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Classic Mission - Saint Nicholas' Horse
Saint Nicholas has landed his steam boat in Family Farm's harbor and has come ashore! He came all the way from Spain to celebrate his birthday with our children. But… something is missing! Where is Saint Nicholas’ white horse Amerigo!?
1. We must help to find Saint Nicholas’ horse! Let’s start from the beginning. Every night, children put their shoes under the chimney, and put a carrot in them. Amerigo loves carrots!

Harvest 80 Carrots
15 200
2. Hmm, still no horse. But we will not give up! Let’s get some shoes for the children to set by their front doors. When they start singing songs for Amerigo, he will hear it and come!

Find 5 Shoes by fertilizing your neighbors’ crops
25 220
3. Hmm… no luck so far. How about this: let’s make a nice hot chocolate. It will keep us warm, and make Amerigo want to join us!

Produce 20 Hot Chocolate
35 300
4. Amerigo likes sweets. Too bad Felicia’s shop is closed, we’re on our own!

Produce 15 Lemon Cakes
40 360
5. Still no sign of Amerigo! I’m afraid there’s only 1 thing left to try. Give him a present! Normally, only children get presents from Saint Nicholas, perhaps Amerigo is just feeling jealous?

Find the bag of gifts behind the door
36 320
6. Great, we can continue the search for Amerigo! But… wait a minute… what’s behind that bush? It’s…. Amerigo! Hooray! Now Saint Nicholas can stop worrying and start enjoying! Let’s celebrate this with a typical Saint Nicholas treat!

Collect 10 Saint Nicholas Chocolate from your neighbors
40 420


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      2014-07-18 14:04:49 mandarin

pls pls bring this mission on a classic mission...we all need mandarin trees!!

      2014-07-02 17:12:52 CutiePie-17-

PLz brind this mission back plz...................!!!!! On

      2014-06-25 12:00:24 maroa

when will this mission come?

      2014-06-24 23:27:50 mdidi

can you give these mission on plinga, I or we needed it.. pleaseee

      2014-06-23 21:44:28 Afn5

the name of the arrabic version is المزرعة السعيدة just copy it in the search @kik

      2014-06-16 18:26:20

in one of these doors

      2014-06-14 16:08:13 almas

where can we find the bag

      user 2014-06-02 16:26:22 eshalfatima

please give us this mission in plinga too we need it

      2014-04-29 00:14:54

please please please make this a classic mission include in A.Game pls pls

      2014-03-26 04:35:30 daiana

melani la terrible mala onda visitelon en you tube

      2014-02-25 16:54:49 kaollina

nik the name is المسرعه السعيده

      2013-09-02 18:55:38 Nik

What is name of Arabic version ?

      2013-09-02 13:37:52 Betty

In the Arabic version of the Game chocolate tree cost 5000 coins..!!! Lemon tree in both versions is 10 RC..

      user 2013-06-19 15:44:31 mooducky

it already is a classic mission if you play on facebook

      2013-06-19 13:37:15 baba

please please please make this a classic mission...i need mandarin tree for the camel mission...

      2013-06-15 05:30:51 carol

IN, the bag of giftss is a mini game inside the mission, just like the goblets in romantic dinner party and DVD players in Movie Time missions.

      2013-06-05 11:30:47 IN

where is a bag of gifts?

      2013-02-24 07:09:22 Doris Evon

As of Feb 2013, step 4 is 15 lemon cakes made in tha cake machine.

      2013-02-23 13:17:40 bgic

the task ist changed, this isnt the right info

      2013-02-22 19:11:49 pitch76

10 lemon cakes

      2013-02-22 17:19:05 Dandelion82

Goal #3 and Goal #4 both say we make hot chocolate... this can't be right, can it??

      2013-02-20 13:58:55 r-a-d

classic mission? !!!!!

      2013-01-02 08:13:37 mihay family barn

what is the time to harvest the tree?

      2012-12-19 13:41:28 JP

But I have not reached that level so far.

      director 2012-12-18 13:14:51 bartmaz

Tree Greenhouse = 0RC

      2012-12-18 12:17:08 JP

But is there any way without spendind RC?

      director 2012-12-17 16:14:39 bartmaz

With Tree Greenhouse or Super Greenhouse (you need 12RC). You can also buy watering can.

      2012-12-17 16:08:49 JP

Is there any way for the chocolate tree to grow faster?

      2012-12-02 10:35:50 nick

Can this mission be a classic mission? :(

      2012-11-29 06:39:47 faluqyusubimumahza


      user 2012-11-29 00:27:47 noonenoone

Tree Name??

      2012-11-28 15:24:13 faluqyusubimumahza

this tree costs 20 RC

      2012-11-28 12:38:59 nive

only a tree???? WTF

      user 2012-11-28 10:48:07 LadyBetis

yeah of course, and chinise new year too, what the hell.... some people can´t just get on...

      2012-11-28 03:32:08 irish_piyja

when this mission come out???????

      2012-11-27 07:38:30 dev


      2012-11-25 17:07:55 Rinanda

love felicia mission before :D

      2012-11-25 04:30:04 L

10RC for chocolate tree

      2012-11-25 03:54:34 JD

How much RC required for this mission?

      2012-11-23 08:05:52 dan

mandarin tree

      2012-11-23 04:37:48 Recluse

Anyone plz tell me the name of the tree?

      2012-11-23 00:14:22 mhnd

AND Arab Week

      2012-11-22 18:07:11 r-a-d

can you add algerian week

      2012-11-22 16:18:41 mhnd

Easy task

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