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Yogurt Fest


The Annual World Yogurt Festival is coming up! Help Grandma Blair to participate in this Festival. She is determined to win at least one Yogurt of the Year Award!


1. Participation starts with registration, but how to do that? Where are the registration forms?

Harvest 20 Vanilla
Collect 5 Enrollment Forms when harvesting Grapes (50%)

20 200

2. Special for the occasion, Grandma Blair says she will build a brand new, farmstyle yogurt machine.

Buy and Build a Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

30 300

3. Both taste and nutrition are of utmost importance to win the Contest. That's why Grandma uses Buffalo Millk and Vanilla as the fixed ingredients for all her delicious and nourishing farmstyle yogurts.
Harvest 30 Cucumbers
Feed Cucumbers to the Buffalo to produce 30 Buffalo Milk

30 300

4. The competition consists of 3 rounds. The first round is to submit a breakfast style yogurt with fresh baked bread. Let’s make some top quality products! Raisins will be the key!

Use Grapes, Vanilla and Buffalo Milk to produce 40 Farmstyle Raisin Yogurts
Use Grapes and Oat Flour in the Fruit Bread Machine to produce 40 Raisin Bread

5. For the second round, Grandma insists that her yogurt should be served with fresh, out of the oven cookies. For this, her secret weapon will be Oats.

Use Oat, Vanilla and Buffalo Milk to produce 60 Farmstyle Oat Yogurts
Use Oat, Wheat Flour and Milk to produce 60 Oatmeal Cookies

40 380

6. Wow! Grandma made into the final round! She has decided to submit her Farmstyle Walnut yogurt. Wait a moment...Oh no! She can’t find the nutcracker to chop the walnuts. Let’s help her!

Find the nutcracker for Grandma


7. Ok, now that we have the nutcracker, let’s get crackin’ and start making this Walnut Yogurt!

Harvest 20 Walnuts
Use Walnut, Vanilla and Buffalo Milk to produce 20 Farmstyle Walnut Yogurts

45 420

8. Grandma has decided to serve the Walnut Yogurt with an Avocado Salad. That should impress the judges!

Feed Cherries to the Giraffe to produce 20 Avocado
Use Avocado, Cucumbers and Tomatoes to produce 20 Avocado Salads

48 450

9. Hooray! Grandma made it! Her Farmstyle Walnut Yogurt has won the reward for Best Farmstyle Yogurt. Let’s throw a big party to celebrate this.

Produce 120 bottles of Champagne in the Wine Maker
Produce 25 cups of Orange Juice in the Juice Machine

50 500





 Your name (nick)
8. x 10 =   ?

      2015-05-07 17:52:02 sindi

please add it in classic missions plzzzz i need this reed chicken crop

      2014-11-16 00:49:13 Afi

please add in classic mission

      2014-03-14 16:01:45 fatenhafez

Please add this is classic mission. I love this one

      2014-03-10 19:35:19 AFI

Please add this is classic mission. I love this one.

      2013-10-12 01:12:01 afi

please add this in classic mission. i love this mission

      2013-06-01 03:11:31 Wee777

What happened to this yogurt feast? It is not in classic missions any more.

      2013-02-26 10:56:05 shurara

I'm glad I given up last two step,I spent RC to build warehouse. cause I just found the red chicken coop 50000 coins,a red chicken 4000 coins——no rc

      user 2013-02-06 00:06:12 mooducky

it's really random .think i got it in about 20 grapes .. but keep in mind if you don't already have some grapes stored you'll need 80 for the mission

      2013-02-05 20:23:19 Jaz

Roughly how many grapes do you need to harvest to receive all the enrollment forms?

      2013-02-01 10:30:46 Favole

@Merd You need the tree house. You can buy it in the store. If you put the trees you want to move into your tree storehouse and then go to the garden ranch, you can take the trees out of the tree house there and place them on your garden ranch. :)

      2013-01-20 02:18:13 Merd

how do u move trees to the garden ranch

      2013-01-19 10:29:16 nick

what is the use of red egg?

      2013-01-19 09:34:55 DorfLeben

i found the nutcracker on top, in the ananas.

      2013-01-17 17:09:36 Barbee

LOL OK, I will keep trying! Thanks again for your help! :-)

      2013-01-17 16:48:18 elp

It+s completely random, there are no hints.

      2013-01-17 16:06:24 Barbee

Any hints as to where the nutcracker is hidden? Thanks so much for your help! :-)

      2013-01-16 15:03:03 bootchy

its Cashew tree

      2013-01-16 09:36:02 Jenni Mohammed Tuck

menghasilakan apa pitik itu? Apa makanan pitik merah jago itu?

      2013-01-16 07:58:43 Farmer1

The tree in step 6 is a walnut tree. There is no cashew tree.

      2013-01-15 19:26:29

Milk pot (4RC), mix tank (6RC), yogurt cup x 10 (free gift), milk pipe x 10 (free gift).

      2013-01-15 19:03:01 nick

what are the materials required for Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

      2013-01-15 18:32:16 nick

Vanilla 120 Cucumber 50 Buffalo Milk 120 Grapes 80 Oat 120 Oat Floor 40 Walnut 20 Milk 60 Wheat Floor 60 Cherries 20 Tomato 20 Chardonnay 120 Orange 25

      2013-01-15 16:31:34 dz

can you add mission of africa cup of nations 2013 !!!!!!!

      2013-01-15 15:27:07 andreas jualkan

Fajn už to vim že to je oříšek kešu díky(((

      2013-01-15 15:24:51 andreas jualkan

What is this tree?

      director 2013-01-15 15:23:52 bartmaz

Red eggs and this tree is a cashew.

      2013-01-15 15:19:51 PrinceMax

What is this new tree u get in step 6 ??

      2013-01-15 15:19:09 PrinceMax

What does the new coop produce ??

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