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Classic Mission - Movie Time

1. First, harvest some Vanilla to give your farm the fragrance of vanilla skies… We’ll make Vanilla Popcorn later!

Plant 25 Vanilla

Harvest 25 Vanilla
45 420
2. What to drink? Shaken, not stirred...? Nah, let’s bond with a nice, round Red Wine instead.

Harvest 40 Grapes

Make 40 Wine
65 660 120
3. Titanic is the movie for tonight! It’s hidden in one of the DVD players. Find it now!

Find the Titanic
75 700 25
4. Now for some homestyle Popcorn! Place the Popcorn Machine on your farm and complete it!

Place and complete a Popcorn Machine
85 780
5. Vanilla Popcorn is the iMax! You need Corn and Vanilla. Pop them together in the Popcorn Machine!

Harvest 80 Corn

Produce 80 Vanilla Popcorn
78 830 5
6. And for the final touch, let’s put speakers all around. A Farm Theater needs 3D Surround sound!

Collect 15 Speakers
85 820
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      2017-08-28 21:38:02 MeadowCrossing

Oops, sorry, I was thinking you were talking about the current event, Backyard Movies. I still believe the fast popcorn machine you have will work for the classic mission. I think you might have to refresh the page when you come to that step and make sure the machine is sitting on a ranch and not in a machine house, but am 99 pct sure it would count. Hope I am not wrong!

      2017-08-28 21:33:56 MeadowCrossing

Guiaume, the fast popcorn machine makes the same types of popcorn as the regular one. You should not have to build a regular one for the mission. If I remember correctly, I used my fast popcorn machine to make the popcorn needed.

      2017-08-28 13:22:21 Guiaume

I have a Fast Popcorn Machine. Does that count as a Popcorn Machine? Or do I have to build a normal one for this mission?

      2017-06-01 19:06:33 MeadowCrossing

Hi, maesto, what you see as a prize option is the sausage machine which froufrou and farmer called a salami machine, so yes, it is the same.

      2017-06-01 15:58:26 maestro

salami machine and sausage machine, its the same??

      2015-09-13 18:29:23 louise82b82b

@Destiny you ask for them from your neighbours in your free gifts wish list

      2015-09-07 04:00:55 Destiny

How do you collect speakers?

      user 2015-02-03 06:49:02 khristjan

Sunflower22: One more dog -> Cheerleading Poodle gives "Pom Pom" :-D

      2015-02-02 13:29:27 Sunflower22

For the classic mission, Movie time, the Labrador dog gives truffles. All of the dogs give truffles except the Cocker Spaniel give white truffles and the Red Puppy gives candy cane truffles.

      2015-02-02 10:05:07 rifa

a dog gives truffles or white truffles ??

      user 2014-09-08 19:44:49 froufrou04

the dog gives truffles as any other dog and the hall of fame salami machine is the same as the fast salami machine that produces many types of salami

      2014-09-08 19:25:31 farmer12

I already have a dog that makes truffles, should i pick the salami machine. Is this the same as the fast salami machine that cost RC to purchase?

      2014-04-10 11:43:20 deepak


      2013-12-15 14:55:20 nikita

@nga kute yes it gives truffles

      2013-11-03 13:56:10 nga kute

dog gives truffles? what is it used for? can sb tell me?

      2013-11-03 13:53:01 nga kute

popcorn machine needs 12 RC

      2013-10-21 07:02:31

@Angie the info you need is in the gear menu

      2013-10-21 06:03:17 Angie

Need to know how many RC the POPCORN MACHINE requires please?? Really wish someone would start posting that info in the missions so we don't have to ask :/

      2013-09-30 01:01:28 Kaaha

No, you don't. Just put it in your storage and then place it on your farm again. Or maybe you will not even have to do that. Sometimes it counts it toward a goal automatically if you have it placed. You do not have to build a new one

      2013-09-30 00:02:56

do you need to buy another popcorn machine if you have one already? and can you ask for the speakers ahead of time?

      2013-09-29 12:42:00

Also, this salami maker has more options than the regular machine - for example, bison meat :)

      2013-09-02 10:18:33 gcwrock

ok, thanks!

      2013-09-02 09:55:02 maryqueen

what i mean, Hall of Fame Salami Machine

      2013-09-02 09:52:29 maryqueen

@gcwrock,Its better to chose the Fast Salami Machine. There is another mission that gives you dog. In fact me, i have 4 dogs in my farm

      2013-09-02 09:42:22 gcwrock

what's better, the labrador or the hall of fame salami machine?

      2013-08-16 08:23:58 Koo Goo Roo

what is the dog can give something or not?

      user 2013-06-26 18:29:35 mooducky

the dog gives truffles ... the salama machine is faster than the normal one you buy for coins

      2013-06-26 17:28:31 jinu

the prize Dog is a decoration or it produces something ?does this salami machine equal to others?

      2013-05-04 14:52:23 Family Farm

No you dont have build popcorn machine again.

      2013-05-02 16:25:10 maja

Do i have to build popcorn machine again?!

      2013-04-11 10:25:21 fgfdgbdfbg

Vikcky, i think that they found out about the bug for cheat & removed it, but you can try. Buy one colorful chicken & it will tell you that you have NaN RC. Then start to somplete mission with RC. But only reward for this mission will be saved.

      2013-04-11 09:45:42 vikcky568

this mission is in classic mission ppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee please tell me infinite rc cheat

      2013-01-11 16:36:25 mihay family barn

i finished this with an cheat with infinite rc just buy one colorful chicken you will need to dont have the colorful chicken coop only the dog it saves and with coins thanchs and semd my wish turf turf turf

      2013-01-05 23:07:48 farmermel

its 25 vanilla not 15

      2012-09-19 17:01:39 Dan

The last step is Collect 15 Speakers not 10 :(

      2012-07-23 09:05:35 DingleDangle

Yeah I win this mission yeah :) Is very very easy . I end this mission in 3 day !!!!! I like my dog but i prefe basset.

      2012-06-07 00:32:12 Jjawesome

you should play on agame, there are more users!

      2012-06-06 10:39:13 Liya

But what we will win after completing this mission?????

      2012-06-06 02:47:05 tainted_heart

i play family barn on i am level 80 need playing neighbors .. come add me

      2012-06-06 02:42:29 tainted_heart

when is this mission coming???

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