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Felicia's Luau Pow Wow


Aloha farmers! Guess what? I've been doing some research on my family's ancestry and discovered that I am one eighth Hawaiian! How cool is that?


1. I can’t wait to visit Hawaii to learn more about my heritage! In the mean time I thought it would be fun to bring some Hawaiian themes and customs to the farm!

Harvest 20 White Hibiscus
Place a Hawaiian Mask on the farm


2. In Hawaii it is a common form of affection to adorn your visitors with flower necklaces called Leis. What a wonderful custom to embrace!

Place and complete a Haiwaiian Lei Machine
Havervest 30 Lavender


3. The gorgeous Leis are typically handed out at Hawaiian Parties called Luau’s! Come to think of it, I can’t think of a better way to share some Hawaiian culture with our friends!

Produce 30 Good Luck Lei with Clover
Produce 35 glasses of Carrot Juice


4. I wrote William a letter asking him to pick up an authentic decoration from Hawaii. On his way home, a giant sea turtle bumped his boat and it fell overboard! Help William find it!

Find the Hawaiian Lantern


5. Mahalo Farmer! That means thank you in Hawaiian. These Good Luck Leis must really work! It turns out that everyone can make it to our Luau! What are the chances?

Produce 45 Punk Rock Lei with Cactus
Produce 45 bottles of Wine


6. Our party doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down! Our Lei Machine can produce leis that glow in the dark! Let’s light it up!

Ask for 15 Hawaiian Ukuleles from neighbors
Produce 60 Glow in the Dark Lei with Black Rose






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      director 2014-08-11 20:36:50 mooducky

you need to look in the classic mission section for the correct steps .. these steps are for the original mission

      2014-08-11 20:20:40 SURYA


      2014-05-21 10:43:51 sug2h

@Maus : One of my classic missions is expired because I did not finish it on time, and if I click on it, i have the option to get 5 more days to finish it, for 5 RC. You should check if it is the same for you.

      2014-05-21 07:34:04 Maus

If a mission is failed as a classic mission, will you ever have another chance at it?

      manager 2014-02-10 04:33:40 mooducky

Keep in mind this posting is for the original mission and NOT the classic one... The mission always changes once it becomes classic mission

      user 2014-02-09 21:56:37 madalina

@lin you are right! there are many platforms and missions are coming or not ;) also there are differences to each mission depending of the level the players are(for lower level the tasks are easier; I am talking about amount of stuff) you must consider also some lack of inspiration from a year to another, when they just change steps or mix them in order to give each one a building, an animal and so on. Is desirable to win stuff doing a mission instead to spend ranch cash for them ;)but when you wish a particular something you buy it! :))

      2014-02-09 20:12:46 lin888

Sheila, I believe this site is run by players, not the devs. The game runs on several platforms, so differences may happen between sites

      2014-02-09 19:26:06 sheila

i wonder if the devs realise their information is completely misleading and icorrect for this goal

      2013-11-28 21:22:22 marc

can u bring it back agian plz ?? put it in classic

      2013-11-27 17:46:45 zemo

can u put it agian in the classic missions??? i need it

      2013-10-22 13:36:35 emmi

I have these animals . I win it in these mini slot yeah :D

      2013-09-03 15:42:10 Nik

Plese make it classic !!!

      2013-08-31 23:49:43 Nina

I want this mission to be classic :)

      2013-08-08 05:47:20 pol117

easy mission..

      2013-08-03 22:21:49 JB

This mission is soooo hard! HELP and send me stuff!

      2013-07-30 22:12:36 Jessica

easy mission

      2013-07-27 17:27:50 stef

Just like with every other mission that uses this kind of game, the location is random, only you can answer where it is in your game and that answer won't be useful for anyone else.

      2013-07-27 17:18:38 help

where is the lantern

      2013-07-26 23:23:23 Help

Where is the Hawaiian Lantern?

      2013-07-26 14:51:36 nazmnv786

the hawaiian mask costs 2 RC and to skip the task it costs 1 RC

      2013-07-26 10:47:17 rakshitha

hi i am new for this site hope this mission will be useful becoaz its costing 11rc

      user 2013-07-26 10:45:08 LadyBetis

Thanks moo ducky, now I understand about the Black roses ;D

      2013-07-26 10:01:47 Joe3656

Will the fabric for this horse make bikinis? I love to wear bikinis...

      2013-07-24 19:13:34 glow unicorn

cool and easy :)

      2013-07-24 16:16:14 moo ducky

the black roses ... you pay 2 RC to open the bag for 3 days .... once the bag is open you plant the crop just like any other crop you pay coins for each plot you plant .. once the 3 day time is up the bag closes and you can not plant until you pay 2 RC again

      2013-07-24 13:58:36 remon

whats the total cost of this mission??

      user 2013-07-24 11:44:28 LadyBetis

I meant to say than at the mission is there but it wont open*

      2013-07-24 11:43:40 fdfshfgh

What is the name of the horse

      2013-07-24 11:43:34 LadyBetis

Kristy thanks for the info, but I don´t finish to understand, once we unluck it we just have to plant it like any other flower? or when we plant it just keeps giving roses for 3 days? could you or anyone else explain this better? PLEASE.. anyway here at the game does not open, so, great

      2013-07-17 20:21:31 nazmnv786

the hawain mask costs 2RC and u can skip it for 1RC

      2013-07-17 10:20:47 -Benjia-

please tell me what in the 2nd and 3rd part of the koala habitat - thanks

      2013-07-15 09:07:33 Cobretti

eat carrot produce hawaiian fabric :)

      2013-07-14 23:40:17 Tarkin13

what does the HORSE eat?

      2013-07-14 19:37:42 izzbel

where is zis mission on family barn?

      2013-07-14 17:57:55 vera

hah this mission is very easy I hope to be useful :)))

      2013-07-14 13:30:30 Cobretti

The hawaiian mask cost 2 rc, but I skip this task for 1 rc...

      2013-07-13 03:58:34 sarah78

and you need 3RC to unlock the Hawaiian Bikini and Hawaiian flag in the workshop, im not happy about this !

      2013-07-12 22:57:33 Family Farm

How many RC this mission cost?

      2013-07-12 18:14:14 Kristy

Keep in mind that the 2RC will only unlock the black rose crop for 3 days. So, you may want to wait to unlock the crop until you know you will be around for a few days to plant and harvest it in droves. Or, at least make sure you throw down 70 or so right away to make sure you have enough to get you through the mission.

      2013-07-12 16:43:08

Reward is Hawaiian Horse feed with Carrots which produces Hawaiian Fabric used to make Cloth needed in making Hawaiian Bikini and Hawaiian flag in the workshop

      2013-07-12 12:49:21 Gema

It requires 11RC, 7 for the machine, 2 for the black rose seeds and 2 for the hawaian mask.

      2013-07-12 12:22:04 Chip

The hawaian mask cost 2RC and the Black rose cost the same 2RC

      2013-07-12 11:25:45 sang

easy mission... requires 7 rc... horse produces red cloth! :)

      2013-07-12 09:36:56 RockerHell

i wonder what will this horse produce, hope something useful :D