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Collect Popsicles


The weather is getting hotter and hotter! Let's collect Popsicles by harvesting crops and trees! And you can exchange them with big Rewards! Let's go!


Finish building, then start trade!

Popsicle Collection is over!

No more Popsicles to collect! You can store your Popsicle Cart or put it on your farm as a decoration!


 Your name (nick)
9. x 5 =   ?

      2014-03-11 16:11:40 Alone_Girl

awwww y???????

      master 2013-11-27 12:22:07 Amy

@(yaman): It's still a secret :D

      2013-11-27 11:33:00 (yaman)

what the next missions

      2013-06-30 12:43:53 Melody

I was able to trade popsicles.

      2013-06-07 17:34:51

Hello!! Even though the popsicle collection is over but everytime I log in, there are more popsicles than before in my gift box. There's no option to trade them for op either... Could anyone tell what's going on????

      2013-05-26 06:36:51 natalie lavande

I already have all these animals is there anther reward ??

      2013-05-25 08:06:18 Wee777

What is the white truffle for?

      2013-05-23 20:08:17 mj

@becca all pegasus gives diomand

      2013-05-23 08:45:50 jiya

which crops give more popsicle???????? i harvest many trees and crops but they give only two three

      2013-05-23 03:45:21 becca

what do the Black Pegasus and Ocean Blue Pegasus give?

      user 2013-05-22 17:18:15 mooducky

the deer gives milk that can be used in the fast cheese maker .. then the deer cheese can be used to make cheese cake

      2013-05-22 16:23:37 lolz

What does the reindeer give?!

      2013-05-20 17:54:21 Shoaib

i prefer you pineapple,pasture,cucumber and PINE TREE.Hope it works. i have collected 327 popsicle through it.

      2013-05-20 15:15:12 sangeeta

please give an idea to collect popscicles !!!Which plants give more popscicles??/

      2013-05-20 13:50:48 Wee777

Thank you hippi

      2013-05-20 10:46:58 Dorkhan

What's happening !!! Popsicle cart run out of time !!! Yesterday was the time remaining 10 days !!!

      2013-05-20 10:09:59 lucky

which crop gives more popsicles

      2013-05-20 09:04:33 hippi

@wee777 ,pig produces white truffle

      2013-05-20 08:00:45 Wee777

What kind product the pig produces? Regular pork? Thanks

      2013-05-17 22:49:07 xMinNyeBM

pineapple...i got a lot of popsicles from pineapples...and they grow in just one hour.. i also got a lot of popsicles from the almond trees (i have 20 almond trees) works for me..maybe it wil work for you guys too! good luck

      2013-05-17 11:06:49 Farhan

I Won AllThe Items

      2013-05-16 14:00:16 Family Farm

I collect it by harvesting crops and trees.

      2013-05-16 13:52:19 annie

how 1000?

      2013-05-16 13:44:55 Family Farm

Iam very lucky :)I have 1000 of the Popsicle:).

      2013-05-16 13:44:04 Family Farm

I am very lucky :)I have 1000 of the :).

      user 2013-05-15 17:39:06 mooducky

you collect Popsicle by harvesting your crops .. it seems that longer crops ( 6 hours or more) or trees seem to give the best outcome

      2013-05-15 16:35:18 rohit

how to collect popsicles pls pls how and i have no rc because i in level 21

      2013-05-15 16:02:23 vyom

Which crops give more popsicles???Like there were pastures at the time of collect love mission??

      2013-05-14 18:42:11 ani

thank u...@mooducky!! :)

      user 2013-05-14 16:48:44 LadyMyst

LOL! Still patiently (smile!) waiting for popsicles to arrive in Agame! Hopefully either in a couple of days or a couple of weeks - Fingers Crossed hey?

      user 2013-05-14 15:53:57 mooducky

600 for all of them ... pegasus are 200 each .. truffle hog and reindeer are 100 each

      2013-05-14 09:47:26 ani

hw many popsicles do we need to redeem all the awards?????

      2013-05-13 23:54:41 Nadeem

I Received Black Pegasus trade with 200 Popsicle. :)

      2013-05-13 04:03:31 kaaha

I have never been able to redeem awards for snowflakes, hearts.. now we have popsicles.. hmm I contacted the app via facebook before and the response was "you must be really unlucky"... that's it... :( I have all the animals apart from the reindeer - so I'm hoping to collect enough popsicles to redeem it

      2013-05-13 01:30:30 Nadeem

Thank you mooducky : You are very Luck ;) i also Plant Corn Carrots Wheat but Result is ZERO....

      user 2013-05-13 00:39:48 mooducky

i've been having lots of luck with carrots, corn, wheat

      2013-05-12 21:17:59 Nadeem

Thank You Lerura : Did anyone know which Crop Give more POPSICLE,I was plant Blueberry,Clover,Blackberry,Pasture,Grapes,about 400 Plots and when i harvested collect only 2 Popsicle...... Result is very Bad ONLY 2.

      2013-05-12 20:58:29 Lerura

You can redeem Popsicles for Truffle Hog, Black Pegasus, Christmas Reindeer, or Ocean Blue Pegasus. There are no bonus item. And there is no limit for popsicles stored.

      2013-05-12 20:07:04 Family Farm

I love it :)

      2013-05-12 17:29:26 Nadeem

HELP Did anyone know What is the Limit of Popsicle STORED in the CART ...

      2013-05-12 15:58:23 ani

wat r d prizes???

      user 2013-05-10 15:43:39 mooducky

it's out in family farm today .. and was out in happyland yesterday .... you should see a popsicle icon on the right side to get the popsicle stand

      user 2013-05-10 15:30:04 LadyMyst

Ah so this was only in certain versions of the Family Barn game not in the English language I see. Thanks!

      2013-05-10 13:47:40 r-a-d

في الفاملي فارم أجنبية فقط

      2013-05-10 13:31:55

ازاى المهمة دى مش عارف اعملها

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