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For Easter Fun!



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      2017-07-14 21:25:37 FEXMNRC

why does a apricot tree so many dollers now is the game really is said to be

      2014-03-14 16:00:31 fatenhafez

re-put this mission

      2013-05-13 19:59:58 igorio_drauge

family bardn dont get me a mission;/

      user 2013-04-11 15:21:50 LadyMyst

Once again left high and dry at the altar of a mission that does not let us use up the remaining eggs! I was hoping to use the last 59 eggs to buy myself another Nutmeg Tree which was 30 eggs for it. Now I have a valentine tree which is useless and only one great tree the nutmeg one!!! I wonder how long the remaining 59 eggs will stay in my gift box now? LOL!

      2013-04-10 17:45:17

No way! On we had many hours left still! Now the egg you click on to see the rewards is gone because of the squirrel habitat, could you guys please put it back up? I couldn't find a way to send a ticket in on girlsgogames to the makers of Family Barn, as it's called on girlsgogames, so I am hoping what I write here, they will see.

      2013-04-10 14:00:27 cherzza

eggs gone from family barn and not fair

      2013-04-09 20:59:40 JayFront

Annie, lots and lots of pasture and cucumbers. Nonstop. All day. Pasture, pasture, pasture. That is how I got my Easter Bunny the day before Easter, as well as my Christmas Pegasus back in December. Each took about 4 or 5 days. Pasture, cucumber, pasture. Nonstop. All day.

      2013-04-09 12:18:04 annie

I just need glow horse now which means 160 eggs in 24 hours. can anyone help me?

      2013-04-09 01:13:49 Nadeem

Robin - You are Welcome,hope you are fine there ;)Take care.

      2013-04-05 16:58:05 Robin S

@Nadeem- Thank you for trying to help me. I noticed that sometimes (in other missions) you have to do only one thing at a time. So I have tried several different crops. When I do all my trees (about 80) I get 5 eggs. So it is VERY slow going. But thank you and thanks to all that posts helpful tricks here. Happy Friday to you all.

      2013-04-02 16:36:33 sana

missions impossible

      2013-04-02 00:14:10 Nadeem

Dear Robin : I am really sorry for that but I harvested 100Pasture's in Facebook Family Farm and received 10 eggs.Please find another Crop may be they give You more EGGS. BEST Wishes.

      2013-04-01 21:31:10 famu66

guyz,dis is nt so bad...harvest pastures..i get only 1 fr 100 harvests.but at times i get it depends upon d chance!no complaints..if u r restless u can buy those things..within 5 days i got 83..n its fyn fr me!my sis got 90 smthing...dats wat bothers me!click on d t b harvested crop fastly..dnt wait fr it t b collected..keep on clicking on all t b harvested dis i think u'll get more,dis is hw i got it

      2013-04-01 17:31:48 RobinS

@Nadeem I harvested 50 Pasture's in Facebook Family Farm and received 0 eggs :-(

      2013-03-29 20:10:51 Nadeem

Harvest Pasture for Lots of Easter Eggs.. :)

      2013-03-29 15:35:12 Anusha

I didn't get any egg all day. I'm harvesting a lot of pineaples, but no eggs. This mission is impossible :s (playing on fb)

      2013-03-29 14:13:21 retros1

This is missions are crazy. You can't get all reward. It's unable to do it. 8 days left and i have only the first tree for 30 eggs + another 50 eggs. Stupid mission really

      2013-03-28 16:54:28 Annie

I harvested 300 plots and 50 trees but only 1 egg. Does anyone know which crop should I grow to get more eggs?

      2013-03-28 11:59:36 vitx

easter egg mission is started today at my sitee!!! after one week!! only 13 days are leftt!! :S

      2013-03-28 04:22:13 Kaaha

Again. Same story as with hearts and snow flakes. I harvested around 200 trees and 1000 plots and I got 18 eggs! I will never be able to redeem those reward.

      user 2013-03-27 22:20:39 mooducky

I think some versions of the game are having issues with this i know facebook "happy land" version is having trouble ... and also know that the developers of the game have been made aware of the issue.... so hopefully it will get fixed tonight

      2013-03-27 21:59:14 Roos_Mw

Is this mission over yet? I don't think 15 days have passed since it started. I play on Facebook, am I the only one who experienced this?

      user 2013-03-27 06:29:08 Ayre

Yay! Let's hope it works this time. Cross your fingers guys! :)

      2013-03-27 05:44:56 mj

easter egg is comed

      2013-03-25 22:45:37 JayFront

@Mooducky, I play Family Barn @ The missions there don't start until about a week after they are posted here. The Romeo and Juliet mission and the Limit missions never did start. The Collect Love mission did nothing but allow for me to collect useless Christmas snowflakes. @Anonymous, thanks for posting a screenshot of the "New" page I was referring to and for answering Mooducky regarding the "technical problems" that some of us were having. It makes sense to me now why it is that some of us are able to buy these things while others can't.

      2013-03-25 16:41:52

@mooducky We didnt have 2 valentines missions and we can only buy these items, that we should get for free. We must spend 80 RC, becouse they had over 3 weeks "technical problems".

      user 2013-03-25 15:57:07 mooducky

JayF .... what version of the game are you playing .. because the facebook version of FAMILY FARM shows NONE of those items for sale under the new tab .. and many of them are not avaiable at all to buy in family farm facebook version

      2013-03-25 05:06:36 JayFront

I have 6 Valentine Chocolate trees. I bought them in the shop for 5 RC each. Click on the "Specials" tab, then click on the "New" tab. Click on the right arrow to go to the last page... it is the last item. It may be different for others, but that is where/how I bought mine. The "Easter Fun" mission hasn't started yet for me, though. If it is anything like the "Collect Love" mission was, then I'll end up with a bunch of useless snowflakes instead of Easter Eggs!

      2013-03-25 02:23:17 anjelgirl2003

The Valentines chocolate tree is NOT available in the shop at all

      2013-03-24 20:13:59 Brasil

Onde aparece isso?

      2013-03-24 09:18:21 dawny

i think the diference is that i dont see the valentine chocolate tree (which produces valentine chocolate when harvested) in the store either. but the regular chocolate tree (which produces regular chocolate) is available in the store for various amounts of rc depending on which version of this game you play. hope this is the case and clears up the confusion. btw, i am one that already has these things except for the final prize of course. yes i am more than willing tocollect more of each thing that is there tho. makes it easier to do things faster. :-)

      2013-03-23 23:46:53 LadyBetis

well Sasha the valentines chocolate tree costs 5 cash in the shop, sorry if u cannot find it, not my problem, and i am free to have my opinion about things, and don´t tell me what i have to do.... WHAT a SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      2013-03-23 21:41:26 Dusica

what is planted that would be collected the eggs???? I can not believe the picked more than 50 trees or one egg me???? picked the tulip fields where only 2 out of 171 eggs me??? Then how is it collected????? Why are we doing this like this game????

      2013-03-23 18:23:30 mj

i already have all of these thigs

      2013-03-23 17:49:14 Sasha

The Valentine's Chocolate tree cannot be bought in the store and many players (including me) don't have the Easter egg machine yet. If you don't want to do it, then don't. I'll happily collect lots of nutmeg trees along the way.

      user 2013-03-23 13:29:28 LadyBetis

What a joke!!! I like the finnal prize, but what we need to get first are just crap!!! already got a nutmeg tree, a colourfull horse and the machine .. and that chocolate tree you can buy on the shop for only 5 RC, but here if you don´t want to wait til you have the 70 eggs, you can get it for 20 RC !!! what a shit!!!!! and anyway, perhpas they will just do the same they did with the hearts event, we never got to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!