and (2) if you asked for all of the items from friends that you can to complete the various items, how many ranch coins would you still need to complete the mission. Knowing how many ranch coins you need helps people decide if they will be able to complete the mission. Mariukos is answering ALMAS' question.

      2013-10-22 09:27:39

Please explain what posts like the one below mean. thank you

      2013-10-04 20:56:29 Mariukos

Mango tree 12RC, dehydrator 8RC, dessert shop 6RC, ice-cream machine 14RC, cashew tree 12RC, chocolate tree 5RC and last cereal machine 10RC. You need 67RC for this mission.

      2013-10-04 19:24:54

You can find that out on your own. You have all information you need on this site.

      2013-10-04 17:57:07 ALMAS

how many rc needed to complete cereal machine,mango tree ,dehydrator,ice cream machine, desert shop(if they r any requests like asking friend do not count that) PLEASE SAY PLZ.......PLZ........PLZ.........PLZ............

      2013-10-04 17:56:21 almas

how many rc needed to complete cereal machine,mango tree ,dehydrator,ice cream machine, desert shop(if they r any requests like asking friend do not count that)

      2013-08-07 01:02:46 Tarkin13

To make the ApplePie Alamode you will need a mango tree(mangoes), a dehydrator,an Icecream machine,a cow(milk),the dessert shop,and apples(tree):)

      2013-08-07 00:57:36 Tarkin13

Iron Sheets are used with Lumber(oak)and Glass(wish list) to make Wooden Boat(1260 Coin)

      2013-08-07 00:55:14 Tarkin13

This is the Irish Horse...Look for it in Animals for more information. Also, there is now a new Black Irish Horse available at the Store on GGG versions for 28RC (makes Horse shoe in 90seconds)

      2013-08-07 00:52:54 Tarkin13

Mahmoud...the horse provides Horseshoe(100 Coin) for use in Workshop to make Iron Sheets(432 Coin)

      2013-08-06 16:32:42 Mahmoud

what gives this horse ???

      2013-08-06 16:32:12 Mahmoud

hat is this horse

      2013-08-05 15:00:58 nick

how many rc needed for this mission??

      user 2013-08-01 11:07:10 LadyBetis

on this mission is already included as a Classic mission..

      2013-08-01 03:21:08 Tarkin13

The recipes were like Brown Sugar, Snowflakes, Easter Eggs, etc..that fly for collection when earned:)

      2013-07-23 15:17:32 azra

need cashew tree,but I have a rc. :( need all

      2013-07-21 18:45:58 rosrdl

Should I produce buffalo milk in the animal house to find recipe?

      2013-07-21 15:51:12

I just got this mission on family farm yesterday in classic. Don't know where it was before that, but it wasn't on mine until yesterday. But I was happy to get the heads up in advance, so I could plan ahead. Hope you all get it sometime really soon. I think it replaced the tour of France mission, since I no longer have that one available.

      2013-07-21 14:11:35 Anonymous

Isn't it the reality then??? Many of the missions marked as classic ones on facebook aren't on other sites.... As well as this one... If it's not a classic on facebook too then where is it as classic?? Because it's not on agame and other sites....

      2013-07-21 14:07:53

Umm... what about step 6 part 2??? When it says apple alamode then it shows the picture of chocolate pudding and vice versa??? So what is to be done really????

      2013-07-19 17:59:42

i keep seeing posts for this classic mission and people stating that facebook gets all the classic missions first, well i play on facebook, family farm, and i don't have this mission either. not sure why all the sites aren't the same, but what can you do? i thank this site for posting everything in such a timely manner. my gaming experience is greatly improved thanks to this site :).

      2013-07-18 18:48:41 Anonymous

Any chance that the new classic missions will be made available at agame too??? Or will we be left on the waiting list forever????

      2013-07-18 16:50:48 lplop

not found in classic missions how to get on this horse I do I need please

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