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With Christmas on its way, Darryl ventures up to Grandma Blair's attic and finds a Nutcracker Doll in an old box of Christmas decorations. But what's that? A Gingerbread Man jumps out with a special request...


1. Hello! I am the Gingerbread Man, soldier of the Prince. You know my master, as you're holding him in your hand right now! Sadly, the Prince has been cursed and turned into a Nutcracker Doll. I humbly beg you: please help me break the curse!
Make 10 bottles of Milk to discuss this over a drink

10 80

2. If I may make a suggestion, maybe the people of Gingerbread Town can help us. But ever since the Prince has gone, they have become weak. I propose to strengthen their hearts and minds first!
Harvest 15 Ginger for the Gingerbread People

20 100

3. Their houses have turned to decay because of their weakness. Let's repair their houses... with Gingerbread cookies, of course! Put Ginger, Milk and Wheat Flour in the Cookie Machine to make Gingerbread Cookies.
Produce 30 Gingerbread Cookies

25 120

4. This is going well; I can feel the house repairs lifting up their hearts! Just a finishing touch and they'll be ready to help us!
Buy 2 Candy Fences to decorate Gingerbread Town

20 200

5. People in the Gingerbread Town are telling us to go north. That's where Candy City is. That's where we will meet the Sugar Plum Fairy, who will tell us more about how to lift the curse.
Produce 40 Raisin Cookies as rations for the journey

28 180

6. Whew! We're halfway to Candy City now. This journey is tiresome, my feet are killing me! Let's sit down and have a rest before we continue. Put Milk and Coffee Beans in a Coffee Machine to make Mocha Coffee.
Produce 50 cups of Mocha Coffee


7. Candy City is right across the river. The Sugar Plum Fairy is waiting for us there! Unfortunately, only 1 bridge is safe. The others will fall down when we set foot on them. But which is the right bridge?
Find the right bridge

35 210

8. Hooray! We've found the Sugar Plum Fairy! But she's is in the middle of preparing a Christmas dinner, and she doesn't multi-task well. The sooner we help her, the sooner she’ll help us!
Prepare 60 bottles of (Red) Wine

38 240

9. This is more work than I thought. But then again, have you ever seen a Christmas dinner without 7 different kinds of cookies? Put Milk, Christmas Chocolate and Wheat Flour in the Cookie Machine to make Christmas Chocolate her, the sooner she’ll help us!
Produce 70 Christmas Chocolate Cookies

40 300

10. The Sugar Plum Fairy has spoken! She said we need Krakatuk Nuts. Only those can break the curse of the Nutcracker! But where on earth do we find this strange nut?
Find 10 Krakatuk Nuts by harvesting Chocolate Trees (80%)

45 320

11. Oh darn. Just our luck: the evil Mouse King stole all the Krakatuk Nuts! We need to get them back! Put Chocolate, Egg and Wheat Flour in the Cake Machine to make Tiramisu.
Produce 12 Tiramisu to bribe the Mouse King’s guards

45 320

12. That bribe had success! But while the Mice Soldiers were feasting on their Tiramisu, it has gotten dark. We need light to continue our search for the stolen Krakatuk Nuts.
Catch 10 Fireflies

45 320

13. A message from the Mouse King! He says he's willing to trade: a visit to his castle, for a fresh supply of Raisin Bread. How sneaky! Put Grapes and Oat Flour in the Fruit Bread Machine to make Raisin Bread.
Produce 80 Raisin Bread to trade with the Mouse King


14. Great, we're in the Mouse King’s castle! He must have hidden the Krakatuk Nuts somewhere in this room. But where...?
Find the Krakatuk Nut to save the Prince

48 360

15. Hooray, we got the Krakatuk Nuts back! The only thing we need to do to lift the curse, is crack these nuts. Ask your friends for help you!
Collect 30 Nutcrackers from your friends

50 460

16. Thank you very much! Let's celebrate this with a big dinner before I have to go back to my Gingerbread home in Gingerbread Town. Put Christmas Chocolate, Egg and Wheat Flour in the Cake Machine to make Yule Logs.
Produce 80 Yule Logs

48 360





 Your name (nick)
8. x 8 =   ?

      2014-12-25 14:17:58 cuteman622

Add me as friend please.I send my friends gifts everyday

      2014-05-12 14:13:15 drg

i want this mission too

      2014-05-11 13:12:44 Zainab.A.Khan

bring this mission back

      2013-03-06 17:58:29 bgic

A goat is 20 RC...

      2013-03-05 22:42:16 Bob

All that, for just a GOAT???

      2013-01-07 09:39:30 mihay family barn

fuck you goat for getting this i lost 500 reals dolars for rc and for the materials that i need

      2012-12-28 04:53:29 xxx

where did this mission go. i was having 3 day left on this miision. i play at agame

      2012-12-27 18:51:55 kinza

i was having 6 day left on this mission.but mission disappear i want it back plzzzzzzzz i have spend a lot of rc on it.

      user 2012-12-27 09:11:33 Favole

If you had time left to complete the mission, contact Plinga and tell them the mission is expired or has completely disappeared even though time had not been up yet.

      2012-12-27 08:57:40 Solidmagnum

what hapened to the mission? i had to find those krakatuk nuts and whenever i harvest a chocolate tree its giving me one of the nuts but i cant find the mission anywhere.

      2012-12-27 08:06:10 tom

wTF???! i had like 10 days left and was almost done!! suddenlt... the dam mission is gone!!! i bought a super watering can of 6RC , auto mation worth 5RC!! and a chocolate tree of 5RC!!! I want a REFUND!!! or to hell with this pathically unfair game... never play it again...!

      2012-12-27 05:34:20 sweetbaby

where did my nutcraker mission go i was having 2 days left.plzz help me

      2012-12-27 03:19:07 unknown

what was the cause of removing nutcraker mission when i was having 2 days left.

      2012-12-27 02:56:17 aaaaaaaaaa

i was having 5 days left and my mission also disappear.i want it back plzzzzz just for one day.i play on agame.

      2012-12-26 08:01:22 Dama_hk

i still had 2 days to complete this but the mission deisapeared... is it because christmas is over? no fair... i hope its just a bug. anybody else with the same problem?

      2012-12-19 08:31:43 Favole

Yes, you need a chocolate tree.

      2012-12-19 08:22:11 gleen

How do I get chocolate? (not christmas chocolate) Do I need to buy a chocolate tree with RC? Thank you so much! x

      2012-12-18 13:53:23 abcdefghijklmnopqrst

very difficult mission

      2012-12-15 18:21:35 Favole

The krakatuk nut can be anywhere. I found it in the nutcracker on the stairs. My mom found it in one of the flower pots.

      2012-12-15 17:55:30 su

where is the hidden krakatuk nut??? Please answer me very soon!!!!!!!!!!

      2012-12-15 12:10:16 Devil

How to Find Krakanut?

      2012-12-15 11:26:18 Devil

How to Find Krakanut?

      2012-12-15 08:38:15 yuluq

where is the hidden krakatuk nut??? Please answer me very soon

      2012-12-14 17:11:12 bisu

Thanks nick

      2012-12-14 08:25:54 nick

The log bridge bisu.

      2012-12-13 21:36:55 tr

Finished yayyyyyy

      2012-12-13 00:59:20 bisu

which bridge do I click ???

      2012-12-12 18:33:37 nesto

that is awesome lulu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2012-12-11 08:57:53 petronela79

Thaank you Favole

      2012-12-11 07:47:57 Favole

Petronela, you need to plant the Christmas chocolate yourself. You can find it in the store. Go to "Special" and then choose "Christmas"

      2012-12-11 07:44:18 petronela79

how can i get the christmass chocolate???was in wish list,but now is not any more...:(

      2012-12-09 21:30:05 Lulu

Things needed: Ginger - 30 Milk - 190 Grapes - 180 oat - 80 Coffee - 50 wheat - 232 Egg - 92 Christmas Chocolate - 150 Chocolate - 12

      2012-12-09 13:17:34 irshad

damn fucking mission we should be gettin 500 rc for going through this much troubles for 1 mission for 18 days intead we are getting a foolish christmas goat?

      2012-12-08 02:23:26 nick


      2012-12-07 05:48:37 devil

Go to Store then Special there u can find GINGER @ Nick

      2012-12-05 15:47:40 devil

What are the Awards?

      2012-12-05 15:40:13 su

which bridge must we click?

      2012-12-05 13:28:17 L

No need for the donkey mill!! :(

      2012-12-04 07:20:10 nick

and you need the donkey mill :)

      2012-12-03 23:16:47 pipoca

not fair :(

      2012-12-03 14:26:45 The Baker

pipoca in the other ver. of the game chocolate tree is 5RC

      2012-12-03 07:37:25 mhnd

The task was completed in just one day ^_^

      2012-12-03 04:02:42 nick

How can I plant ginger? Its at level 34.:(

      2012-12-02 22:22:07 DW

Do not be caught out by the coffee machine - Your normal coffee machine will also work - you do not need to buy the Classic Coffee machine for 15 RC

      2012-12-02 18:04:43 Pipoca

Chocolate Tree 10 RC not 5 RC :(

      2012-12-02 16:24:42 Pipoca

Chocolate Tree 10 RC not 5 RC :(

      manager 2012-12-02 06:18:58 bartmaz

...and Fruit Bread Machine 5 RC.

      2012-12-02 03:28:56 Bong Daleap

Coffee Machine checked, Cake Machine checked, Chocolate Tree checked, Firefly Bush Nope :O I need 2 RC for this :D

      manager 2012-12-01 15:32:15 bartmaz

Recluse: Coffee Machine 13 RC, Cake Machine 7 RC, Chocolate Tree 5 RC, Firefly Bush 2 RC

      2012-12-01 15:20:14 Recluse

plz discuss about RC