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Crazy Monday


Oh no! It's Monday morning, Little Darryl's alarm clock is about to go off, and he needs to go to school! Can you help Grandma Blair to make Darryl's breakfast before he wakes up?


1. Monday morning! It’s the start of a new week for all of us, and a new week in school for Little Darryl. Do you want to help me make breakfast for him?

Harvest 20 Tomatoes
Produce 20 Beef

15 100

2. Oh dear oh dear! These kinds of things always happen on Mondays: the old Dehydrator broke down. What a bad way to start the week! We’ll have to build a new one – fast, so Darryl won’t be late for school!

Place and complete a Dehydrator

20 200

3. Darryl says a day at school can feel like an eternity. We’d better make sure his food will never go bad! I hope the new Dehydrator works...

Produce 45 Dried Beef in the Dehydrator
Produce 45 Dried Tomatoes in the Dehydrator

25 250

4. In the meantime, let’s prepare some hot drinks for Darryl. Hot Vanilla Milk is his favorite. As for me, nothing beats a cup of Eggnog!

Produce 70 cups of Hot Vanilla Milk in the Hot Drink Machine
Produce 70 cups of Eggnog in the Hot Drink Machine


5. Oh dear, time is running faster than me! Darryl’s alarm clock can go off any minute now. And we still have so much to do for his breakfast! We must use a trick to make the fruits grow faster!

Water the Apricot Tree 4 times with Watering Can
Harvest 15 Apricots

25 200

6. You know, we’re not the only ones who hate Mondays. Darryl hates them too. But this time, I’m determined to change his mind. Let’s see his face when he finds our cookies in his lunch box, hihi!

Produce 25 Apricot Chips in the Dehydrator
Produce 25 Apricot Chip Cookies in the Cookie Machine

0 0





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      2016-12-02 19:28:02

add this

      2014-05-19 20:20:05 ghidioneanu

I want tooo! Please

      2014-02-22 15:21:28 valena

I agree, I want it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2014-02-22 13:19:38 visiu4

hello,i didint get this mission. Is it posible get like classical mission??

      2013-09-11 12:43:59 prijain

i want to activate this mission so what i do .. were i find this mission

      2013-08-26 17:42:35 Gabi

I would like to see t in the classics as I missed it, when it was.

      2013-05-31 14:31:51 youknowwho

finished this mission in the last minute...apricot took so much time to harvest

      2013-04-16 10:50:08 ashu50

cant we make apricot chip cookies in old cookie machine?:( coz nw i hav to build another one

      2013-04-15 18:35:28 bgic

finished it.

      2013-04-15 17:39:54 mj


      2013-04-14 09:01:06 mj

PETRO you are mad or what you make eggnog with egg which is in hotdrink machine

      2013-04-14 08:34:17 PETRO


      2013-04-13 10:28:14

The older style cookie machine doesn't have apricot chips selector-I had to build a new cookie machine to complete this mission. Positive thing was, no RC required!!

      2013-04-12 17:30:52 michaeljackson

i love this mission

      user 2013-04-12 15:37:17 mooducky

you get the habitat for the bird as well

      2013-04-12 07:17:07 mj

and mooducky plz tell me that they are only giving the bird but not the habitat where will this bird will live.

      2013-04-12 06:52:35 mj

thanks mooducky thanks a lot........:)

      2013-04-12 06:48:16 shadowfax

The only bad part is I had to buy/construct a new cookie machine because to old machine doesNOT make the apricot chip cookies -grrrrr

      user 2013-04-11 16:23:51 mooducky

you actually only need 25 apricots .. the 25 you dry then get used to make the cookies

      2013-04-11 16:04:23 mj

ofoooooooooo, the mission is very easy but the last task where we need 50 apricot is just making me mad.

      2013-04-09 21:13:47 kr1

Buildings/Kitchen,look at the end, you will see where you can use Blue egg

      2013-04-02 10:22:00 Angel

What i can make from the Blue Egg?

      2013-04-01 15:56:09 family farm

It make's Blue Egg.

      2013-03-31 23:53:29 miss

what does the bird make??

      2013-03-31 16:38:51 ثثق


      2013-03-30 13:43:55 Kinder Bueno

8 RC

      2013-03-30 13:30:01 machinegun

how many rc Dehydrator machine take?

      2013-03-30 11:18:26 Angel

Kinder Bueno thank you:)

      2013-03-30 11:15:53 Kinder Bueno

The bird is real and not decorative

      2013-03-30 10:55:53 Angel

the bird is a decoration or does it produce somthing?

      2013-03-30 03:57:44 Kinder Bueno

Kind of small birds

      2013-03-30 03:39:03 Fady helmy lvl 202

what is the easter egger???

      2013-03-30 03:34:04 Kinder Bueno

1/ Harvest 20 tomatoes . 2/ produce 20 beef . 3/ place and complete a dehydrator . 4/ produce 45 dried beef in the a dehydrator . 5/ produce 45 dried tomatoes in the a dehydrator . 6/ produce 70 cups of hot vanilla milk in the hot drink machine . 7/ produce 70 cups of eggnog in the hot drink machine . 8/ Water the apricot tree4 times with watering can . 9/ Harvest 15 apricot . 10/ produce 25 apricot chips in the a dehydrator . 11/ produce 25 apricot chips cookies in the cookie machine . The reward is / Easter Egger

      2013-03-30 01:38:07 Fazendeiro Feliz

1. Aufgabe Ernte 20 Tomaten Belohnung ? ?Produziere 20 Rindfleisch2. Aufgabe Baue und vervollständige die Trocken Maschine Belohnung ? ? benötigte Materialien zum fertigstellen der Maschine Schraube 10AnfragbarKosten1 Roter Stahlring 10AnfragbarKosten1 Blaue Kontrollstange 1AnfragbarKosten83. Aufgabe Produziere 45 Getrocknetes Rindfleisch Belohnung ? ?Produziere 45 Getrocknete Tomaten4. Aufgabe Produziere 70 heißeVanillemilch Belohnung ? ?Produziere 70 Eierpunsch5. Aufgabe Giesse 4 mal den Aprikosenbaum Belohnung ? ?6. Aufgabe Produziere 25 Getrocknete Aprikosen Belohnung ? ?Produziere 25 Aprikosenkekse

      2013-03-29 21:36:44 Kath

Can we have the run down please.

      2013-03-29 21:31:00 moon soni

update plsssss

      2013-03-29 20:58:28 ببببب

لا اعلم ماذا اكتب