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Visit From Chinese Dumpling Master


Ni hao! I am Kung Fu Master Yin Yang. Ol'MacDonald is good friend of me! Yes! Famous poet Wang Bo from Tang Dynasty said: A Bosom Friend Afar Brings A Distant Land Near. So I think, Chinese New Year is good time to visit neighbors! Yes!


1. Firstly, let’s chase away bad spirits. Unfortunately, my Kung Fu skills are of no use here. If you find way to chase away bad spirits, then after that we will eat!

Place a Drum on your farm to chase away bad spirits

12 180

2. Xie xie, for getting rid of bad spirits! Now I want to share ancient Dumpling recipe with you. But I have small problem. Recipe Scroll is lost! I remember you need carrots. If you make them, I will find back the Recipe Scroll, and give to you!

Plant 20 Carrots
Harvest 20 Carrots

15 200

3. Recipe Scroll says how to make Dumplings, they need special machine. Normally this is very expensive, but I have friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. He says he make special price for you, good friend!

Complete building a Steam Dumpling Machine

20 200

4. Real Chinese Dumplings have many flavors. My favorites are Beef Dumplings. Beef is good for you. Many proteins! Good for little boy like Darryl. Yes!
Get a Charolais Cattle to produce Beef faster.

Harvest 35 Pasture
Produce 35 Beef by feeding the Pasture to any Cattle

22 220

5. Beef looks good. Yes! But just like Kung Fu, making good Dumplings take many years of practice. But maybe with machine, it can go faster.

Produce 50 Beef Steam Dumpling with Beef, Carrot, and Wheat Flour

25 220

6. Now, I want to show you Ancient Book of Dim Sum. But problem is, it got lost about 2,222 years ago. That is the time of the Terracotta Army of first emperor of China. Maybe Terracotta Warriors have the Ancient Book of Dim Sum!

Find the Ancient Book of Dim Sum in one of the Terracotta Warriors

28 250

7. Wow, you are so great! You found the Dim Sum book, so important in Chinese history. I know cousin of a friend of an uncle of a friend of a brother, he works in the government. I will tell him to record your name in Chinese history. Yes!

Harvest 60 Corn
Produce 60 Rooster Meat by feeding Corn to the Roosters

25 300

8. Let’s make Dim Sum according to Ancient Recipe now. Hey, what is this? It says in the Dim Sum book, you can get Fortune Cookies from Apple Juice!? Wow, visit your farm is so exciting! I want to take Fortune Cookies back to China!

Produce 70 Chicken Dim Sum by putting Rooster Meat, Carrot, and Wheat Flour in the Dumpling Machine
Find 10 Fortune Cookies when producing Apple Juice

30 280





 Your name (nick)
9. x 8 =   ?

      2014-01-24 06:08:19

we need it. please bring it back again in classic

      2014-01-23 14:03:56

can you bring it back again please?

      2013-12-28 05:20:28 daiana

melani princesa

      2013-12-28 05:18:49 daiana

muy dificil uuuuuuu dedo para abajo

      2013-11-28 21:23:55 dema

can u bring it back again plz in classic ??

      2013-08-29 10:36:07 wolf959

i don't need this merino ship i won it in the mini slot

      2013-06-12 11:47:28 yoyo

spent 10 RC and got the dumpling machine. won the merino sheep. but deep regret. havent used both the machine and the sheep ever since. waste of 10RC to win something which is lying unused in my warehouse. no task/mission ever asks u to make dumplings. and mutton is used nowhere else.

      2013-03-19 00:53:08 LegoHeroFactory

I finished this in 1 day and i didn't skip tasks in ranch cash

      2013-03-13 02:55:23 familybarnmaker

so easy i finished it in one day because of ranch cash

      2013-03-03 05:07:12 ashnamaheen

am in 5th job

      2013-03-03 05:06:31 ashnamaheen

it reuires only ten RCs and u wil get a marino sheep....:D

      2013-03-02 21:19:00 bgic

im at 6 in 15 mins

      2013-03-02 10:51:48 khuzaimayasmeen

yes it is easyy

      2013-03-02 10:51:14 ashnamaheen

this mission is so easyyyyyy :)

      2013-03-02 09:01:58 shoaib

rooster coop is in habitat tab in the store :)

      2013-03-02 06:28:11 Eowynn86

Merino Sheep is the produces mutton (sheep meat) for you to put in your dumpling machine.

      2013-03-01 22:04:02 shurara

OH!I saw it now!It belongs habitats,but the weird thing is I search 'rooster' couple times didn't come out……

      2013-03-01 21:56:21 shurara

@happyme: nothing,it didn't work at all! @asd:HOW?I checked store no rooster coop,only chicken coop and red chicken coop.they produce eggs.

      2013-03-01 12:28:18 happyme

what do you get at the end?

      2013-03-01 10:28:16 asd

You can still get the rooster coop, and the first level doesn't require any rcs

      2013-03-01 07:17:13 shurara

I could do this mission easily if heart mission working fine I would get rooster coop,now I can't!!Unacceptable!!

      2013-03-01 05:56:43 MachineGun Childers

how many rc it get

      2013-02-28 00:14:26 Mała Mi

interesujące :-)

      2013-02-27 19:27:36 Maria

Produce mutton

      2013-02-27 19:23:42 mmm


      2013-02-27 17:36:49 sas

what is this