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Classic Mission - Dutch Week
Look outside, the sun is shining! Let’s take advantage of this nice weather and head to the beach! Seaside, here we come!
1. Buying food at the beach is always very expensive! Let’s bring some fresh vegetables to make our own salads!

Harvest 25 Cucumbers

Harvest 25 Tomatoes
45 400
2. Nothing better in the heat of summer than an ice cold juice! So let’s put together our new Juice Machine.

Complete a Juice Machine
60 420
3. So many choices to choose from. Let’s select our favorite juice for our trip...

Harvest 50 Grapes

Produce 50 Cartons of Grape Juice (flip the switch of the Juice Machine to the Grape position)
65 600
4. Wait a minute... Where’s my wallet? Did I leave it at home? Oh no, it must be in one of these piles of sand!

Find the Wallet in 1 of these 8 piles of sand
68 650
5. You’re quite a treasure hunter! But I forgot to bring the sunscreen lotion. Collect 10 from friends.

Collect 10 Sunscreen Lotion from friends.
72 700 10
6. Why would we spend money on something we can find all around us? Let’s collect some souvenirs from our trip to the beach!

Find 3 Starfish (by producing Pomegranate Juices)
80 720


 Your name (nick)
5. x 6 =   ?

      2019-08-11 14:15:09 Jimbobwho

Only took 4 pomegranate juices and got both trees

      2018-03-15 23:00:31 Valquiria

In my game, shows only grapefruit tree as a reward, but I received both trees (grapefruit and mango). I made 7 juice and got the 3 stars. Very easy mission!

      2017-10-24 01:37:25 Char1960

A team mate just finished this on FB in Germany and received grapefruit tree only. I just finished it on FB in US and received both grapefruit and mango trees. I guess its the luck of the draw whether you get one or both. :(

      2017-04-15 22:03:43 Tndrsroni

I just completed this mission via Facebook and received both the Mango tree and the Grapefruit tree. Hope this helps someone.

      2016-10-12 18:19:10 elicat

bua - not sure, when I did it on agame a while back it gave me both trees

      2016-10-12 08:52:33 bua

does any1 knows if it gives both trees on tell fast

      2016-10-10 09:26:07 lego

only grapefruit tree! :(

      2016-10-10 08:42:21 merlia


      user 2014-09-20 20:06:16 Afn5

such an easy mission for a mango tree and a grapefruit tree! they cost 22 RC :) so happy ! i only made 6 juice and got all 3 stars :) and got my first from first juice:)

      2014-06-15 03:28:00 AJ

It took 14 juice before my first starfish dropped and 20 juice to get all three. I did get both trees.

      user 2014-06-10 14:21:17 pifou

I made only 8 and got 3 starfish. And both trees!

      2014-05-28 18:27:06 Sunflower22

On facebook when I did the mission, you got both the Mango and the Grapefruit tree, which makes it a very nice mission.

      2014-05-28 17:50:46 Sameyo

Does it gives both mango and grapefruit tree ? or we have to choose ?

      2014-05-14 19:01:29 kentaxit

Please, tell me! How many percents drop Starfish when I producing Pomegranate Juices? :D

      2014-04-21 23:01:14 Vale

Yes. It gives mango tree and grapefruit tree

      2014-04-21 16:46:17 khokha

ARE YOU SURE IT give both?

      2014-04-09 22:27:28 Lis

I got both trees on facebook!!

      2014-04-05 20:54:16 Vale

On my farm on facebook shows only grapefruit tree as a reward. Not both :(

      2013-11-12 01:00:20 Farmmaiden

Yippee! Mission accomplished. And I had to do all 8 to find wallet, but did only 4 pomegranite to get 3 starfish. Lady Mist, thanks for that tip to do one at a time. It worked like a charm. Got both trees!

      2013-11-10 22:29:57 Farmmaiden

I can answer that myself's every 4 hours.

      2013-11-10 05:48:00 Farmmaiden

This says 0 hours between wallet guesses. Anyone remember how long it actually is between guesses? I hate those waits! I seem to never find things until the last one.

      2013-11-10 05:30:18 Farmmaiden

This looks pretty easy and no rc! I already have a pomegranite. I want a grapefruit tree, so I'm doing this one. Thanks for all the hints below good folks!

      2013-10-29 17:36:26 Jade

@ LadyMyst: No you don't have to complete another juice machine, if you have it in the warehouse just get it out, and if the game doesn't detect the machine just refresh it. Unfortunately you have to buy the pomegranate tree since no other mission gives it as a reward, or you could harvest pomegranate from neighbors, but make sure you have plenty before you start the mission because the stars are given at random and you could use many pomegranates before getting all 3 :(

      2013-10-29 16:56:17 LadyMyst

If I have the Juice Machine completed before this mission - will I have to purchase another? Secondly, which mission gives out the Pomegranate tree again? Thanks all!

      2013-09-21 10:38:10 sanu786

does it reqiure to put a pomagranet tree,or else we have the 50 pomagranets at our side so is it required to put the tree in the farm

      2013-09-09 20:46:02 arka

@soso, Search in the gift box, both the mango and grape fruit tree will be there.

      2013-08-24 22:20:56 Millie

@Mariukos thank you! I understand now.

      2013-08-23 21:53:01 Mariukos

You'll find it after producing about 9-15 pomegranate juice. But produce it 1 juice per one time, not tree at one time.

      2013-08-23 15:35:20 Millie

Is it hard to find 3 stars while producing pomegranate juice?!

      2013-07-10 10:26:48 Family Farm


      2013-07-10 10:07:38 kiara

whats the reward of this mission? grapefruit tree? mango tree? or both?

      user 2013-07-10 03:50:11 wee777

@Charlene: It is randomly hidden. Just keep trying, you will get it.

      2013-07-10 02:50:46 Charlene

does any1 remember where they found the wallet under?

      2013-07-03 15:14:33 soso

I get only grapefruit tree why and where I mango tree ?

      2013-06-11 14:49:39 amanda

I has 3 starts in 4 only :D

      2013-06-11 14:46:47

I had 3 stars within 7 juices ;)

      2013-06-11 13:56:46 Dusa

Just have a 9 pomegranate juice and only 1 star????? ... Why goal is not to finish the mission???

      2013-05-22 15:38:15 Ewa

I had exacly 1 starfish in producing 4 juices. So I needed 12 pomegrenate.

      2013-04-30 22:26:22 tee

I only ever got the grapefruit tree..??? And I did this one twice!

      2013-04-21 07:33:41 Yuuki Boule

What the hell? Where's my mango treess, only receive grapefruit trees???

      2013-04-01 23:28:57 Petruchi

2 trees? LAME!!

      2013-02-15 20:54:37 green

cual es el premio?

      user 2013-01-13 20:04:39 LadyMyst

Regarding the 3 Starfish - I found the trick for this a little late, but I managed to do it in plenty of time - In order to get said Starfish - do ONE pomegranate juice at a time and collect it. Do not do a whole bunch, just one juice collect, next again etc. and you get all 3 easy peasy! Hope that is appreciated and I play at agame dot com Cheers!

      2013-01-13 16:18:42 MagLio

ok iarrived to 43 juices of pomgranite and i received 1 starfish

      2013-01-13 16:09:37 MagLio

me too i made already 40 pomgranite juicies and nothing , does anybody know how many juices have to be made in order to have the 3 starfish? please i want to finish this mission :(

      2013-01-11 16:55:05 Kruse

I have had 40 tries with the pomegranate and I have not got a single starfish :-(

      2013-01-07 09:51:16 mihay family barn

the need that to complete the mission 25 cucumbers 25 tomato a Juice macihne completed find the wallet put on your wishes Sunscreen Sunscreen and Sunscreen buy a pomegranate tree 10rc or win it in the mission grandma s farm burgers and make juice

      2013-01-02 08:30:39 mihay family barn

only the Juice machine needs materials but no rc neededddd this mission don t need rc only for pomegranate tree but you can win this tree by making grandma s farm burgers you will win a pomegranate tree.

      2012-12-31 17:42:57 mihay family barn

the rewards is 2 the grapefruit tree and the Mango tree

      2012-12-16 09:34:14 akna123

cool game i ever done!

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