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Classic Mission - Romantic Dinner Party

1. Howdy farmer! I am holding a Romantic dinner party. Can you help me pick some forget-me-nots for the party venue?

Harvest 20 Forget-me-not
54 480
2. How can a romantic evening pass by without wine? Now let’s prepare some white grape wine for our guests.

Harvest 40 White Grapes

Put White Grapes in the Winemaker to produce 40 bottles of White Grape Wine
66 650
3. I forgot the wine glasses in the kitchen, go get them

Find Wine Glasses
80 750
4. Romantic candle light dinner is about to start, Let’s prepare some Love Cakes!

Harvest 80 Love Fruits

Use Love Fruits to produce 80 Love Cakes
95 960 25
5. Everything is ready except a Table of Romance, we need you to quickly make it!

Build a Table of Romance
75 720
6. Sweet farmer! The Romantic dinner party is a huge success! Many farmers have found their lovers… And you? How many admirers will you find? Start hunting now: collect 10 love cards!

Collect 10 Love Cards from neighbors
85 820



 Your name (nick)
8. x 7 =   ?

      2020-02-20 06:59:28 Mary

heart cake for table of romance costs 2 RC on

      2017-12-11 21:31:07 MeadowCrossing

love, on the right side of your game screen, is a vertical display of icons. Click the down arrow until you see a red gift box with a gold ribbon. Do this while in browser or small screen mode, not full screen. To add items to your wishlist, click the My Wish tab. Do a search for the items you need - up to three - and click on it or them if more than one, to add to your wish list. The gift box is also the place where you go to send your neighbors gifts. When you open the gift box, click on the Wishes tab which opens a new page. My Wishes is where you search for and add what you need. Friend s Wishes is what you click to send your friends what they want. To accept your gifts, click the blue Rebate tab next to each gift you received. To send your friend their wish, select one of their items, then click Send. Have you watched the intro video? It is helpful if you are new to the game :)

      2017-12-11 21:20:34 love

thank you so much im sorry but where is the wishlist?

      2017-12-11 16:20:15 shining star

@love: u put them in ur wishlist

      2017-12-11 12:09:39 love

how do you get love letters

      2015-02-18 11:06:36 lol


      user 2014-04-19 21:04:21 sug2h

@allan :This cow gives you milk faster than the regular one

      2014-04-19 18:08:26 allan

wot do we get at the end ?

      2014-02-18 00:39:33 chrissy

Can we re do this mission, coz my love cow has dissappeared

      2013-12-15 09:27:02 malaika

r u mad??????how simply we can solve this problems*/*

      2013-10-18 22:09:43 PeteFarmer

no it doent need to take an other. you just take the mission and do a refresh to the game with the tale place in your farm. ta da you mission is auto complete

      2013-09-19 21:35:45 Danny

Table of Romance cost is 1500 Coins and 3 requests from neighbors 2 Bouquets and 1 Heart Cake no any RC ;)

      2013-09-01 04:44:54 Betty

I'm not sure... but Where is the problem its only cost 1500 and 3 requests from neighbors

      2013-08-31 23:53:21 Help

plz help

      2013-08-31 20:27:39 Help

If you already have a table of romance do you have to build it again.

      2013-08-26 03:59:42 betty

for Table of Romance you need maybe 3 or 5 things from neighbors ..ask them for it..

      2013-08-24 23:58:52 Nik

What is needed to comlete Table of Romance ?

      2013-07-31 13:59:19 abcdefghijklmnopqrst

if you search table of romance in the store it will come up :)

      2013-07-08 13:01:16 Kittycheeks

Table of romance is not in the store now.....!!!

      2013-04-28 16:35:32 Rickey

Really easy + fountain costs 0 RC!!

      user 2013-04-22 00:12:46 mooducky

think you get coins from the table

      2013-04-21 22:40:30 hotfoo

when you harvest romantic table,what do you get? I can't find it in my stocks

      2013-03-15 14:31:56 mj

plz everybody dont play the iresh mission only play this mission it is very nice

      2013-03-14 12:18:00 mj

most beautifull, most easy, and my most favourate mission

      2012-12-11 17:47:24 Orkhan


      2012-12-05 02:37:34 Ezra Farmers

you just find the wine glass in the wardrobe

      2012-11-24 12:33:45 irish_piyja

how to get the wine glass??

      2012-11-04 06:00:21 Helper


      2012-11-03 13:20:18 Bong Daleap

How many RC in total to finish this mission?

      2012-10-30 06:56:30 pete

mari bom sa mission la

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