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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Easter Egg Hunt Mystery
Rice Ball Overhaul
A Reinvented Princess
Quest for Quartz
Reach for the Saturn Peach
Parfait Dismay
The Divine Condor
Shamrock Shenanigans (Hard)
Shamrock Shenanigans (Normal)
Shamrock Shenanigans (Easy)




Easter Umbrella Machine
Easter Rabbit Hutch
Easter Egg Treasure Map
Easter Flower Egg
Wooden Rooster
Swing Rabbit
Easter Grandpa Doll
Easter Felicia Doll
Easter Darryl Doll
Easter Bunny Rabbit
Potted Easter Tree
Easter Egg Vase
Easter Candy Popcorn
Flower Easter Candy
Golden Bird Easter Candy
Rabbit Easter Candy
Colorful Easter Candy
Sapodilla Jam Easter Candy
Love Turtle Easter Candy
Chocolate Easter Candy
Carrot Easter Candy
Easter Candy Glass Bowl
Easter Candy Glass Jar
Color Egg Decor
Easter Candy Bottle Cap
Easter Candy Machine
Chocolate Cosmos Lipstick
Chocolate Cosmos Vase
Chocolate Cosmos Gift Bag
Farmstyle Chocolate Cosmos Yogurt
Chocolate Cosmos Bouquet
Chocolate Cosmos Cookie
Chocolate Cosmos
Chocolate Cosmos
Magic Three
Floating Card
Magic Power Card
Magician Tux
Rabbit in Hat
Magic Stick
Magician Bunny
Rabbit Hat
Wafer Ash Fruit Coin Purse
Wafer Ash Painting Print
Digestant Remedy
Wafer Ash Fruit Juice
Wafer Ash Fruit Umbrella
Wafer Ash Fruit Hat
Wafer Ash Fruit
Wafer Ash Tree
Seafood Rice Ball
Salsa Rice Ball
Sour Cherry Pickles Rice Ball
Prickly Pear Pickles Rice Ball
Sauerkraut Rice Ball
Red Pepper Rice Ball
Sesame Rice Ball
Colourful Rice Ball
Yellow Tomato Rice Ball
Salmon Rice Ball
Cheese Rice Ball
Rice Steamer
Rice Ball Decor
Rice Container
Rice Ball Machine
Chef Hat
Elegant Crowned Crane Sculpture
Paper Fan Garland Party Decorations
Sunshine Crane’s Crown Cufflinks
Yellow Lace African Party Gown
Crowned Crane Friend Pen
Crane’s Crown Earrings
Crane’s Crown Feather
Princess Hanger Stand
Princess Dresser
Crowned Crane Food Container
Crowned Crane’s Jewelry
East African Crowned Crane Habitat
East African Crowned Crane Habitat
Writing Tools
Lace Clematis Vine Choker
Snowy Owl with Clematis Vine Sculpture
Desk Lamp with Clematis Vine Canopy
Romantic Clematis Vine Cake
Clematis Vine Wedding Hair Comb
Clematis Vine Flower Bouquet
Clematis Vine Flower
Clematis Vine
Shaving Brush Flower Photo Frame
Shaving Brush Flower Stamp
Shaving Brush Flower Mug
Shaving Brush Flower Flip Flops
Shaving Brush Flower Glow Stick
Shaving Brush Flower Straw Bag
Pink Two-Tone Thread
Shaving Brush Flower
Shaving Brush Tree
Apollo Seal Ring
Golden Sun Pendant
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2014-05-29 19:56:12 donna23

What are the multicoloured stars for? They are on offer when you buy RC coins!



2014-05-29 18:47:38 mall

The container and container holder are on sale now



2014-05-29 18:10:28 MadalinaTeleman

and done ) easy mission!



director 2014-05-29 16:01:51 mooducky

I think 45 and up is the higher amount



2014-05-29 15:40:52 Maria

What level do the numbers change at?



2014-05-29 14:38:42 Dodieinsc

What does the Chicken do?



2014-05-29 14:16:54

plse sale on pawpaw tree



user 2014-05-29 13:57:33 madalina

welcome mission to



2014-05-29 11:44:54 leaslater

10 RC for the specialty beer machine, the parts that are given in #1 are the ones you can ask for Reward is a Cheerleading Poodle, feed it beef & get pom-poms.



2014-05-29 11:11:42 DanaWolf999

What kind of materials do you need?



2014-05-29 09:04:57 Natalie

When will it start??



2014-05-29 07:29:58

what is the final reward? another dog? it is a poodle? Looks so cute...what is for?


2014-05-29 06:22:41

from where I can ask for the balloons



2014-05-29 04:20:38 Kayla_Christin

When is this mission going to start?



2014-05-29 03:27:07 1pikefish

Guess what?



2014-05-28 18:27:06 Sunflower22

On facebook when I did the mission, you got both the Mango and the Grapefruit tree, which makes it a very nice mission.



2014-05-28 17:51:53 Sameyo

Can u please keep the sale for cream machine till 5 days ?



2014-05-28 17:50:46 Sameyo

Does it gives both mango and grapefruit tree ? or we have to choose ?



director 2014-05-28 15:31:02 mooducky

we do pay attention but we can not control what gets changed in the game ... you need to contact the developers using the help and support link .. and you can have two workshops one on main farm and one on garden ranch



2014-05-28 15:21:46 tom12

for earning so much money in short time.grow cactus feed it to camel and get dormedory mik then made chesse of this milk.



2014-05-28 14:26:13 Sameyo

The cream machine costs so much RCs !



2014-05-28 13:50:37 Sunshine5

zena_khan. Yes I agree with you. Nice to trade for other parts, or have the intermediate gifts be things like groves or a firefly bush or bamboo tree that you can use more than one of. You can not build more than one workshop so you never need the additional sewing machine. And yes we know this site is not run by the designers of the game, but they seem to pay some attention to it.



user 2014-05-28 10:22:56 lin888

There is always so much to buy...



2014-05-28 10:14:31 Eyecatch

Thank you Lin888! I was affraid of that... i guess the next priority is buying a silkworm bush.



user 2014-05-28 10:10:17 lin888

Normally it only counts if you harvest on your own land



2014-05-28 09:02:52 Eyecatch

Do you know if it counts as harvesting Silk if you harvest them with neighbours?



user 2014-05-28 06:17:31 zena_khan

If u guys agree with me then plz comment for the change



2014-05-28 00:50:37 Sunflower22

Please bring back this mission.



2014-05-27 22:08:06 Sophie




user 2014-05-27 12:59:03 zena_khan

another sewing machine Family Barn should give us an option to trade these machines to buy something useful in the workshop as LED Light