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An Australian Friend


Would you like to have a new friend from Australia? Place this Habitat first!
Grandma! I just got a postcard from William. He's on his way back from Australia and says he's got "an exciting and cute surprise" for us! I can't wait to see what it is!


1. William will be exhausted and jet-lagged by the time he gets here! Let’s be sure to give him a warm welcome by preparing some cold drinks for him!

Harvest 4 Ice
Produce 10 Chocolate Milkshake in the Milkshake Cart


2. Wait, better yet!! Let’s throw William a Welcome Home Party! Prepare the farm y’all, William’s comin’ home!

Place 3 Cobble Floor
Harvest 30 Vigorous Herbs to decorate the farm
Produce 40 bottles of White Wine


3. Compared to Australia, William may find the weather here quite chilly! Gather some extra wool, some party ingredients and visit your neighbors to spread the word!

Produce 30 gallons of Rice Milk
Collect 40 Wool
Perform 40 actions on neighbors’ farms




1. Here he comes! I can see William in the distance. Something fuzzy and grey is peeking out of from his bag! What on earth could that be?

Craft 3 Luxury Carpets in the Workshop
Harvest 10 Nectar
Produce 20 bottles of Apple Wine


2. William is so touched by our Welcome Home Party! He wants to eat dinner and tell us all about his trip! I sure hope he reveals his surprise soon! The suspense is killing me!

Produce 40 Pasta with Cheese in the Pasta Machine
Produce 40 Dried Tomato Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine


3. Good grief! I simply can’t take the suspense anymore! Let’s prepare the desserts and kindly ask William to unveil his surprise at last!

Produce 10 Macadamia Chocolate in the Chocolate Coating Machine
Produce 10 Tiramisu Cakes with Chocolate




1. William revealed his big surprise and it’s a darling Koala Bear!! How lovely and sweet! He must be so hungry but what on earth does a Koala Bear eat?

Harvest 10 Pine Cones for the Koala
Harvest 50 Chardonnay for the Koala
Produce 50 cups of Carrot Juice


2. William said that Koala Bears are very picky eaters! The only thing they eat are Eucalyptus leaves and nothing else! So cute and yet so stubborn! Lol!

Have 1 Eucalyptus Tree on your farm
Harvest 10 Eucalyptus Leaves


3. William is preparing for his next trip and wants to make sure that we are ready to care for our Koala. He also wants us to give her a name! Hmmm. How ’bout Koko?

Collect 15 Koala Pillows from neighbors
Produce 50 Blue Teddy Bears in the Toy Machine as Koala’s new friends



Congratulations, this KOALA will stay on your farm now. Well done!



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      2014-05-04 14:54:40 JoJo

Just an FYI. An Australian Friend now appears in my Classic Missions but it looks like it is going to be different. It has started with Produce 15 Orange Juice.

      2013-11-28 21:21:26 ramy

can u bring it back agian plz ?? i need tha KOALA plz

      2013-11-13 14:33:44 melani

que fea esta mision

      2013-10-30 00:30:21 daina

por favor alguien que hable en español

      2013-08-24 22:28:53 Dappy

About 70 RC for this mission!!! :O

      2013-07-20 14:28:13 Misiek

hej szukam aktywnych sąsiadów na wiejskim zyciu aby mi pomogli wysyłając prezenty a ja sie im odzwdzięcze tym samym:D zapraszajcie

      user 2013-07-19 15:32:20 LadyBetis

for those who does not have any of the necessary machines/trees/etc.. the cost of the habitat at the end, it will not make much difference; but to complete the machines is not just for one use only, in most of the new missions it is needed to have many of the machines, so sooner or later people should think in completing the machines...

      2013-07-19 08:03:52 astrocat2012

No you don't loose it, you just have a incomplete habitat on your farm if your don't finish it :)

      2013-07-18 15:15:02 Family Farm

The koala gives Eucalyptus Oil.

      2013-07-18 14:58:21 Little_Pegaso

What does the Koala gives ? Please answer me :D

      user 2013-07-17 21:32:48 xhx

in cake machine :-)

      2013-07-17 20:45:05 due15

h0w d0 we produce Tiramisu Cakes with Chocolate??

      2013-07-11 12:39:24 honey

if i didn't start it soon , will i lose it?

      2013-07-11 11:58:27 rami

I finish in 3 days part 1 & 2 and I will wait 2 days to open part 3

      2013-07-11 02:58:28 Carol

did part 1 in a day and a half. part 2 in 1hr but now I have to wait 4 days for part 3 to start....this waiting sucks! You should be able to continue if you finish early! What will I do for the next 4 days while I wait?? lol

      2013-07-10 18:54:16 Tarkin13

add me on GGG, my username is Tarkin13 :-)

      2013-07-10 17:13:40 maryqueen

thanks Family Farm. i am just lucky for this mission because i have all. just waiting for the Part 3 to come! Goodluck to all!

      2013-07-10 15:26:56 ccx

Why you dont do it

      2013-07-10 15:15:27 misterious

i can delay starting this mission for how long?

      user 2013-07-10 10:02:46 xhx

FACEBOOK - ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Then, after you place it, you have to click on Koala habitat.

      2013-07-10 10:00:21 Tarkin13

What SITE has this Mission Up and Running?

      2013-07-10 09:06:27 Gema

You can make perfume with the Eucalyptus oil. Nice!

      2013-07-09 21:30:08 Katie

It eats Eucalyptus leaves and produce Eucalyptus Oil (which isn't very useful yet but I think soon they will come up with a new machine or something) The Eucalyptus tree is now available on FB for 6 RC :P

      2013-07-09 21:05:21 pink

what does koala give????? fruit or some thing else??

      2013-07-09 17:25:14 jinu

upto which day can i delay the start of the mission ?

      2013-07-09 17:00:31 Family Farm

@dodo: yes you can

      2013-07-09 16:58:03 dodo

can i start it after a few days?

      2013-07-09 16:36:12 Katie

@dogfriend Yeah I noticed that with the lost cat mission (I gave up on that mission way too early and now it would be 30 RC to buy the cat :P) I will try to level up as fast as I can to save up a few RC for the necessary gears :)

      2013-07-09 16:17:34 dogfriend

@Katie> complete as much as you can from the missions because at the end, if you don't have completed them, you will have the possibility to buy the habitat. But the habitat will cost much less the more you have completed missions.

      2013-07-09 15:43:59 dodo

for how long can we delay starting this mission?

      2013-07-09 14:52:48 izzybel

where is zis mission?

      2013-07-09 13:58:19 Katie

The time limit is 15 days. I don't have a Workshop so I won't be able to do all the tasks :( Can we buy it for some RC like the lost cat or will it completly disappear when the time is up???

      2013-07-09 12:58:08 jinu

when will it expire ?And how much time given to complete the mission ?

      2013-07-09 10:16:13 Family Farm

Congratulations maryqueen

      2013-07-09 10:08:25 maryqueen

i have all the materials needed that's why i am 100% sure to finish this mission.

      2013-07-09 09:43:46 dogfriend

I found it :) and the problem with gifting is solved :D :D :D

      2013-07-09 09:22:03 Family Farm

if you didn't find it try refresh.

      2013-07-09 09:09:35 Family Farm

At your right side.

      2013-07-09 08:54:33 dogfriend

where is that mission?

      user 2013-07-08 21:42:56 mooducky

800 coins

      2013-07-08 21:14:57 mooducky

how much does Cobble Floor cost?

      2013-07-08 20:40:23 Journey

Wonder what the Koala will produce?

      2013-07-08 19:42:49

Thank you.........

      user 2013-07-08 19:40:23 mooducky

happy land version of the game has it for 6 RC

      2013-07-08 18:51:26

How much does the eucalyptus tree cost??? Plz update......

      2013-07-08 17:51:23 sarah

moi moi moi