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The Lost Kitty
Coming back from the local market one night, Felicia and Darryl have heard a noise coming from behind a bush on the side of the road. In a sudden act of courage, Darryl has hid behind Felicia, and has told her to check what is hiding behind the bush...
1. Oh no, the little kitty got scared and run into the bush, let’s find a way to bring her out!

Produce 15 bottles of Milk

Produce 15 Milk Cheese
2. It seems like she doesn’t like Milk or Cheese, she is not coming out of the bush! I have another idea, let’s go back to the farm and get some fish and meat, cats love them!

Produce 20 Beef

Feed honey to the Bears to produce 20 Salmon
3. This little kitty doesn’t like fish and meat, what kind of cat is this?! Do you have any other ideas? Oh yes, you are right, let’s try with my favorite cereal!

Produce 25 bottles of Buffalo Milk

Harvest 5 Walnuts

Produce 12 Walnut Cereals in the Cereal Machine
4. Nothing, this little kitty may be cute, but it is also very spoiled! She surely doesn’t like normal kitty food, maybe she likes posh things! Let’s try with Fruit wine!

Harvest 10 Nectar

Produce 12 bottles of Apple Wine
5. I give up, this kitty doesn’t like anything! And I am also hungry; can you go back home and make some burgers? I will wait here for you here while I think how to get this kitty out of the bush...

Harvest 35 Tomatoes

Produce 35 loaves of Oat Bread
1. The Kitty followed us back to the farm. But Grandma Blair will refuse to keep her if she looks so dirty; we have to clean her up!

Ask neighbors for 10 Cat Brush
2. She looks very neat now. But she seems to be a little scared, we need to calm her down and make her feel welcome! Let’s make her a burger to eat before she wakes grandma up from her sleep!

Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheeses

Feed Corn to the Roosters to produce 40 Rooster Meat

Produce 40 loaves of Corn Bread in the Baker
3. The hamburger worked too well, the cat looks really relaxed and sleepy! Let’s make a bed for her to rest!

Harvest 45 Rye to make a Rye Bed

Harvest 45 Daisies for decoration
4. Hmm, the kitty seems annoyed by the bed! She must be a city cat, she doesn’t like anything the other farm cats like! Let’s try with a luxurious carpet and pillow, maybe she will like it!

Craft a Luxurious Carpet in Workshop

Craft a Cat pillow in the Workshop
5. Great, the kitty is finally sleeping. Let’s make something to eat for us, I am starving! And then, bed time, finally! This surely was a long day...

Produce 50 Dried Tomatoes in the Dehydrator

Produce 50 loaves of Dried Tomato Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine
1. Let’s make Grandma her favorite breakfast; it may help avoid getting grounded!

Produce 12 cups of White Mocha in the Coffee Machine

Produce 55 Milk Cheese

Produce 55 Salmon Salads
2. OK, the breakfast is ready, let’s give it to Grandma!...Oh no, how come all the cheese has holes in it?! What has happened here, we have mice in the barn?! Kitty, can you help?

Produce 60 Grandma’s Steak Burgers to feed Kitty
3. Grandma, the kitty caught the mouse! Maybe she can even catch fishes! Oh really, we can keep her? Thank you!! Look, she is trembling, she must be so cold! Darryl, let’s help her!

Craft a Cat jumper in the Workshop
4. She is not trembling anymore. Let’s give her something to play with so that she doesn’t feel bored!

Craft a Woolen Yarn for Kitty to Play with

Craft 15 Carved Dinosaur Eggs for Kitty to play with
5. The kitty is having a great time. She really seems to get along with Grandma. Well, I will prepare lunch for the whole family now, including our new furry friend!

Produce 65 Dried Beef in the Dehydrator

Produce 65 Grandma’s Rooster Burgers

Produce 12 Nectar Cakes in the Cake Machine


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