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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Classic Mission - American Week
The United States: country of independence and freedom! Let’s go outside and enjoy the good things America has to offer!
1. Let’s enjoy the beauty of mother nature… by eating something healthy! Oatmeal cookies are healthy, right?

Harvest 15 Oat for the cookies
54 480
2. The oats is ready. Let’s start baking some healthy oatmeal cookies!

Bake 30 Oatmeal Cookies
105 900
3. Oh no! A naughty raccoon ran off with the cookie basket and is hiding behind one of those trees! Can you chase it away and get the cookie basket back? We’ll need it!

Chase the raccoon away
90 820 1
4. A rose is a rose is a rose. It stands for romance, glory and opulence. Let’s harvest some purple roses!

Harvest 40 Purple Roses
76 700
5. Now that the basket is back, let’s fill it with white chocolate cookies! This will taste like heaven…

Harvest 5 White Chocolate

Bake 8 White Chocolate Cookies
88 850 200
6. Donuts and cookies belong together like beach and sunshine! So the one thing we still miss, is donuts! Now let’s collect some!

Collect 8 Apple Crumb Donuts (you can find them randomly while harvesting Oat and Purple Rose)

Collect 8 Chocolate Frosted Donuts(you can find them randomly while baking Oatmeal Cookies and White Chocolate Cookies)
82 750


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6. x 6 =   ?

      2018-05-06 16:19:52 MeadowCrossing

Shrinkhala, I believe it does count if you harvest from your neighbors. I do not see any indication you must actually have the tree or have to buy the tree. Good luck with completing the mission!

      2018-05-05 18:24:57 Srinkhala

If i harvest white chocolate from neighbours does it count for the step?

      2017-01-12 10:30:26 merlia

1pikefish i do this thngs every week and thanks alot for the tips :)

      2017-01-11 17:23:16 1pikefish

see the add space on the left from our postings? below the add there are 2 buttons, one is "Classic Missions". you should check on your game site which classical missions are available. just put your mouse over each one of them and you will see what rewards are for finishing them. come back to justysia and find out what animals and machine you need to complete the mission. and if you already have everything you need, there is no nee to spend RC. i hope it will help

      2017-01-11 11:47:22 1pikefish

merlia, most of the classic missions do not require to spend RC because you will need to use animals and machines you already have. before starting any classic mission just click on the "classic mission" button and check if you have everything necessary to start that mission and if you will need something new to buy and spend some RC. good luck.

      2017-01-11 07:14:52 merlia

which missions are cheap requirer of rc ??? do u knw @1pikefish

      2017-01-10 18:03:41 1pikefish

i am also doing some classic missions, earning some trees that otherwise require to pay for with large amount of RC.

      2017-01-10 17:00:57 merlia

i thhnk i ll restart my mission would it be completed in 5 days??

      2016-05-06 17:44:54 Moo

Log into the game every day then every 7th day you get rc.. Try doing the free offers

      2016-05-06 15:59:41 irfan

how to get rc

      2015-06-01 14:56:52 sara

great mission

      2014-12-01 05:15:42

How many day do we get to complete this mission?

      2014-08-27 03:52:11 Nahoul

the only thing missing in this great website is mentioning RC cost of machine or tree to complete a step in a mission. like white chocolate, i wish it would mention you need the tree and the cost of the tree as part of the steps so you can calculate cost before starting the mission.

      2014-05-12 18:58:53

@tewtew at store, use the search bar it costs 8 RC

      2014-05-12 16:31:09 tewtew

how to get white chocolate tree

      2014-02-03 08:57:11 Naruto

very nice mission

      2014-01-22 13:24:40

@Appy: With the Cookie Machine :) - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-21 20:52:57 Appy

How do you bake cookies?

      2014-01-15 17:30:46


      2013-11-28 17:28:11

@kara: Please read the complete step 6. Read below of the Donuts.

      2013-11-28 16:36:15 kara

how to make donuts ??????????????????, plzzzzzz tell me how can i collect them ??,

      2013-11-02 08:56:34 dimples87

What level do the Purple Roses unlock?

      2013-10-29 09:20:47 dj.prijain

wow .. i cmplt this mission in only 1 hr .. :)

      2013-10-07 17:19:04 Beth

@Millie I have the farm club but in family farm it is 28 RC for the horse

      2013-10-03 03:47:07 lucas

eu quero fazer essa missão

      2013-09-28 21:25:16 Millie

@Amina, you're welcome! :)

      2013-09-27 17:07:38 Amina

@Millie, thanks a lot :)

      2013-09-27 12:21:58 Millie

@Amina, it's on the left side of your farm. It's not actually placed on your farm, but it's next to it. Just next to the copinator. Hope you know now :)

      2013-09-27 12:03:34 Amina

Can you please tell me where is 'Farm club' to buy this horse for coins? Thanks!

      2013-09-25 08:18:54 Millie

You can buy this horse for 45000 coins in the farm club ;)

      2013-09-23 01:07:45 Analia Rivera

so easy :) :P

      2013-09-17 01:27:43 Andy

I got donuts in half an hour. I finished the in 5 days. It was very easy mission.

      2013-09-04 21:59:06 lyn

where do I get purple roses from?

      user 2013-09-02 22:56:05 Ayre

@MoonstoneEye6 It's different for each player. Keep trying... :)

      2013-09-02 19:34:15 MoonstoneEye6

where is the raccoon ?

      2013-09-02 19:00:21 Nik

Is it hard to find donuts ? I wonder beacuse i have white chocolate tree and i don't now when to start.

      2013-08-19 14:19:14 RockerHell

to get donut: (you can find them randomly while harvesting Oat and Purple Rose) and (you can find them randomly while baking Oatmeal Cookies and White Chocolate Cookies)

      2013-08-19 12:18:50 Koo Goo Roo

i don't know how i get dunat. how i get it? where?

      2013-05-31 11:28:29 youknowwho

i finished this mission in very less time...only need to invest in chocolate and white chocolate trees. its a good investment. you need chocolate and white chocolate for many missions

      2013-03-25 14:55:21 mj

its very difficult to find the donuts i have harvested 147 oats and 97 purple rose and i finded only 2 donuts i think it is impossible...:(

      2013-03-19 22:43:05

For me it's 120 RC and still no pegasus...

      user 2013-03-19 19:58:36 mooducky

mj the mystery chest and secret garden to get pegaus it's random as to what you will get so you can get multiples of the same item before the last one will open .. i've heard it take about 75 - 100 RC to get all the windows open

      2013-03-19 18:15:51 mj

mujtaba! i know that we can get it from mystry chest and i have unlocked it till the grapefruit tree but now when again i spin it he gives me again the grapefruit tree it does not opens the next box.... plz help...

      2013-03-19 17:31:20 mujtaba

you can get pagesis horse by right hand side game mistry chest only 25 rc needed to complete it they give you a cetle palmtree and sheep and 2 thing more ....

      2013-03-19 05:48:48 mj

i want one pigasus horse for my jewel machine is there is any way to get it. i think no way so i am going to get this horse.

      2013-02-18 16:52:03 annie

you just make the cookies and harvest the crops, you'll randomly get the donuts

      2013-02-18 15:54:18 famu66

i dint get hw t get d donuts???????????????

      2013-01-16 15:47:40 luis

como posso ganha

      2013-01-08 21:48:33

Yes, milk.

      2013-01-08 21:33:30 avengedsevenfold

This horse gives a milk or ?

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