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Swan Lake


The following happened one day, when OI'MacDonald took Felicia out fishing on the lake next to the farm. All of a sudden, some strange looking water creatures surfaced and started talking...


1. Please somebody help us! Our beautiful princess has been cursed by the evil sorcerer! The only one that can lift the curse is the Prince. But the sorcerer has cast a spell on him, so now he doesn’t remember the Princess! Oh no! We need to calm down, please give us a drink first!

Harvest 20 Grapes
Produce 20 bottles of Milk

15 150

2. Now that we’ve had a drink, let us tell you more. We are Swans and we live in this lake. When the sun is up, the Princess becomes a Swan. Before the curse, when the Prince and the Princess met, it was very romantic. Maybe the Prince needs something to help him remember that!

Place a Love Sign to help the Prince remember the Princess

15 200

3. We know the couple is going to the lake to have a romantic picnic! Can you provide some products from your farm? I am sure that when the Prince sees the picnic, he will gain some of his memories back!

Buy and complete a Pudding Machine

20 300

4. Let’s include pudding in the picnic; they used to talk about how much they love pudding. The only thing we don’t remember is the recipe. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself!

Harvest 10 Maple Syrup
Produce 10 Grape Pudding with Grape, Milk and Maple Syrup

25 220

5. Great! Now produce some chocolate pudding! As soon as the sweet desserts melt on his tongue he should totally recover! And we would like to get some too!

Harvest 8 Chocolate
Produce 8 Chocolate Pudding using Maple Syrup, Milk and Chocolate

30 300

6. Gak gak! That pudding tastes awesome. But it doesn’t really look like a lovers’ picnic with just pudding. Can you make something else now?

Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheeses
Produce 10 glasses of Cherry Juice

30 280

7. It worked! He finally remembers! See how happy they are! But... Who is that? Oh no! The evil sorcerer! He is trying to confuse the Prince with a lot of fake Princesses! Help him to find the real one!

Find the real Princess


8. Well, you did a good job there, recognizing the real Princess among so many fake ones. But the sorcerer won’t accept his defeat. Ask your friends for help!

Fertilize your neighbours’ farm 20 times

30 300

9. Together we managed to defeat him! You see how useful friends are? Let us stop the curse with a beautiful marriage. But getting married is expensive. You’ll need to produce more products and sell them for a good price!

Produce 50 Cornmeal
Produce 50 loaves of Corn Bread in the Baker

35 350

10. Hmm, from our Swan point of view, we’d say that you have enough coins now. We can start with the party preparations. You can’t have a wedding without roses!

Harvest 60 Love Roses
Harvest 60 Love Fruits

35 320

11. We have this wonderful idea for a wedding cake. Actually, it’s not our own idea. We just saw it at Donny’s Dessert Shop when we were flying over there. He was making a wedding cake made from a tower of Love Cakes! Can you do that too?

Produce 60 Love Cakes
Produce 15 White Chocolate Apricot in the Chocolate Fountain

40 320

12. Hooray! It worked! Finally the curse is lifted! Things in the Swan Lake will now return to normal. We are so happy! And the Prince and Princess are even happier, look at them! Can we stay for a little longer so we can celebrate all together?

Feed Cherries to the Giraffe to produce 30 Avocado
Produce 30 Avocado Salad in the Salad Machine

40 450





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      2013-10-01 14:36:47 jeje

please return this mission , i want swan lake .

      2013-09-21 23:37:55 Mentiroso Mentiroso

friend is not necessary because it is already in the store as habitat just have to spend 6RC

      2013-09-21 12:13:07 nahil

can this mission come again please thanks

      2013-03-02 21:18:08 bgic

valentine tree?

      2013-03-02 21:17:48 bgic


      2013-03-02 17:48:52 walking dead

You will get a LOVE ROSE TREE

      2013-02-26 19:06:29 Jaz

Anyone who is doing the mission and doesn't have a donkey mill for the cornmeal then complete visit to grandma's in the classic missions as well as it is one of the steps in the mission to complete the donkey mill

      2013-02-26 11:08:05 shurara

@diane it's random(all kind find something or someone part)

      2013-02-26 10:47:38 shurara

in my case I need 27RC(pudding machine 9RC+donkey mill 10RC+giraffe habitat 8RC).then I found a swan pond cost 25RC,don't know what that tree it is but look like a decoration,so I don't really want to do this mission.

      2013-02-25 18:51:20

U forgot about chocolate trees: white chocolate for 8 RC and chocolate tree for 5 RC...

      2013-02-25 16:43:16 grrrrrr

It's 54 RC!!!! 9RC (pudding machine) + 10RC (donkey mill) + 7RC (cake machine) + 12RC (apricot tree) + 8RC (giraffe habitat) + 8RC (salad machine) = 54RC!!!!!! too many missions, far too much cash needed... we will need a money tree...

      2013-02-25 11:52:00 michael

42 RC offf...... this game always wants RC

      2013-02-25 11:48:22 diane

did someone find the Princess? where?

      2013-02-25 09:15:48 bgic

for me its only 9.

      2013-02-24 06:40:53 emma litania

total:7 RC + 10 RC + 8 RC + 8 RC + 9 = 42 RC ! ! ! (7Rc =cake machine,10 Rc=donkey mill,8=salad ,8 = girafe habitat,9= pudding machine http://

      director 2013-02-21 16:26:31 bartmaz

@mark On facebook, we have to wait.

      2013-02-21 16:13:03 mark

where did you find the mission? Is not in my missions!!!

      2013-02-21 15:31:22 natalie lavande

what the dead line for this mission ??

      2013-02-20 12:29:49 annie

what is the cost of pudding machine?

      2013-02-20 04:17:58 Kath

Thanks that is much better. Im a happy camper now !!!

      admin 2013-02-19 08:29:43 Justysia

@Kath it's already in English

      2013-02-19 08:05:59 Kath

Can we have this in bloody English.

      user 2013-02-18 16:56:35 LadyBetis

If they ever make this game only playable from bloody facebook, that will be the day i stop play this game and anyother... the hell with facebook, oh yeah lets play farm and have coffee through facebook hahahahhahahahah

      user 2013-02-18 16:54:16 LadyBetis

there is an apricot tree in the shop; page 2, costs 12 cash

      user 2013-02-18 16:52:17 LadyBetis

what in the name of God is this? why the hell is inchinise????????? and anyway, why dont they start all the missions we are waiting for? RomeoJulieta, Carnival I and II; Yogur Fest II; the hearts event!!!!

      user 2013-02-17 20:24:40 mooducky

the tree is in the store under // special... then new ( on page 3 cost 12 RC)

      2013-02-17 13:47:56 bgic

whts that last thing?

      2013-02-17 12:43:00 justy

Cool and cute

      2013-02-17 10:08:59 Doris Evon

There is no Apricot Tree in the market, maybe the tree in step 7 is an Apricot tree?

      2013-02-17 09:58:28 Doris Evon

Also, I have a tip for everyone. When you harvest your trees, do not sell or use anything, save it up for the missions (especially the Chocolate, White Chocolate and Maple Syrup).

      2013-02-17 09:49:37 Doris Evon

I can try to translate most of this. First, let me say that this website should have a Facebook page. It would be much easier for all of us to comunicate and meet. STEP 1: Harvest 20 grapes (10 hour crop) Make 20 bottles of milk STEP 2 does not exist. This was probably cancelled before the mission was released. STEP 3: Buy and complete a Pudding Machine. STEP 4 Make 10 bottles of Maple Syrup (harvest maple trees) Make 10 Grape Pudding (made from Grapes, Milk and Maple Syrup STEP 5 Harvest 8 Chocolate (from Chocolate trees) Make * Chocolate Pudding (made from Chocolate, Milk and Maple Syrup) STEP 6 Make 40 Buffalo Milk (feed Cucumbers to your Buffalo) Make 10 glasses of Cherry Juice ( made in the Juice Machine) STEP 7 I am not sure of this. This is probably a game where you have to help Felecia find something. I am not sure of the tree. This is new. STEP 8 Your probably have to ask your neighbors for this item (looks like fertilizer). STEP 9 Make 50 bags of Cornmeal (make in the Windmill). Make 50 Cornbread (made in the Baker using Cornmeal, Eggs and Milk) STEP 10 Harvest 60 Love Roses Harvest 60 Love Fruit STEP 11 Make 60 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine (using Love Fruit,Eggs and Wheat Flour) Make 15 White Cocolate Apricots in the Chocolate Fountain ( make with Apricots and White Chocolate) STEP 12 Harvest 30 Avocados (feed Cherries to your Giraffe Habitat) Make 30 Avocado Salads in the Salad Maker ( use Avocados, Cucumber and Tomato) The prize is a Swan Lake (produces Feathers when fed with Daisy) HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

      2013-02-17 04:16:30 Annie

can somebody translate?