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Santa Darryl II


Last time in Family Farm: Little Darryl has taken it upon himself to gradually turn into Santa Darryl. Let's find out if he really can pull this off!


1. Ready to spread Christmas joy across the farm! But wait a minute. What if it snows when I'm away? I need something to mark my sleigh's parking spot!
Buy 1 Pine Tree

20 100

2. Hey! Look what funny things grow on that tree! Hmm... I wonder if I can do something fun with them!
Harvest 4 Pine Cones

25 150

3. Oh I know! I remember a few years ago in my class, we used pine cones to make little trees... Put Pine Cones in the Carving Machine to make Little Christmas Trees.
Make 8 Little Christmas Trees

35 250

4. All right, I'm all set! Well, almost. What's a Santa without any candy?
Plant a Fig Tree
Harvest 8 Figs


5. I remember this recipe from Felicia's friend Penny's wedding. Fruits in a Chocolate Fountain, yummy!
Harvest 12 White Chocolate
Make 12 White Chocolate Figs in the Chocolate Fountain

40 320

6. Well... perhaps it's better if I would just take a map. A real Santa never gets lost!
Find Santa Darryl's Map

45 420

7. There. All set, ready to ride out into the great unknown! Ah, just 1 more thing. How do I know what gifts to bring if I don't have the people's wish lists?
Collect 30 Wish Lists from neighbors

40 350

8. Wow! I really did it! I'm Santa! And that means I get to celebrate it. This time there is no Grandma Blair to tell me I shouldn't eat too much – I'm Santa now, and Santa has a big round belly
Produce 60 cups of Eggnog in the Hot Drink Machine
Produce 10 White Chocolate Apricot in the Chocolate Fountain

48 460





 Your name (nick)
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      2013-09-01 11:55:42 aaliya

can we have this mission back.. please

      2013-02-23 13:16:54 bgic

honey = 5 coins salmon = 24 coins much difference for a product like that!

      user 2013-02-23 01:02:34 mooducky

salmon sells for 24 coins

      2013-02-22 20:26:34 Annie

When the bear catch the salmon, how much can i sell them for?

      2012-12-28 11:03:40 zoro

we wont arab camel

      2012-12-28 10:43:22

Behind the painting in the left, bottom.

      2012-12-28 04:53:40 annie

where do you find the map??

      2012-12-27 00:16:52 e96nh667

they do in 4th part of mission

      user 2012-12-26 14:00:27 LadyBetis

well... i thought they give the fountain inside of the mission, but in the shop the fountain costs 15 cash!!!! hellooo...

      2012-12-26 08:41:47 howla

Where is the MAP? Behind which painting?

      2012-12-25 16:11:50 1D

We have that bear already in our farm ! Why do we need it again?! x-(

      2012-12-25 11:24:09 Bong Daleap

The language in this page is messed up!!! :(

      2012-12-22 08:10:42 danger azmat

26 rc need to compelete this mission

      2012-12-22 07:48:08 Ervin ambobassi

RC RC RC!!!!!

      2012-12-22 03:59:10 Tayma

I give up on this mission!! need too much RC ! :( better to build a well then!

      2012-12-22 02:35:54 no money

I hate RC

      2012-12-21 10:58:13 Bong Daleap

RC needed for completion: Carving Machine - 6RC White Chocolate Tree - 8RC Apricot Tree - 12RC Chocolate Fountain - Rewarded in step 4 (Free) --------------------------------- Total - 26RC ---------------------------------

      2012-12-21 09:38:03 Sandro

the choolate fontain machine is ready without need of any other materials and most trees and other needs you already have from other missions I only need to buy the apricot tree 12 RC

      2012-12-21 08:59:39 jimmy

tis mission s not visible in my farm :(

      2012-12-21 07:37:07 zzzzz

polar bears will be already completed without any further material!!

      2012-12-20 18:32:19 Ankur

Christmas Beer. They can be used to produce Salmon from Honey. But need to spend lots of RCs for trees to complete the mission.

      2012-12-20 14:22:05

Great idea to use the carving machine to fancy up the pine cones!

      2012-12-20 14:15:23 amir fares

what is the prize for this mission???