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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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The GIANT Adventure!


One lazy morning, Little Darryl was lying on the grass and enjoying the sun. Suddenly, his friend Jack arrived, panting, with a worried expression on his face! Desperately, he asked his friend for what at first seemed a small favor, but actually became a huge adventure...! Are you ready to start?!


1. Oh no, my mother is angry with me again! She asked me to sell our only buffalo at the local market, can you believe it?! Of course I couldn’t do it, look at it! The poor little thing looks so hungry!

Harvest 20 Cucumbers
Produce 20 Bottles Buffalo Milk


2. Wonderful, he is smiling now! Instead of selling the buffalo, I spent the last coins on magic beans! Don't look at me like that, it is true, they have magic powers! They are the entrance to the land of the giant! Prepare some food for us; we'll need energy to climb the beanstalk together!

Produce 30 Beef Salami
Bake 30 Oatmeal Cookies


3. That's it?! We won't survive 10 days with only Salami and Cookies! Wait, I have an idea! Why don't we use the Buffalo Milk to prepare some Cereals?

Produce 40 Raisin Cereals in the Cereal Machine
Produce 10 Chocolate Cereals in the Cereal Machine


4. Great! Now I am sure we'll have enough energy to climb up the beanstalk and reach the sky! But before leaving, we should make sure that no one will be hungry while we are gone.

Produce 8 glasses of Apple Juice for Mom
Harvest 50 Cucumbers for the Buffalo


5. Ok, we are ready to set off! But, I must warn you! This journey is not for the light-hearted! Now, we have to choose the correct string... But which one is it?

Help Jack and Darryl to find the right string!


6. Yes, we finally arrived! We are lucky, the Giant is out now. I can introduce you to the people, but first let's get some presents for them!

Make 60 glasses of Grape Juice
Produce 40 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine


7. Fantastic, they are so happy! Now it's time to show the giant's secret, his treasure room! I just have to find the copy of the key, I buried it somewhere, where was it...?

Harvest 5 Chestnuts
Find the key while harvesting Chestnut


8. Wow, look at this treasure! The giant is such a tyrant, taking everything from his people and leaving them with nothing! I want to help them. Quick, let's steal his Goose; it produces golden eggs for him! We need bait for the Goose, what do you think he would like?

Harvest 60 Carrots
Produce 60 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine


9. The cakes worked! This is so exciting! I bet we can even beat the Giant and set free his folks! But maybe first we should make sure we have an escape route, just in case!

Ask neighbors for 15 Ropes to build a Rope


10. The rope is ready, what a relief! What do you think if we use the rope to catch the giant?! We could attract him by playing the harp, and then tie him up!

Find a Harp while helping neighbors to fertilizer or water on their farm


11. Perfect! Just one more thing to do! Pour some hot drink and place chestnuts in front of the rope, he'll slip and fall down! Let's catch him then!

Harvest 8 Chestnuts
Produce 10 cups of Hot Chocolate


12. Hooray! We caught the giant and the people are free! We must celebrate, let's host a huge party! Get the food and drinks ready!

Produce 10 Lemon Cakes in the Cake Machine
Produce 15 glasses of Cherry Juice


13. Ah, I love this place, but my mom must feel lonely. Time to get back! Shall we prepare some food for the way down?

Produce 80 loaves of Raisin Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine
Produce 80 loaves of Cranberry Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine


14. Wait, I cannot go back home without a souvenir for my mom and her friends! Let's craft them something, it’s always nice to receive a decoration for the house!

Craft 2 Luxury Carpet in the Workshop
Craft 5 Silk Handkerchief in the Workshop



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      2014-05-06 21:30:31

such a long mission, i started it but never finished, i think i was close as well, but i really wanted the church :(

      2013-06-12 11:41:19 yoyo

not worth playing this mission after step 5. oak tree is useful for making lumber, but sugar cherry tree uses up too much space and not worth the effort. the final gift is a building which gives coins but again not worth it considering the space it occupies.

      2013-05-13 05:24:36

crazxy mine expired before the last three days were even up on this mission oh well lol

      2013-05-13 01:10:18 k

which beanstalk is the right one?

      2013-05-11 02:08:35 e96nh667

I have it on

      2013-05-04 17:25:52 Ewa

ellea: Farhouse probably is just a building, and church gives coins every 8 hours.

      2013-05-04 07:39:50 ellea

how much offer the church and how much offer the farmhouse

      2013-05-02 23:01:45 Ewa

This farm house is very small, I don't like it. :( My crops are bigger than this house's wall ;/

      2013-05-02 13:33:25 annie

make handkerchief from workshop

      2013-05-02 05:16:44 ashu50

how can i get handkerchief in the last stel i am out of it pls help me :(

      2013-05-01 08:05:48 annie

I took the church. it gives coins every 8 hours.

      2013-05-01 07:03:06 271275

does anyone know about the church???

      2013-04-27 15:20:09 Elle

I don't know about the church since I selected the farmhouse, but it's like the Colosseum, it awards coins after 8hrs.

      2013-04-27 15:01:13 annie

what are these two buildings? are these useful or just decoration?

      2013-04-27 08:28:16 Greensign

You need NO ranch cash to build the cookie machine :)

      2013-04-27 03:30:09 Abbey

How much RC do i need to build the Cookie Machine?

      2013-04-26 14:55:22 roberta

do i need silk tree for last stand?

      2013-04-24 09:48:42 Amy

10 RC are needed for the cereal machine

      2013-04-24 09:23:18 Ewa

How much RC is needed to build Cereal Machine?

      2013-04-22 19:00:51 Birgit

Didn't get any reward from this mission. Playing on Facebook. :-/

      2013-04-21 07:03:51 LauraLee Blankenship

I finished the mission and didnt get to choose what i

      2013-04-18 02:39:25 noone

i finish this mission & don't haye farmhouse

      2013-04-17 14:57:32 garfield

It sucks you don't get 2 buildings, either you choose the barn or the church and you collect in 8h

      2013-04-15 20:29:53 roro

Help Jack and Darryl to find the right string! this game is not work after 4pm only at the mooring what should i do

      2013-04-13 20:20:20 JayFront

In addition to the 2 buildings at the very end, this mission also awards an Oak Tree (lumber for the workshop) and a Sugar Cherry Tree (cherries in 9 hours instead of 18.) I'm still waiting for it to start.

      2013-04-13 16:06:12 mj

world worst mission they are giving only decorations . :P

      2013-04-13 15:56:55 Kaaha

I think I want them :D

      2013-04-13 15:51:57 Bobb

It sure would be nice if they would label, or better yet link the prizes (including those trees) to the appropriate pages. What are they? What do they give you? etc.

      2013-04-13 10:22:39

This mission is not on girlsgogames. Which server has it?

      user 2013-04-13 07:16:58 cockleburrn

A Church is so worth it to me! I have been waiting for a Christian church every since they had a Mosque for so long!

      2013-04-13 05:13:21 jeanie

why couldn't the prize be something fun and useful. Decorations take too much room.

      2013-04-13 03:01:35 Kath

The church and farmhouse are just decorations.

      2013-04-12 22:54:21 natalie lavande

but in facebook the game is just 13 step

      2013-04-12 02:38:40 Kinder Bueno

It,s open now

      2013-04-12 00:45:49 Sherif

This mission doesn't appear in the game, does anybody see it?

      2013-04-11 20:51:49 liviya

Is the church and farmhouse just decorations?