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Happy 2013!


Year 2013 is nearing! Grandma Blair is throwing a big New Year's Party for all her friends and family. The theme is: We are all in the same world. Let's help her prepare international things!


1. In many countries, people clean their houses to welcome the coming New Year. They say it gets rid of evil spirits. Let’s do some beautifying too!
Decorate your farm with a Red New Year Tree
Harvest 20 Lavender and enjoy their fragrance

20 200

2. Bringing light to dark days is a symbol of a new beginning across the world too, light up your farm life for the New Year!
Buy and Complete the Glow Stick Machine

30 300

3. Ready to make some great Glow Sticks now! Let’s chase off the dark spirits of last year!
Harvest 10 Fireflies from the Firefly Tree
Use Lavender and Fireflies to make 20 Purple Glow Sticks

30 300

4. Armenian farmers eat bread with coins in it. If you find a coin, it means good luck!
Find the bread with coins
Find the bread with coins. You get 1 free chance every 8 hours. Or get a free chance right away for 6 RC.

40 350

5. In many countries, people make vows for the New Year. Little Darryl promises he will take better care of his stuff. Felicia vows to eat less chocolate and drink more fruit juice!
Harvest 4 Lemons for Felicia
Find back Darryl’s lost Yellow Ducky while producing Yellow-Green Glow Sticks using Lemons (30%)

45 420

6. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In Czech they cut it in half and try to read the future. Let’s try that!
Harvest 5 Apples to read the future
Make 12 glasses of Apple Juice

50 400

7. In Spain, they eat a grape for each time the clock chimes after hitting midnight. But Grandma prefers Mulled Wine. Let’s raise the glasses together!
Produce 50 bottles of Wine
Produce 50 bottles of Mulled Wine in the Hot Drink Machine

40 350

8. Many farmers vow to continue to be good neighbors. Let’s help out your neighbors and see who can be the friendliest neighbor of the year!
Fertilize neighbours' farm 30 times
Make 20 White Chocolate Fig for your neighbors

50 400





 Your name (nick)
3. x 6 =   ?

      2014-06-18 14:05:02 mooducky

sorry I only know what facebook has

      2014-06-18 08:00:09 zainab

we do not have any carnival mission on plinga

      2014-06-17 22:08:58 mooducky

classic mission carnival gives the glow horse as reward

      2014-06-17 12:20:20 zainab

we need glow horse because we r new plzyers

      2014-03-09 08:17:43 ,jrtfiurur


      2014-02-28 18:45:05 abir

dwabeeeeeeeeee matmchich

      2013-11-02 06:00:31 MELANI


      2013-11-02 05:59:07 DAIANANOELI


      2013-11-02 05:57:42 MELANI


      2013-03-22 08:05:49 family farm

Nice task and nice Gift

      2013-02-06 16:13:20 klaudia


      user 2013-01-13 14:40:23 maxis11

@su: In each game is elsewhere.

      2013-01-13 13:35:21 su

where is the bread with coin? please answer

      2013-01-10 05:31:18 moe

how do you get ranch cash

      2013-01-09 17:24:46 Sandro

You buy the firefly tree for 2 RC in the wagon and then click specials and look for it

      2013-01-09 17:20:56 klara

where can i find the firefly tree (waar kan ik de firefly tree vinden)????

      2013-01-09 16:11:55

where is the bread with coin? please answer me very soon.

      2013-01-07 14:29:50 Alisha

OMG i dont have soo much RC how will i do this!!But i have the horse of American week!!

      2013-01-02 18:53:33

Happy New Year everybody

      director 2012-12-30 08:54:53 bartmaz

mihay family barn: This mission is currently available only on facebook, we have to wait a few days.

      2012-12-30 08:20:04 mihay family barn

for me i dont appears the mission and not the red new year tree not the glow stick machine

      user 2012-12-30 08:18:17 maxis11

@Johannes: Congratulations!

      2012-12-30 00:57:45 Johannes

I finish this mission!

      2012-12-29 23:32:16 nickname

evry week I get 10 RC from the daily bonus because I play daily..!! +++

      2012-12-29 16:42:46

We must produce Yellow-Green Glow Sticks and we find yellow duck.

      2012-12-29 16:06:29 nick

Find back Darryl’s lost Yellow Ducky while producing Yellow-Green Glow Sticks using Lemons ? I have not duck

      2012-12-29 10:57:10 Orkhan


      2012-12-29 10:08:10 maz

the red tree cost no RC only 1000

      2012-12-29 09:57:45 miss

red new years tree cost cost coins not RC

      2012-12-29 09:56:26 miss

how many RC depends on what you have.. Glow Machine 9 RC Firfly bush 2 RC Lemon tree 10 RC cant remember how many RC for hot drink machine and for white chocholate fundtain. but at least I only need 9rc for this one :)

      2012-12-29 09:54:38 shura

At least 9 RC for Complete the Glow Stick Machine, most 49 maybe—— New Year Tree 5 RC(can sent as a gift), Complete the Glow Stick Machine 9 RC, Lemon Tree 10RC(Maybe already bought it before), Firefly Tree 2RC(Maybe already bought it before), White Chocolate Tree 8RC(Maybe already bought it before), Chocolate Fountain 15RC(Santa Darryl II mission Rewarded in step 4 for free)

      2012-12-29 05:12:42 nick

Need to many RC.:(

      2012-12-29 04:52:37 Farmer1

Love the horse, will definately do this one :-)

      2012-12-29 00:40:02 im part time gamer

how many rc for thz ?

      2012-12-28 15:49:24 no money

RC :( RC :( RC :(

      2012-12-28 13:37:35 mouhanned


      2012-12-28 13:33:01 reem

happy new year