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Cupid Kitties
Dalmatian Beauty Collection
Darryl’s Piggy Bank Prank
Darryl’s Pipe Dream
Easter Egg Hunt
Elves On Holiday
Family Farm Cup
Father's Day Hike
Felicia's Luau Pow Wow
Flamingo Fran’s Groove
Flower Vase Collection
Fountain of Youth
Grandma’s Childhood
Granny's Gone Wild
Halloween Adventure
Happy Easter
In a Pickle
Italian Spice
Jelly Festival
Jingle Bell!
Jungle Leopards
Little Blue Farming Hood
Magic Fruit Cup
Muffin Among Friends
Nightmare and Boo Bunny
Pambassador Darryl
Pancake Pajama Day
Parrot Adventure
Pirate Popsicle Collection
Romance in Greece
Samurai Darryl and Lobster
Santa Is M.I.A!
Save Sea Turtles
Singing in the Rain
Snowmeo & Hooliet
Sugar Rush!
Super Beavers to the Rescue
Super Halloween
Sweet Floral Dreams
The Black and White Zebra
The GIANT Adventure!
The King's Diary
The Lost Kitty
The Snake Without Feet
The Spirit of Easter
The Spooky Week
World Cup Flag Event!
Yoga Time
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خفافيش الظلام
رحلة رائعة
روميو وجولييت
زيارة من مصنع الزلابية الصينية
زيارة من مصنع الزلابية الصينية
سارق التفاح
سانتا وعامر الصغير
سانتا وعامر الصغير 2
سبيكة ذهب نقار الخشب
سحر الهند
سفينة القراصنة
سلة عيد الشكر
سلطة لعامر الصغير
سنة 2013 سعيدة
سيرك الملاهي
شجرة الأم
شجرة رأس السنة
طائر الطنان
طائر المغرد سامي
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Little Darryl watched Aladdin, fell asleep and started to dream... about a homeless, poor and hungry boy named Darrylin. He saw a farm and started eating the fresh fruit on the trees, when suddenly an old, ugly woman came out of her house screaming. She accused Darrylin of stealing, and now he has to work for her as a slave, until the end of times!


1. Oooh, how did I let her catch me?! And now I am a slave?! I am so hungry, and so tired, but she said that I have to take care of the land immediately. What will become of me? Sob...

Plant 10 Mustards
Harvest 10 Mustards


2. Hey, who’s that over there? A person apparently... another slave maybe? Hello, girl? What’s your name? Felicia? Nice to meet you! You work for that old witch too? What, she’s your aunt!? And she’s evil, you say!? Uh oh...

Prepare 20 Buffalo Milk Cheese for Felicia to become friends


3. So, Felicia, now that we are friends, can I ask you something? Does that old witch have a name? What’s that...Blair you say? Hmm, she looks scary. Can you tell me more about her?

Harvest 5 Apples for Felicia to help her confide in you


4. That woman named Blair is really making Felicia work too hard. She looks even more tired and hungry than me! You know what? I’ll help her. Two can do more than one!

Harvest 30 Heart Chocolates
Produce 10 glasses of Apple Juice

18 150

5. Hey, what’s that? Did you see it? I just saw something shiny, but now I don’t see it anymore. I have the feeling it is something really important. We must find it!

Find the Shiny thing


6. Well well, it’s a dirty lamp! But it looks pretty; I need something to clean it up!

Craft a Silk handkerchief in the Workshop

20 220

7. Oh my gosh, can you believe it?! A Genie appeared while I was cleaning the lamp! He says he will grant me and Felicia 1 wish, but only if I prove myself worthy of it. What the hay does he mean?

Produce 40 Heart Cookies for the Genie


8. Apparently cookies are not enough for the Genie! He says he will only grant 1 wish to those with a pure heart who show their true self. The only thing is...how do I do that?! Let’s make some cakes to think it over!

Produce 50 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine
Produce 50 Yule Logs in the Cake Machine

22 250

9. I asked the Genie what showing my true self is, but he won’t help me. Guess I’ll have to figure it out myself. Oh, that old witch just ordered Felicia to harvest Lemons. I’d better do it for her, she needs a rest!

Harvest 5 Lemons
Produce 8 Lemon Lollipops in the Lollipop Machine


10. Oh no!! That old hag wants to have a picnic party and Felicia and I have to take care of everything! If we refuse, she will call the police and tell them that we were both stealing from her! She really is evil!

Harvest 60 Forget-me-not
Harvest 60 Blue Cornflowers


11. Uff, I am already so tired, and Felicia looks exhausted too...Felicia must lie down and rest and I must keep going! I’ll take care of this!

Produce 60 Bird Egg Salads in the Salad Machine
Produce 60 glasses of Grape Juice


12. Great news! The Genie said that by taking over all of Felicia’s work, I have showed my true self. The Genie will grant me 1 wish! What if we make a carpet and the genie made it magic for us?! We could fly away from this nightmare!

Craft a Luxury Carpet in the Workshop
Place a Luxury Carpet on the farm


13. Great, the carpet is made! But without money, food and drinks, where could we go? Let’s produce and sell some food, Felicia and I will need money for our trip towards freedom!

Sell 70 loaves of Raisin Bread from the Barn
Sell 70 loaves of Cranberry Bread from the Barn


14. If we want to escape from that evil Blair witch, we will need backpacks to store all the food and drinks! But we can’t afford to spend money on them, what shall we do?! And we also need a cloth to rub the lamp for the last time, so the Genie will appear and make the carpet fly!

Ask your neighbors for 15 Backpacks
Craft 3 Silk Handkerchiefs in the Work Shop to summon the Genie


15. Hooray! The carpet can fly, we have the backpacks and we have some money, now we should start concentrating on gathering food! We need something healthy and nutritious, we have no idea of what lies ahead!

Produce 75 Mustard Sauces in the Sauce Machine
Produce 75 Sandwiches with Mustard Sauce in the Sandwich Machine


16. We can finally go! Or maybe not yet, because it would be nice if we could take some desserts with us! I cannot wait to be free again! Thanks for your help, and if you want to find Felicia and me, come to Family Farm!

Produce 10 Lemon Lollipops in the Lollipop Machine
Produce 15 Farmstyle Avocado Yogurt in the Farmstyle Yogurt Machine


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