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Classic Mission - Viva l'Italia!
Now we are celebrating Viva l'Italia! Everyone is busy decorating and making food. Let's join in! You'll get the Italian Goat if you succeed!
1. Summer, holiday time! We are taking a vacation in Italy.

First, havest 12 Basil to begin with.
42 400
2. Well done!

Now, prepare 25 Cherry Tomatoes.
54 510
3. We need a Pasta Machine!

Place the Pasta Machine and complete it.
62 690
4. Superb!

Let’s cook 45 Pasta with Pesto Sauce! You need flour, Egg and Basil.
76 820
5. Hmmm,Yammy!

Let’s prepare 50 Pasta with Tomato Sauce. You need Flour, Egg and Cherry Tomato.Flip the switch of the Pasta Machine to change the product.
95 1000
6. Italian Opera is fascinating! But we don’t have any tickets yet.
Can you ask your neighbors for some tickets?
750 85



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      2019-03-07 02:02:56 Mapeaceca 51

Yo juego con el Facebook y me gustaria tener mi Avatar que uso en Facebook.podria ser?????

      2017-09-10 10:05:00 shining star

it will be great if there was 1rc az a gift

      2017-07-18 07:53:43 YT Booom Bahaa

you can have the machine finished before you even start

      2016-03-14 07:20:18 barbara

super pomoglo mi je da riješim misiju

      2015-04-03 18:14:52 Super_Light

No worries now CUZ I FINISHED THE MISSION IN about 12 hours. I GOT A COOL GOAT !

      2015-04-03 14:53:04 Svet

Super_Light, I almost forgot, you must reload page (refresh game) too.

      2015-04-03 14:50:52 Svet

Super_Light, you can have any machine before mission starts, but the machine must be out of Warehouse or any other building. But you can not solve specific tasks of the mission in advance.

      2015-04-03 05:39:56 Super_Light

I am all set for the mission Got 16 gears and 10 screws got 6 RC got 33 Basil and 25 Cherry tomato 12 Basil and 25 cherry tomatoes are growing on farm got 95 Wheat Flour and Eggs Yup Ready to start

      2015-04-03 05:04:43 Super_Light

can I have a pasta machine finished BEFORE the mission or will I have to make another one at the time of that mission ?

      2015-04-03 02:08:22 Sunflower22

Super light, yes the pasta will still be in your barn after the mission is finished.

      2015-04-02 18:56:11 Super_Light

Will we have the pasta after the quest or will it be consumed ?

      2014-12-29 09:10:16 furious4z

piece of cake :D

      2014-10-31 17:59:25 MasterOfSun

I have only the Opera Tickets to go,and 10 days until it ends ^:) Victory! huehuehue Also,add my farm name,MasterOfSun,i sned daily gifts and fertilize ;3

      2014-06-30 15:03:51 sexiest girl

please add me my name is disha532002

      2014-06-30 15:02:48 mona

goat milk used for many things

      2014-06-01 16:28:56

Not really selena, 10 RC is still better than the white goat that costs 20 RC

      2014-04-21 06:23:34


      2013-11-10 00:19:40 selena

i opened this mission for five rcs two times and the second time i opened it i got the italian goat..........................................................wasted ten rcs

      2013-10-21 04:49:55 Nora

I plant the cherry tomatoes and not happens anything someone can help me please? thanks

      2013-10-13 12:33:14 saso

i love this mission i love goat viva italia

      2013-09-16 14:40:11 Sadie

is the Italian opera ticket a free gift

      2013-07-06 18:52:52 chris

i am sending requests to my neighbors for the last step for the mission and they are sending it but it doesn't come to me

      2013-06-25 08:11:00 astrocat2012


      2013-06-18 08:04:25

Pretty hard for beginners. "6 rc"!

      2013-06-12 11:43:45 bibi

a good mission for beginners. you get a goat and a pasta machine to keep by spending just 6 RC. not used the pasta machine much after winning it, but the goat is useful in completing so many tasks and missions.

      2013-06-06 23:47:24 Floucherd

20 opera tickets but it misspelled in there as OPERNTICKETS ! ! !

      2013-05-31 19:07:53

all you need for the pasta machine is 6RC

      2013-05-12 20:20:00 mranosa

opera tickets

      2013-04-26 04:48:04 vikcky568

Tammy you can goat shop -> Specjal Items ...............thank u:)

      2013-04-26 04:42:46 vikcky568

mraona thank you telling about 20 tickets.............but you can tell me which tickets by there name

      2013-04-24 16:35:31 gzjftufdtku

The easiest mission of all!

      2013-04-19 10:10:13 mranosa

20 tickets

      2013-03-31 17:08:11 Tammy

Where can i get some goat except in this mission? I don't have pasta machine.

      2013-03-29 21:00:20 aramis

how many tickets we need to collect for the last step ?

      2013-03-05 22:39:06 Bob

Seriously? All that, for a GOAT?

      2013-02-01 13:00:21 Reavs

I have 7 goats including this one (Italian goat)

      2013-01-02 08:23:30 mihay family barn

nice italian goat i like it i make this mission but it expired and i wish my life a goat in this game i goana to buy white goat or super goat......

      2012-12-12 01:21:18 Elle

What tickets do we need for the last step?

      2012-11-24 04:36:05 noonenoone

Thanks Bartmaz :-)

      manager 2012-11-23 15:06:59 bartmaz

shop -> Specjal Items

      2012-11-23 14:58:01 noonenoone

How To Produce Cherry Tomatoes?

      2012-11-23 14:57:19 noonenoone

16 Gears (free gift) 10 Screww (Free Gift) 1 Container (6RC) Total 6Rc For Pasta Machine

      2012-11-18 16:28:43 tion

NO @tom you cant have pasta already prepared. chill...

      2012-08-23 01:57:19 bobby10239

no you cannot have them already prepared

      2012-08-11 04:23:04 bobby10239


      2012-08-03 06:57:51 jamaine

How much is the pasta machine?

      2012-07-07 15:14:21 00

You can only have a pasta machine but the pasta must you made after the task come.

      2012-07-07 14:07:07 tom

CAN YOU??????????

      2012-07-07 13:58:39 bob

can you already have a pasta machine and already made all the pasta before they ask you to?

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