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Santa Darryl I


I saw Santa on TV today! That guy is old. I’m sure he’ll retire soon. And then, I will become his successor! The New Santa! Oh, but… how can I learn to become Santa?


1. First things first. I must learn how to bellow a proper Ho Ho Ho! I know just the perfect thing to teach me. I've always found the sound of a hollow barrel quite similar to Santa’s Ho Ho!
Get a Wooden Barrel to teach Darryl to bellow

20 100

2. Wow, this bellowing thing is rough on an unpracticed throat. I could use a drink!
Make 30 cups of Hot Vanilla Milk

30 120

3. Ho Ho Ho! Now I can start working on my new look. A real Santa look! Feed Wheat to the Sheep to produce Wool
Collect 40 Wool


4. Wow, look in the mirror! I look more like Santa than Santa himself, except one thing. The beard! Find your Santa Suit Machine in your Giftbox, then put wool in it to produce Santa Beards.
Make 50 Santa Beards


5. I'm ready for my sleigh driving lessons. Let's start working on a vehicle suitable for the occasion!
Find 1 Reindeer
You get 1 free chance every 8 hours. Or get a free chance right away for 6 RC.

42 320

6. It's going to be a tough night for the reindeers. I need to prepare something to eat for them!
Harvest 7 Hollies


7. Wait a minute. What if I get hungry too? The night will be long and my belly needs to be Santa big! Put Beef and Wheat Bread in Grandma's Burger Machine to make Grandma's Steak Burger.
Produce 60 Grandma's Steak Burgers

36 320

8. My Santa Instruction Book says I'll be driving a lot during night time. Proper lights on my reindeers are strongly recommended.
Collect 15 extra Red Noses from your neighbors

50 450





 Your name (nick)
7. x 4 =   ?

      2013-06-04 11:29:44 lucass roka


      2012-12-24 17:54:19 busi

thank you very much Annie

      2012-12-24 07:47:30 annie

its the second tree on top

      2012-12-24 06:42:03 busi

where is the reindeer? please answer me soon

      2012-12-22 07:57:34 annie

where do u find reindeer?

      2012-12-22 01:31:21 roland

where is the reindeer?

      director 2012-12-21 06:55:13 bartmaz

Santa Suit Machine is not complete, you need 10RC.

      2012-12-21 04:22:34 Huhu

Only 5 RC for Holly Tree.

      2012-12-21 04:21:48 ImmaMin

It just use 5 RC only! Because machine Santa Suite Machine is free! -Find your Santa Suit Machine in your Giftbox-

      2012-12-20 06:51:26 Aymaa

What will be the reward?

      2012-12-20 04:13:27 nick

Oh... Thanks @Favole.

      2012-12-19 11:28:38 Favole

Krazi Daizi was talking of the incomplete Santa Suit Machine you get as a gift in number 3.

      2012-12-19 09:42:18 nick

What machine Krazi Daizi?

      2012-12-16 12:40:15 mark

thanks a lot, i do not play on facebook, waiting for it on other gaming site.

      director 2012-12-16 09:02:06 bartmaz

On facebook, We get it in a few days.

      2012-12-16 08:50:43 mark

i cannot find it! where is it?

      2012-12-15 22:31:09 Arc

It is online XD

      2012-12-15 22:06:35 no money

YES It Is Online

      2012-12-15 13:22:03 mark

is it online or not? cannot find this mission

      2012-12-15 07:23:10 mark

is it online or not? cannot find this mission

      2012-12-15 05:51:27 Orkhan

15 RC aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fk

      2012-12-13 01:08:39 Krazi Daizi

10 RC for machine and 5 RC for a holly tree. PLUS the prize is a reindeer that eats the holly berries and gives milk that can only be used in the fast cheese maker.

      2012-12-12 11:44:07 Yulia


      2012-12-12 09:08:32 Sandro

plus 10 RC to finish machine

      2012-12-12 08:43:16 Pipoca

hey how many RC to finish this?

      2012-12-12 02:50:05 amir fares

5 RC for holly tree

      2012-12-12 02:15:46 Sonia

RC for holly tree.

      2012-12-11 20:16:28

5. Find 1 Reindeer You get 1 free chance every 8 hours. Or get a free chance right away for 6 RC. :-)

      2012-12-11 19:16:03 NO MONEY


      2012-12-11 17:08:44 NO MONEY

I need RC !