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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Peace Lily
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Honeysuckle Tree
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2014-05-19 10:02:08 aakriti

can we get the same account on plinga as in agame and ggg....plse tell me



user 2014-05-19 09:47:12 aakritikataria1@gmai

how to get this mission on agame.....plse help i am lv 24



2014-05-19 08:38:37 ivan




2014-05-19 05:50:30 zainab

bring it back



2014-05-19 02:01:53 1pikefish

me two :p



2014-05-18 23:56:02 MadalinaTeleman

zahir238 first sorry for delay. I have been busy on my farm we can talk on my wall if you want to and yes I saw it but is still a question mark in my head regarding that pig coop. btw:I am ver happy with the coins )



user 2014-05-18 21:13:22

you go to friends farms to get them



2014-05-18 18:23:57 pluswhite

vecinos enviado deseos a tods!!! manden pimienta negra vecinos que aun no hayan enviaDO GRACIAS!!!!!



user 2014-05-18 17:02:03 mall520

How do you get the nets? I got the free gift 1s from friends but they dont seem to be the right 1s



2014-05-18 08:49:12 Bfr_DaNdY

When this will be available on



2014-05-18 08:00:45 Wiz1Ard

r_gamer I was trying to explain that there are 3 buttons at the bottom one is for your neighbours, one is a white hand which shows last helpers the last one is a yellow exclamation mark for those who need help for market. If I click the white hand it shows me who has helped on my farm! Or are you referring to the price of RC going up again?



user 2014-05-17 23:22:57 sleepyjess

ayesha it is different for everyone



2014-05-17 23:21:39 r_gamer

Thank you to those who answered me. I play on - please continue to chime in on whether you have this problem : ). Aside from that topic; Wiz1ard, what are you talking about??



2014-05-17 21:21:21 FarmGirl

Please bring this back



2014-05-17 20:35:30 salah123456789a



2014-05-17 20:10:23 pluswhite

hola vecins estoy intentaando escribir pero no me deja, si alguien be el mensaje que me lo diga!!! borrando estoy a gente que no juega si por aquello quereis volver a ser mi vecin mandarme la solicitud!!!! he borrado a bastante gente que no juega ni manda deseos a diario!!! solo pido deseos y o fertilizacion!!! tant dificl es!!! el que no tenga el nivel puede mandar monedas o trigo, maiz etç, ( material no)



2014-05-17 14:47:49 Wiz1Ard

RC goes from 1000 for 90 cash to 350 for 50 cash to in a day 350 for 65 cash why the jump in a day?



2014-05-17 12:49:26 ayesha

where is needle



2014-05-17 10:44:39 aku

thnx...a lot...



2014-05-17 09:38:09

this is very easy? Djembe, Matcha powder, to me this is not easy, but its worth it, for the parrots.



2014-05-17 06:29:54 Wiz1Ard

LOL soz its a white hand the yellow one is an exclamation mark for market :-)



2014-05-17 06:27:22 Wiz1Ard

where the button is for neighbours right next to it is another with a yellow hand this shows me last helpers and seems to work fine on my game. Sorry to hear its not working on yours hope they fix it soon for you. :-)



director 2014-05-17 03:29:30 mooducky

Level 15



2014-05-17 02:52:32 yel camaro

at what level is this available



user 2014-05-16 22:42:08 sug2h

Looby : You feed the kitty with Grandmas Rooster Burgers and it gives you oyster. (yes, i know, it is odd, lol!)



user 2014-05-16 22:40:24 sug2h

aaaaw! The final prize is so cute!!!



user 2014-05-16 22:38:21 sug2h

r_gamer : I have the same problem! I play on



2014-05-16 20:20:58

You cant detach the tree, its not a real tree, just how this beehive looks. But it can go into the beehouse and warehouse.



2014-05-16 19:52:09 Looby

What does the kitty give you?



2014-05-16 19:36:49 shuma649

I have get this from new missions.It makes 2 , one is from anything tree ,one is from Easter Eggs. every time change.