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Bring Back the 60s
Darryl and Felicia will start their summer holidays soon! Ooh, it reminds me of the days when I was a school girl... Actually, why don’t we organize a reunion for our class, since the weather is so nice? We have so many fresh products to offer!
1. A successful farm and delicious food got me a really good reputation in town, all my classmates are coming! So, the theme will be... the 60s! We need something colorful...FLOWERS!

Harvest 15 Purple Roses

Harvest 15 Carnations
2. I remember those days, walking around with my girlfriends, gossiping about guys...always holding a milkshake cup! We must have milkshakes at the party!

Place and complete a Milk Shake Machine

Harvest 5 Ices
3. My favorite flavor was vanilla, and my friends loved cherry. They will be so happy to see them at the party!

Produce 5 cups of Cherry Milk Shake

Produce 10 cups of Vanilla Milk Shake
4. A good party always has good music! The diner in front of our school had the best tunes collected in a pretty and colorful juke box! We definitely need one for the party!

Find the Juke Box

5. Music and drinks are ready, we still need food! What was popular back there? Hmm...salami! We ate it all the time! And for those who wanted something lighter, yogurt was always an option!

Produce 40 Farmstyle Raisin Yogurts

Produce 40 Beef Salami
6. Almost finished! Just one thing left, a guitar for my handsome friend Bill, he was every girl’s Prince Charming in the school! I hope he plays the guitar as well as 40 years ago!

Ask 10 Guitars from neighbors


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      user 2013-12-23 13:05:33 valena

I agree with you

      2013-12-23 12:34:12 tutanchamon

I want this animal :) pls give it to another mission like koala

      2013-11-28 21:11:31 meka

please bring back the mission i need it

      2013-11-15 04:19:50 hahaha

mua doooooooo

      2013-11-03 10:43:20 alaa

ilike it

      2013-10-17 13:28:00 neyker11

I have it. I won this animal in the mini slot.

      2013-09-22 11:41:37 asrr ashraf


      2013-09-14 09:47:59 Kasper (loreehill)

Add my name to the ever growing disgruntled farmers that can't do a lot of things because there is no way left to get the cowboy hat for leather. why make something as important as leather immpossible to obtain. JUST SAYIN???"??

      2013-09-13 16:58:00 salma

i want it now

      2013-09-10 15:25:10 MOMUBEARFARM

please bring back the mission

      2013-09-09 22:07:41 minnie mouse

please please I need the cowboy ostrich --I have purchased the dessert shop and the beauty shop --in each they want leather .-love the game

      2013-09-03 16:11:47 Nik

Make it classic I need cowboy hat to make lather in workshop.

      2013-08-13 21:49:29 warning

There was no argument, and i remember quite clearly writing that i wasn't angry. Right now i'm saying my feelings are hurt. Rather much, in fact, and i don't think i even want to open this site again.

      2013-08-13 19:03:29 moo ducky

it was becoming an arrgument and someone said their feelings were hurt .. so the comments were removed

      2013-08-13 16:34:12 warning

Good god, i see, being reasonable is consider inappropriate and needs to be deleted. Complaining and demanding, even without good reason is all right. Curious.

      2013-08-12 22:44:35 Mariukos

Thank you for understanding me moo ducky. I really want it back!:(

      2013-08-12 21:46:44 moo ducky

they would loss too much if they had to give back everything that people delete if they did that .... some would find away to take advantage of it ... lets say you don't have the space for something .. oops I sold it and want it back now that I have a need for it

      2013-08-12 21:36:45 Mariukos

Yeah but complete it and I lost it... And they say ,,we're sorry to hear that we'll bring it back!" That is a ugly lie!:(

      manager 2013-08-12 20:33:45 mooducky

keep in mind this is ONLY a information site ... we have no control or have ways to get the develpers to bring back missions ... if you miss an original mission it sometimes becomes a classic ... but not sure since they already gave two chances to get the cowboy ostrich .. this mission and the smoothly summer both had it as a reward ... you can try to use a translator site to see what info you can get from happy land page ... if you use Google chrome as your browser a lot of time it will translate the whole site for you

      2013-08-07 05:13:33 Gwen

Do anyone read these posts ???

      2013-08-07 05:12:27 Gwen

Please can you help me I have the Cowboy Ostrich on my Family Farm, I would like the chance to do Bring Back The Sixtys on My Happy Land I can't get on their Forum it is in a foriegn language so can't ask them to help me so will you. Gwen

      2013-07-31 06:17:43 Gwen

I would like another chance to get the ostrich, if I can't get him it is going to hold up my game.

      2013-07-31 06:07:43 Gwen

Can I buy the ostrich, if I have missed the quest or is it coming back again.

      2013-07-01 17:14:01 :-)

oops It give you cowboy hats for *daisies, not carrots. I'm Sorry :(

      2013-07-01 17:11:56 Sam :)

Try to refresh family barn...if you haven't already... I hope your ostrich will work for you soon! :D

      2013-07-01 10:13:34 svastica27

:-? Hello. I have a problem with my doesn't work. I gave it daisyes and nothing happened. It just sits there, not eating, not producing hats

      2013-07-01 00:09:38 :-)

It gives you cowboy hats for carrots. :)

      2013-06-30 17:41:57 anonymous

what does the ostrich do?

      2013-06-30 16:40:17 sissyjo64

I need so many RC to complete things on my farm. I can't do anything but plant. How do I get RC? Videos don't show anymore. Please Help!!!!

      2013-06-22 20:10:52 toriea

could some one send me some RC to get ice trees or send me an ice tree please.

      2013-06-22 08:18:10 astrocat2012

Im excited! I REALLY like this prize :D

      2013-06-18 17:33:18 Mikey1

Do missions come up a second time around?

      2013-06-17 12:01:21 Danniel

How do you find the jukebox?

      2013-06-15 16:26:00 little_pegaso

It's very easy compared with Aladdin and Halloween missions :)

      2013-06-14 14:41:06 nick

where did you find the jukebox?

      2013-06-14 09:34:56 Melody

Today we got this mission and

      2013-06-13 18:55:51

R we ever going to get this mission on agame???

      2013-06-12 09:37:08

Will we get this one on girlsgogames?

      2013-06-10 23:19:58 lizgirl

where did u find the jukebox?

      2013-06-09 19:03:14 Lisa Haas

can I redo this mission or buy the cowboy ostrich?

      2013-06-06 09:31:25 CaySedai

You need the cowboy hats to complete the limited mission Felicia Loves Milk Shake.

      2013-06-02 17:13:47 froufrou04

is this our next limit mission on

      2013-05-31 23:32:55 CheekyBeak62

so now they give us buildables we can ask for the parts for, and make us pay RC for the tress? Not nice when you don't have a lot of money.

      2013-05-31 11:29:35 youknowwho

nice mission, but not sure if the cowboy hats are going to be any useful...

      2013-05-30 22:52:28 honey boo boo

It gives cowboy hats... lol... an ice tree would be nice in hot days =)

      2013-05-30 14:19:23 samihorton

Thank you nana :)

      2013-05-30 13:26:53 Andreyana Nikolova

And the reward, that ostrich, does it give feathers too?

      2013-05-30 11:36:25 nana

you harvest ice from the ice tree

      2013-05-30 03:06:38 samihorton

How to harvest ice?

      2013-05-29 18:09:15 nastia

and what is given from this?

Page generation time 0.0283 sek.