Vida en la granja - Vida en la Granja Marina - Información y ayuda en el juego.


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Romeo and Juliet


I never get mail from a secret admirer on Valentine's Day. Grandma says I am just too young for that, and I shouldn't make a drama out of it. But... that's exactly what I'm going to do! I'm going to put the dramatic play of Romeo & Juliet on stage, right here on the farm! Are you in?


1. I know the story from my teacher in school. It starts with a masked ball. Romeo and Juliet meet here, in the garden, for the first time. While I ask around who will play the roles of Romeo and Juliet, can you prepare the rose garden?

Plant 12 Love Rose
Harvest 12 Love Rose

12 120

2. Great, Frank from Frank's Diner will play Romeo! So, Romeo is walking around in the rose garden, enjoying his wine, and then he sees Juliet. Oh Wine. Do you have some ready?

Harvest 20 Grapes
Produce 20 bottles of (Red) Wine

20 180

3. I don't believe in love at first sight. I do believe that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Since I am the director, there will be a big dinner in this play. We need food for the dinner scene!

Produce 30 glasses of Grape Juice
Produce 30 Milk Cheese

25 220

4. To show how much they loved each other we should also show their first love on stage. Felicia says she is willing to play Juliet, but ONLY if she gets some Chocolate.

Produce 15 Chocolate Coated Macadamia in the Chocolate Coating Machine
Produce 15 Chocolate Truffle in the Chocolate Coating Machine


5. And so they meet. Romeo falls in love in at dinner, so much so, that he asks Juliet to marry him right away! Romeo really did not waste any time!

Ask 10 wedding rings from friends

30 200

6. Juliet is very much in love too, so she says yes! Too bad their families are feuding and hate each other to the bone. So, Romeo and Julia need to go out of their ways to pursuade the pastor to marry them by giving him something precious. Hmm, who will play the pastor?

Feed Ginkgo Nut to the Dinosaur to produce 15 Dinosaur Eggs

35 280

7. I found a pastor! Ol'MacDonald will play him. So, Ol'MacDonald joins Romeo and Juliet in matrimony. But their families are not convinced! One cousin, played by me, starts a fight with Romeo and finds himself killed by him. We need to create fake blood!

Harvest 50 Tomotoes

Harvest 50 Cherry Tomotoes

30 250

8. Well, no killing goes unpunished. Romeo is no exception. So Romeo is exiled from the city. Only problem is, Frank (who plays Romeo) is not so familiar on this farm, so you'll have to find the right way for him!

Find the right way out of the city

35 300

9. Well folks, the drama is not even halfway yet. Juliet is now all alone, and her parents force her to marry someone else! But the pastor knows what to do: make a potion that will make Juliet look as if she is dead. But this is fake!

Produce 60 bottles of Mulled Wine in the Hot Drink Machine

35 300

10. Wow, with all that milk Felicia will look great as the sleeping Juliet. Unfortunately, Romeo comes back and thinks she is really dead! And he can't live without Juliet! So he decides to drink a goblet filled with poison... This is drama! (But remember: it's just a play!)

Produce 70 glasses of Grape Juice as fake poison

35 290

11. Now the final act! Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo...dead! Oh no! And then she proves that she and her Romeo share the same thoughts. She decides to kill herself too... Well of course, not really. After all, it is just a drama play.

Ask 20 Fake Daggers from friends so Juliet can fake-kill herself

40 340

12. Actually the ending is not that bad, for Romeo and Juliet can finally find each other in the after life. Let's have a big applause for our cast: Frank as Romeo, Felicia as Juliet, Ol'MacDonald as the pastor, and myself as the killed cousin!

Put up a Flower Arch on the farm to honor the actors

30 500




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      2013-08-03 15:32:48 -esther30

Esta ya se hio en

      2013-03-13 14:20:04 Lala

Esta misión no aparece aún y la máquina de premio ya está como opción de compra en la tienda ( ¿Alguien sabe si algún día la activaran?

      2013-03-07 11:06:17

ahora me tengo que gastar 15 GC que no tengo para comprar la fuente de chocolate para hacer la misión de el lago de los cisnes ... no es justo!!!

      2013-03-04 13:31:16 nems

A mi también me parece mal que no hayan puesto las misiones de San Valentín, cuando yo cosechaba me ponía como que me daban algo pero despúes no podía ver el que me daban y encima todos tienen ahora el habitat de los perezosos menos yo porque a mi no me sale, lo busco en la tienda y tampoco esta.

      2013-02-25 13:41:44 samiyjk

Hola! alguien me podria decir porque esta misión tampoco la subieron, ni la del corazón ni ninguna de las misiones de san valentin. Y los premios? nos tenemos que quedarsin ellos o no losdaran más adelante en otras misiones? porque no es justo que unos los puedan tener y otros no. Queremos igualdad para todos los jugadores independiente del país o la lataforma en la que jueguen....