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Super Halloween


Hi! We are Piggus Pumpkinus, the most ancient pig species ever known on earth. Never heard of us? That’s not your fault! We always sleep, hidden away in caves, dungeons and other dark places. We come out only once a year… on Halloween!


1. It's a long way from our dark secret hideout. The trip has made us hungry. A pig with an empty stomach can be mean and vicious. It's in your interest to feed us quick!
Harvest 20 Halloween Pumpkins

15 80

2. We don't want humans to see us. Can you help us hide? Any kind of dark place will do for us!
Place 2 Decaying Logs on the ranch

20 100

3. In ancient Piggus culture, we had no electricity. We would catch Fireflies to make pumpkin lights. Quick, attract some fireflies!
Catch 8 Fireflies using the Firefly Bush

30 150

4. We put the fireflies in a bottle and hid the bottle in the bush. We need to have our hooves free for the rest of this work.
Carve 35 Pumpkins using the Carving Machine

35 380

5. Oh, bugger. A side effect from sleeping too long is having a bad memory. Where did we put those fireflies? In which bush are they?
Find the bottle with Fireflies
Click on a bush to find the bottle with fireflies. You get a free chance every 6 hours. Or you can get another chance immediately for 5 RC.


6. This Halloween is a horror to us: we got discovered by a human! Lucky for us, he appears to be a good kid. He says his name is Little Darryl. He asked us to carve stuff to give to his friends.
Carve 45 Chicken Eggs using the Carving Machine

45 400

7. Wowsers. Can you humans work so long without anything to drink? Well we can’t!! Could you please help, my dear?
Make 60 glasses of Grape Juice


8. Woo-hoo! We are fully reenergized! Let’s put up a Halloween Tree to hang the Pumpkins!
Place the Ancient Jack-O-Tree on your ranch

35 420

9. We invited our friend Casey the Camel too! She comes from the warmest desert in the world, and ice cream is her favorite dessert!
Produce 70 Halloween Ice Creams in the Ice Cream Machine


10. Darryl took us home to play Hide and Sneak. We moved some furniture in the living room. Could you move them back to the right place?
Move the Funiture back to the right place
Click a piece of furniture and select an empty space to try placing it. You must place it correctly for it to stay! You can continue if you guess right! You get a free try every 6 hours, or get a new chance instantly for 5 RC.

57 520

11. This is so fun! Darryl invites us to go treat or trick with him. But how can we do that if we want to stay secret to the humans?
Produce 80 Ostrich Feathers

48 500

12. What about Skull Masks? They are superb and some humans wear them too at Halloween! Put Ostrich Feathers in the Halloween Costume Machine to make them.
Produce 90 Skull Masks

50 510

13. Casey the Camel has arrived and is ready to join us! But she needs to be incognito too, just like us. Collect 15 pigments to paint her face!
Collect 15 Pigments from friends

55 480

14. You know what? Darryl invited us to stay in town. Why not? He will find us a more comfortable place to live than a Decayed Log, if we can produce more outfits for his friends. Put Wool in the Halloween Costume Machine to make them.
Produce 90 Scary Pirate Outfit

58 560

15. Well, this has been an unforgettable Halloween for us. We want 1 more thing: have a good meal before we go to sleep again!
Make 15 Lemon Cakes

52 500







 Your name (nick)
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      2014-05-11 11:42:09 Sorina

Why not put this mission on classic.So anybody can play it?????????

      2014-05-11 11:39:37 Sorina

these hellowen missions are too long. mostly people are quitting these missions .me also

      manager 2013-10-09 15:34:58 mooducky

I doubt it they usually don't redo Holiday missions ... but I've seen signs they will have a new Halloween mission this year

      2013-10-08 22:33:08 andrew bingham

Is this mission going to be available for those of use that were not playing when it came out? I would like to do it.

      2013-08-24 15:23:57 sorina

how can y reactivate the mission?

      2013-02-11 01:23:28 Johannes

i won this mission since i play this before 7 days.

      2013-01-02 08:26:28 mihay family barn

the beehive Holiday horror you will get when you complete task 9

      2012-11-13 06:47:47 riano

suck rc

      2012-11-13 05:06:46 Facebook= Ezra Liber

      2012-11-10 12:45:36 ayesha

these hellowen missions are too long. mostly people are quitting these missions .me also

      2012-11-08 00:25:42 Ar

Good job mhnd

      2012-10-25 20:25:32 mhnd

I have won in this task and got the first two awards is a beehive Holiday horror and second pig barn

      2012-10-25 16:14:04 vikash

a total of 30+ RC required. 2 RC for firely bush, 6 RC for carving machine, 14 RC for ice cream machine, 10 RC for lemon tree. Quitting this mission.