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Limit Mission - Wonderful Workshop
What a nice day today! Billy the Builder is coming to install the Wonderful Workshop on the farm! I can't wait any more!
1. Hello dear! Today is a nice day. Billy the Builder is coming to install the Wonderful Workshop! But he will need his payment. Can you help raise some funds? Billy says it’s worth it!

Sell 60 cups of Mocha Coffee

Sell 60 Loaves of Raisin Bread
30 2
2. I’m so happy! Billy the Builder has arrived! And he has brought the Workshop with him... the Workshop blueprints, that is. We’ll have to build it ourselves! Oh dear oh dear...

Have a Complete Workshop on the farm
30 300
3. Thanks for building the Workshop with me. You’re such a doll. Well, let’s see what it can do, shall we? Do you still have that cute sheep on your farm?

Harvest 60 Wheat

Produce 60 Wool

Craft 15 Wool Bolt in the Workshop
28 280
4. Wool is nice. But I just talked to Billy’s wife on the phone. I could tell from her voice that she’s gotten a cold. I know exactly what she needs: handkerchiefs. Lots of them!

Harvest 10 Silk

Craft 10 Silk Handkerchiefs in the Workshop
30 280
5. Say, isn’t Mrs. Builder’s birthday coming up? A new carpet would look great in her living room!

Harvest 40 Carrots

Produce 40 bundles of Angora Hair

Craft 10 Luxury Carpets in the Workshop
30 280
6. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little thirsty. I know I promised Ol’MacDonald to go easy on the sweets, but boy would I loooove an icecream right now!

Produce 10 Lemon Icecreams

Produce 50 Oatmeal Cookies

Produce 20 cups of Apple Juice
30 2
7. As a matter of fact, it’s Felicia’s birthday soon, too. She’s been so busy this year, so she deserves something special! Can you help me? She loves Lavender!

Harvest 80 Lavender

Craft 20 lavender Dye in the Workshop
30 280
8. Well, you know how to make hankies already, and Felicia would love them too. A new supply in nice wrapping, and I’ll be her favorite granny forever!

Craft 10 Purple Handkerchief in the Workshop

Ask 10 rolls of Gift Wrap from neighbors


 Your name (nick)
9. x 9 =   ?

      2018-09-03 09:07:12 Farmer_Fred

You need 15 Macadamia Yogurt instead of the 50 Oatmeal Cookies

      2013-11-19 12:05:53 roma5

In Germany Week,how to collect flowers from neighbors Thanks roma5

      2013-09-11 13:32:30 ricky

good game

      2013-06-16 20:35:03 little_pegaso

I already have that tree provence beehive from Aladdin mission :D

      2013-05-19 15:44:33 Evelyn

Part 8 is now 15 purple handkercheif not 10. And the yogurt maker needed is the new farmstyle yogurt maker not the older one.

      2013-05-19 12:49:25 pipoca

part 1 - sell 10 cups of white mocha, sell 80 loaves of raisin bread

      2013-05-18 17:09:23 Milkyway

Is there difference between the farmstyle yogurt machine and the other one from the limited mission?

      2013-05-18 16:47:11 Evelyn

Part 6 now it is produce 15 Farmstyle Macadamia Yogurt insted of the 50 oatmeal cookies.

      2013-05-18 09:17:53 Evelyn

In part 5 it is now craft 20 luxury carpets.

      2013-05-16 18:45:22 sawa

any one tell us the changes happened to the mission .....please

      2013-05-16 17:04:06 annie

I play on no classic mission added to the list

      2013-05-15 22:19:09 gabriela

You dont need a provence beehive to complete this mission. The lavender dye is made from lavender, not from provence honey. And purple handkerchief if made from silk handerchief + lavender dye. Great price, but the same price is in Aladin mission, but you can choose between provence beehive tree and weaver habitat.

      user 2013-05-15 20:04:06 mooducky

it's classic mission but they need to update the changes... all I know is step one is SELL 10 white mocha and sell 80 raisin bread

      2013-05-15 19:36:03 cirk

now classic on family farm

      2013-05-07 11:08:14 zah

when we will have this on gamesgames??

      user 2013-04-28 15:25:02 LadyBetis

the sewing machine you have to buy it with RC... We should all send a general email of protest about that never happened mission of the wonderful workshop, they are not going to do anything about it at less we all send a request from our respective games sites, this is very unfair... another unfair thing, with the mission the spring date, they are supposed to give a decoration after making the yogurts, but they haven´t given it, at least not at; but at they have given it cause sometimes i go there, and i have found it in my present box, but after i placed it on my garden, i went back to, and i went it it was not there anymore, if someone got that decoation missing when doing that spring date mission, should also complain, why they gave it for the, but not for the rest of the game-sites?

      2013-04-27 21:50:24 Nadeem

We all need this Providence Honey TREE,i wish that this mission be back again....please.

      2013-04-27 12:30:25 che2

need providence honey,,,,i wish that this mission be back again....pls...pls...pls...

      2013-04-25 21:49:22 pam

in family farm how do you get the sewing machines for the incomplete workshop

      user 2013-04-24 15:23:10 LadyBetis

and how nice, there is a new limited mission now ready to be played, where, what a coincidence, we need to have the provence beehive; lucky for the facebook players they wont have to see another unfinished mission; the rest of us ( the ones we cannot afford to put money on a game), we will have to see it... thanks Plinga!!!!!!!!!

      user 2013-04-24 15:15:03 LadyBetis

the problem is that that LIMITED MISSION was never over cause it never started at all, at least not at and i guess not at any other game site; the problem is that mission only was up in facebook; and i find it very unfair to make a separation between facebook players and no-facebook players, the game should be the same no matter from where one is playing it... i understand facebook must pay very well to the people of the game to give more things to them than to the rest, but i think its disgusting!!

      2013-04-23 15:54:43 lais1990

Hello! I'm from Brazil! Hier the mission start always later! One week later...why? You understand me? I don't know speak verry good Engish... But why always later? I need this urple beehive tree for the mission from the squirrel!!!

      2013-04-23 02:31:54 Nadeem

Please Start this mission again.We all need this Purple beehive TREE ;)

      2013-04-20 22:07:20 Nadeem

When this mission is come again.anyone know about it.

      2013-04-11 04:14:34 k-chan-

This mission never appeared on girlsgogames - any idea if we will get it??

      2013-04-05 18:37:51 cocas

impossible :( too many rc

      2013-04-04 21:12:53 Shahzad

Please HELP me for 50 RC i don't have RC because 15 RC for the Workshop and 8 RC for the Silk tree and the Icecream Machine 14 RC ---HELP FRIENDS.

      2013-04-04 17:28:18 doubt

how can i get this mission?

      2013-04-04 11:48:11 natalie lavande

can anyone please help me raise the Rc this is tooooo much way too much I cant do it please some one heeeellllpppp

      2013-04-03 15:13:58 justin casasr

i dont have alot rc beacause 15rc for the workshop and 8 rc for the silk tree and the ice cream pipe 8 rc

      2013-04-02 12:32:46 provence

just good this of king diary

      2013-04-02 04:13:12 Nana

I haven't got Provence beehive???!!!

      user 2013-03-29 23:27:44 mooducky

I'm guessing AFTER the limited timed mission is over THEN the parts will go on sale... that seems to be the trend I've noticed

      2013-03-29 22:58:15 sawa

we need sale on workshop items please

      2013-03-29 18:55:18 Dusica

this is to much rc .. the workshop cost 15 rc , the icecream machine cost 14 rc , the silk worm bush cost 10 rc ....lemon tree and 10 RC = 49 rc ... this is insane

      2013-03-29 16:51:14 STFU

15RC and you'll get that Workshop along with a Provence Beehive (cost 25RC). What kind of retards would hate it?

      2013-03-29 14:45:24 retros1

This mission is made for people who want to spend a lot of money to purchase RC. F**k them with this

      2013-03-29 13:01:14 Pipoca

I need 15 rc :(

      2013-03-29 11:32:40 natalie lavande

this is to much rc .. the workshop cost 15 rc , the icecream machine cost 14 rc , the silk worm bush cost 10 rc .. this is insane

      2013-03-29 11:09:37 zzz

can't wait to have my workshop! please hurry it up!

      2013-03-29 01:37:37 Dusica

When is it going to be a mission where you do not need the money RC???? This is just a set of missions and many do you need???

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