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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Limit Mission - Farmvision Song Festival
Since Spring has begun on Family Farm, many farmers have been caught singing. Grandma Blair, who is convinced that Farmers Got Talent, has the most wonderful idea. Let’s have a Farmvision Song Festival!
1. I’m walking on sunshine! This is going to be the greatest of all farm festivals, especially because I can promote my super healthy Grandma’s Burgers!

Produce 40 Grandma’s Steak Burgers in Grandma’s Burger Machine

Produce 40 Beef Salami

Produce 40 Mustard Sauce
15 100
2. Our farm is entering Felicia for the contest. She’ll be singing a dance song. Felicia will be quite the Diva. And I’ve prepared a special new recipe for a drink to toast to the winner in the end. Viva la Diva!

Harvest 50 Blackberries

Harvest 10 bottles of Nectar
15 100
3. Felicia is going to have some severe competition in the Farmvision Contest. Frank from Frank’s Diner is entering an act full of Wild Dances! Oh, and is that special drink to toast to the winner ready yet?

Place and complete building a Fruit Wine Maker

Produce 10 bottles of Apple Wine in the Fruit Wine Maker

Produce 10 bottles of Blackberry Wine in the Fruit Wine Maker
18 120
4. Little Darryl will be on stage too. If he wins, he will break a Belgian farmer’s record to be the youngest winner ever. We’ve put an act together for him in which he will give cakes to the audience. Isn’t that great?

Produce 12 Nectar Cakes in the Cake Machine

Produce 12 Lemon Cakes in the Cake Machine

Produce 12 Tiramisu Cakes in the Cake Machine
20 150
5. With all that competition, I hope the people will behave themselves. Let’s decorate the place so beautiful that it will look like a Fairytale, and no one will even think of roughhousing. We will surely have a little peace!

Ask 10 Balloons from Neighbors

Craft a Fence with roses in the Workshop

Place a Fence with roses on the farm
15 100
6. And last but not least, we need Microphones! This Farmvision Song Contest is going to totally rock me! Hardrock, halleluia! Oh, by the way, can you still prepare something for the TV crews that will come to the farm to report this event?

Produce 70 Grandma’s Rooster Burgers

Produce 70 cups of Munich Beer

Ask 10 microphones from neighbors


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      user 2013-05-23 22:52:16 mooducky

nectar comes from the butterfly home that was part of a mission or the super butterfly home that you can buy in the store but will cost you 8 RC

      2013-05-23 22:31:11 k

how t u harvest nectar?

      2013-05-23 22:29:02 k

What free gifts do you need for Fruit Wine Maker? and how much of each?

      2013-05-22 18:33:20 Jake

Ok thanks.... I'd guessed the same...

      2013-05-22 18:30:16

Since skipping the whole task 6 costs 30 RC, i guess skipping only the production of beer will cost 10RC.

      2013-05-22 18:25:08 Jake

Could anyone plz tell me how many RC will be needed to skip the munich beer task in step 6???

      2013-05-22 18:08:36 Pegasus♥

Yayyyyyy the providence behive again as a reward !!! :D I'm so happy , I dont have to complete Aladin mission now :D

      2013-05-22 15:57:10 kopyto

it would make so much sense to bring this mission in after the Mother's day spa mission. oh right, thats what they did for the facebook version. but i never even got the Mother's day mission. guess it never appeared on any of the gamesites (agame, gamesgames, roundgames, etc) i bet it will appear after i spend the RCs for the butterflies. otherwise, very cute mission.

      2013-05-21 20:30:23 Jenn

yup we got the providence behive again im happy!!!!

      2013-05-20 02:57:27 che2

thank you...for responding my request...

      2013-05-18 09:17:33

Is this another one for Facebook only?? Or will the game sites get a chance to play too?

      2013-05-18 00:35:11 Valia

I just finished the mission. One more province beehive.....

      2013-05-17 19:34:01 natalie lavande

is it really the province beehive?> they just gave it in three mission

      2013-05-17 19:29:17 natalie lavande

no Rc for the fruit wine maker just free stuff

      2013-05-17 19:15:05 ani

how much rc do we need for the fruit wine maker???

      2013-05-17 12:36:55 hippi

The reward is the Provence tree hive itself

      2013-05-17 12:10:07 Farhan

What Is The Reward Of The Mission

      2013-05-17 11:57:17 miss

well maybe the reward is as surprise and at least the new machine doesnt cost rc to build and to unlock the fence is only 6000 so i will give it a go

      2013-05-17 10:03:21 Family Farm

Ther is no reward?:(

      2013-05-16 22:45:09 aramis

Thank you :D but ... what is the reward? :P

      2013-05-16 21:41:28 sarah78

or is there more to come ???

      2013-05-16 21:40:28 sarah78

so we get nothing for finishing this mission ?????

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