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Classic Mission - Carnival
Wow! My friends have e-mailed me some pictures of them celebrating Carnival in Brazil. So great, with all these costumes and all! I wish I was there... But wait! Why not throw our own Carnival?
1. First and foremost, we need to ask Grandma Blair the permission for the party. She’s on the terrace with her lady friends. They won’t be able to resist this farm’s quality wine!

Produce 10 bottles of Apple Wine in the Fruit Wine Machine

Make 40 bottles of White Grape Wine in the Wine Maker
20 180
2. Now that Grandma said yes, we can think about what to wear! Darryl and his friends want to dress up as the Joker! He’s such a funny little fella!

Harvest 10 Mangos

Find 10 Joker Masks when harvesting Mangos
3. Now we need the parade to start. But wait! Where is Little Darryl? He has to learn how to throw the candy from the float. But I can’t find him because he’s wearing a mask!

Find Little Darryl in this group of kids
25 280
4. Ha, great you found Darryl! That’s really good. The only things we need now are the float and the candy. Let’s leave it to Ol’MacDonald to build the float, and make the candy ourselves!

Produce 15 Peach Candies in the Candy Machine

Produce 15 Lychee Candies in the Candy Machine
30 300
5. Little Darryl’s all set to throw candy, and Ol’MacDonald has finished building the Carnival Float. Let’s finish these candies fast so we can get rolling!

Produce 10 Mango Lollipops in the Lollipop Machine
30 300
6. Felicia wants to wear a beautiful costume and mask, just like she saw in Brazil. With our home made materials, it will look even better!

Craft 5 Wool Bolt in the Workshop

Craft 2 bottles of Carmine Dye in the Workshop
35 350
7. The parade is awesome! Everybody is singing and dancing! If only we had some drums, it would be even more perfect.

Collect 15 Drums from your friends
30 200
8. Oh, the Parade has crossed the whole farm, and is now reaching the end. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop partying! Time for food and drinks!

Produce 15 Banana Cakes

Produce 20 glasses of Baobob Juice
35 280



 Your name (nick)
5. x 8 =   ?

      2018-07-10 02:49:47

your own

      2016-10-10 09:30:14 lunalu

harvest mangoes from your own tree... or frnds??? will it count!

      2016-02-29 20:35:42 alin


      user 2015-04-14 06:44:16 bennadas

it is here again :)

      2014-03-23 00:03:50 MadalinaTeleman

this one I missed....

      2013-10-31 08:40:12 ecila nigatarab

reprendre la mission

      manager 2013-08-17 17:17:52 mooducky

the mission names have nothing to do with what the reward is ... the Carnival Mission was first released back in February even before they had the Carnival Horse ( reward for finishing the march calendar)

      2013-08-17 16:31:18 jinu

why the prize is a glow horse where as the name of the mission is carnival.I need carnival horse.

      2013-06-17 20:10:58

Is this for fb players only???

      2013-06-17 19:17:05 Gema

10 mangos = 10 joker masks!!! brilliant! Just got my bamboo tree as reward - happy! :)

      2013-06-16 13:55:30 nastia

what does the glow horse give?

      2013-06-15 17:40:19 Chris

what has the glow horse got to do with a Carnival?????? Shouldnt it be the Carnival horse for those who missed it last time

      2013-06-15 11:09:29 Lexie

I agree we just had something and now I have two glo horses..can't you please do a different kind of horse - please consider...

      2013-06-15 07:03:09

please change reward to Irish horse, or maybe let us choose between the Irish horse and the glow horse, thanks!

      2013-06-15 04:19:15 SHOAIB

plzz change the reward to irish horse.everyone is having 2 or at least one glow horse. so plzz change it

      2013-06-15 02:39:40 aramis

if the reward was Irish horse or weaver bird habitat ,I think it would be better

      2013-06-15 00:01:22 Afi

change the reward

      2013-05-31 11:31:10 youknowwho

i missed this mission...hope to win the weaver bird habitat in alladdin mission...

      2013-02-25 01:11:29 my name is confident

but you only need 25-ish turf for the monkey habitat. and you feed them bananas.

      2013-02-21 15:44:10

I had 5 masks with the first five apple trees :)

      2013-02-21 11:59:01 Jaz

Roughly how many apples do you need to harvest to collect all the masks?

      2013-02-20 17:01:59 Justme

Baobob come from monkey habitat. Cheers.

      2013-02-20 16:37:01 Diane

how can i get baobob? pls help :'(

      2013-02-20 14:18:09 Bambi


      2013-02-20 12:41:03 annie

which one is darryl?

      2013-02-20 08:46:12 armoni

Kate: 12 RC

      2013-02-19 06:03:31 Kate

How many RC do we need for the lollipop machine?

      2013-02-18 15:40:09 annie

its been a long time..when will this mission be available to non fb ?

      user 2013-02-18 15:08:40 ctrepte

Another mission still not available to non-Facebook players. Will this ever become available to "common" players?

      2013-02-15 22:43:03 Sakti

Any hints on which one is Darryl?

      2013-02-14 12:16:39 frank

where is this mission?

      2013-02-11 12:34:59 mihay family barn

Weaver bird habbitat.

      2013-02-10 12:02:04 add:william lutters,

Totalnya 30 erce karena 12 lolipop,8 pohon cokelat,10 pohon lemon

      2013-02-10 10:21:11 blah blah blah

what kind of bird is it pls tell me because i really want to know

      2013-02-09 05:31:32 Nicky

So very eazy...:D

      2013-02-07 14:00:03 Jaz

When is this mission coming out?

      2013-02-03 09:03:56 amazing pupil


      2013-02-02 14:54:10

what kind of bird is it and what will it do?

      2013-02-02 13:56:18 AxiaStowe

so cute

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