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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-06-20 04:37:48 Melinda

What does Darryl do?



2014-06-19 22:43:04 moo

cause some countries they call soccer football



2014-06-19 20:13:03 help

What is a mini football? That is a soccer I think. Someone help me?



2014-06-19 18:24:27 zelay

Can you get past lvl 449? What happens when you max out?



2014-06-19 17:02:09 froufrou04

i think Soccer darryl is only a decoration



2014-06-19 14:59:46 MissS7

Why we have to buy easter lily for 2RC now when it was free??? Give us back free easterlily.



2014-06-19 14:40:02 duiy

discount on bee box



2014-06-19 13:56:19 mic

When they had just pictures of the prizes here, one could look at the filename to find out, these flash movies are useless for that.



2014-06-19 11:29:37 zainab

no its not darryl may be it give something after a specific time or may be just a decoration



2014-06-19 07:18:36 chucky13

looks like soccer Daryl



2014-06-18 20:04:52 tomy

give us discount on bee box please please .......



2014-06-18 18:47:40 shams etman

wow great



2014-06-18 17:25:41 _Bazz07_

the final prize is a fast cake machine



2014-06-18 17:00:18 Maria

first prize is soccer chicklets; feed corn, get eggshell. not sure what the other prize is; might just be a decoration. Cousin Macy, maybe?



2014-06-18 14:05:02 mooducky

sorry I only know what facebook has



2014-06-18 12:15:17 sug2h

We finally have a search options for the wish list!!! My prayers have been answered, lol!



2014-06-18 08:00:09 zainab

we do not have any carnival mission on plinga



2014-06-18 07:52:48 zainab

when family barn will give us the next reward??????????????????



2014-06-18 07:49:31 zainab

is it used for keeping dessert shop,workshop and beauty shop?



2014-06-17 23:11:36 1pikefish

each soccer animal costs from 18 to 35 RC. still want one?



2014-06-17 22:08:58 mooducky

classic mission carnival gives the glow horse as reward



2014-06-17 15:35:04 emmoo

plz give us discount on bee box it is used in makin ivory candles which is used in making Citrus Sensation Candle



2014-06-17 13:51:24 Sunshine2

It would be nice to have some missions that gave these soccer animals. Yes I know this site is not at all run by the game designers. Just saying . . .



2014-06-17 13:31:43 محمد احمد




2014-06-17 12:20:20 zainab

we need glow horse because we r new plzyers



2014-06-17 07:14:47 mic

So you can use your other accounts for grinding free rc? Bad idea



2014-06-17 03:26:09 Maria

soccer chicklets



2014-06-17 03:25:38 Maria

soccer bison



2014-06-17 03:24:44 Maria

white parrot habitat. feed walnuts to get white parrot feathers.



2014-06-16 23:07:23 mooducky

if they told what the gift was then it would not be a mysterious gift .. we need to wait for the world cup to end to find out