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umiczee (nk),  

Classic Mission - Germany Week
Seven dwarves dwell in the dark German forest of Bavaria. They wake up one by one. Are you ready to meet them all and their needs?
1. Hi, I’m Blick. Snow White is visiting us with her prince for her anniversary in few moons, so we need to get real busy! Don’t stand around, help us!

Harvest 20 Blue Cornflowers
50 450
2. I’m Flick – pleased to meet you. Never mind my brother Blick. Though he was right as far as lending a hand goes. You don’t mind, do you?

Produce 30 Buffalo Milk Cheese
56 520
3. Oh my, oh my. I’m Glick and I’m in trouble. I forgot all about the salami. Unless you help me out, I’m doomed to cold showers until eternity.

Produce 40 Beef Salami
68 650
4. Plick is the name. My, what a fine day for playing tunes on a Zither... if Blick hadn’t lost it. He probably buried it in one of his flower pots. Can you help me look for it?

Find the Zither
85 810
5. Hello I’m Quee. We need to save enough money for the trip. Wine makes very good profit, now let’s make 50 bottles of wine.

Produce 50 Wine. Put grapes in the wine maker to produce wine.
85 880
6. Hey. I’m Snick. Quee’s brother. I don’t talk a lot. I love Moccha Coffee. Help me.

Produce 60 cups of Mocha Coffee
90 910
7. Pleasure to meet you, I’m Whick. It’s been a year since we have last seen Snow White. All that’s left now to do is collecting flowers.

Collect 7 Flowers from your neighbors
75 760


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      2017-07-16 15:14:47 Jenny

Salami and sausage are the same thing.. sometime around 2015/2016 they renamed the salami machine to sausage... I do not think the site owners here have time to make the change to every old mission

      2017-07-16 05:39:13 patricia

also, on family farm, you have to produce 40 beef sausages, not salami

      2017-07-16 05:36:39 patricia

on family farm, this mission is called "seven gnomes of bavaria"

      2015-11-21 13:34:20 elicat

varun - you have to ask them from your neighbors. Click on the red present and click wishes. Here you can ask for gifts

      2015-11-20 15:07:46 varun

how to get the 7 flowers

      2014-01-05 19:18:20 Farmmaiden

mhd, how did u lost german shepherd? I know someone else who lost theirs. I wonder if it's a glitch?

      2013-09-20 22:14:02 flowerpower

Ops! So simple! the sentence "Collect 7 Flowers from your neighbors" was confusing and I tried to find them on friends! Thanks!

      2013-09-20 03:19:15 Rizitos

you have to request them from your neighbors from your desires

      2013-09-20 00:28:47 flowerPower

Hey, I don't know how to collect those flowers. Must I visit neighbors and randomly I get a flower? must I harvest on them? may I check any other thing?

      2013-09-17 23:45:21 mhd

I lost German shepherd I need to Play mission again ???

      2013-09-14 20:29:45 -vicki3-

i want it-

      2013-07-06 18:32:23 FamilyBarn

This is a very easy mission, along with the American week one. The only hard part was the Cookie machine. Also on the American week one you get a white horse, which produces Horse milk. XD

      user 2013-06-11 16:00:04 mooducky

you don't buy flower pots .. when you get to this step a screen pops up with a picture that has flower pots .. you select one of those to try to find the flower pot ... it's in a random location for everyone

      2013-06-11 15:33:40 carol

Any additional info on mission #4 Zither??? What flower pots do I need to buy in advance???

      2013-05-16 10:51:06 Au

it produces truffle

      2013-04-30 20:51:57 Dawn

What does the dog do?

      2013-04-11 18:22:46 luku90

it`s very easy mission and reward is great

      2013-04-03 22:15:42 Petruchi

Very easy mission!! :')

      2013-03-11 14:58:42 mj

my favourate mission

      2012-10-26 08:04:24 sulemanking

hey can you plz tell me how to collect flowers from neighbours

      2012-08-01 08:03:34 susan

how much rc does it cost to skip the coffee mission as i havent got a coffee machine

      2012-07-29 16:50:30 chels

is the wine red grape chardonnay or white grape or doesnt it matter

      master 2012-07-20 12:04:15 bartmaz

No, this is one of the "old-new" missions (in Classic Missions).

      2012-07-19 14:33:35 roro209

after France Week @

      2012-07-17 15:55:31

Is this mission gonna come after American Week?

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